Thank God (and our Founding Fathers) for the 2nd Amendment!

Here we are, back to the “gun-control” debate. Frankly, we should all have been expecting it. After years of using other failed manufactured crises to scare their followers into place, Democrats find themselves in a bit of a pickle with the upcoming midterm elections only a few months away.

COVID, while still raging throughout the country, is no longer the profitable winner that delivered the senile figurehead who supposedly leads the country between diaper changes. Most Americans know that the lockdowns and jabs were nothing more than a way to control the population and that the cost to the economy and to human life has been too high.

The climate change agenda has been an even bigger disaster. Shutting down the XL Pipeline and canceling oil drilling leases in both Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico just a couple of weeks ago, as Americans struggle with the highest price increases in decades are examples of this. Most Americans understand that this is 100% Biden’s doing, not the Russian war in Ukraine, nor COVID as Democrats want us to believe. Then you have the Democrats’ Green New Deal with all its ridiculous regulations to both our agricultural and manufacturing sectors which has led to various food shortages and empty shelves.

So, here they are, back to the 2nd Amendment, once again shamelessly exploiting those tragedies that happen to involve a gun. This time it is the Uvalde massacre at Robb Elementary School where a deranged young man killed 19 innocent young children and 2 teachers. This was a heartbreaking situation that should have never happened and too many lives were ended or adversely affected forever. That is not a debatable point.

What is debatable, however, is just about everything else about this tragedy. I won’t talk about the killer himself, although whether there was an obvious mental health component which was ignored goes to the heart of the issue. Truth is, I just don’t know the details, even though common sense tells me that only a mentally unstable and perverse person would do what he did. I do wish that rather than politicizing and exploiting the weapon used to commit such evil, our leaders were instead focusing on the causes of such evil, whether they may be the culture, video games, social media, television, rap music, drugs (legal or illegal), fatherless families, failing schools, lack of discipline, and/or the removal of God from our schools. Yet, our leaders will conveniently choose to ignore these and go for the easy target: guns, particularly the “scary looking” guns.

I also won’t allocate blame to the police response to the massacre, not because I’m in any way exonerating their actions (don’t have all the facts but it certainly doesn’t look good) but because the very outcome is what is relevant here: we are constantly told by the Left that we don’t need guns because the police will be here to help us. The tragedy in Uvalde clearly disproved this: as desperate parents and relatives stood outside the school and heard the killer still shooting and killing children inside, police stood by and nothing was done for close to an hour. I cannot even begin to imagine the desperation and helplessness not just of the loved ones outside, but the victims inside who hoped the police would come to save them.

I also can’t help but wonder: what if some of the teachers or administrators inside had been armed and able to shoot the killer before he was allowed to go on his rampage? Perhaps the outcome would have been the same as in Charleston, West Virginia this past weekend, when a woman who legally owned a gun shot and killed a deranged criminal firing at a group of children outside a graduation party. Only one person was killed: the criminal.

What is more, there is another aspect of Uvalde which serves as a resounding endorsement of the need for our 2nd Amendment. By now, most people should know that the man widely believed to have shot the killer was an off-duty Border Patrol agent by the name of Jacob Albarado. Mr. Albarado was at a barbershop getting a haircut when he received a call from his wife who was inside Robb Elementary when the shooting was taking place. Mr. Albarado immediately took action and, along with the barber, ran toward the school. Seeing the disarray and inaction on the part of the police, Mr. Albarado took charge and went into the school where he eventually engaged in a shootout with the killer that, thankfully, Mr. Albarado won. The gun he used was not a service weapon that he happened to carry with him: no, the weapon was the shotgun that belonged to the barber. Had that barber not been able to legally own a firearm, it is almost certain that more innocent people would have died.

Uvalde, Chicago, and NYC all remind us daily that the world is a dangerous place. Whether it’s guns, knives, airplanes, or cars, there will be crazy and evil people out there waiting for their chance to cause havoc and death. And while many of us hope and pray that these massacres will stop, Democrat leaders seem to rejoice at the opportunity to push their gun-control agenda once again.

Few seemed giddier than Beto “I-pretend-to-be-Hispanic-but-I’m-just-a-wimpy-white-dude” O’Rourke. O’Rourke, who is currently running for the United States Senate against Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas, sprinted to a press conference on the Uvalde massacre being held by Texas Governor Abbot and the local law enforcement. It was cheap political theatre by a man trying to capitalize on the death of children for his own political benefit.

Let’s not forget that it was this same dark soul who once wrote about his fantasy of running over and killing young children with his car. Now, we are to believe he cares.

O’Rourke’s intentions are very clear, as “gun-control” is one of those predictable go-to issues of Leftist politicians, particularly when children other than black children in Chicago are involved. It’s not that they care about children or their well-being: after all, these same politicians strenuously support the murder of babies through abortion, do nothing about the record-breaking drug overdoses or suicide rates among children, and are single-handedly responsible for school lockdowns and the dumbing-down of our children. No, they don’t care about our children or our children’s future.

But they do care about disarming the law-abiding citizens of a nation who could someday rise against their tyrannical goals. These Leftist politicians abhor freedoms of any kind, just as much as they hate the democratic principle that government is “Of the People, By the People, For the People.” These politicians want control. They want to be able to manipulate people to achieve their own selfish, greedy interests. And to achieve this, they can’t have a country of free-thinkers who could take up their arms to challenge authority, much like our Founding Fathers did almost 250 years ago.

This is the main reason for our 2nd Amendment to its very core. It isn’t about hunting or sport. And personal safety is only a part of it; the right to bear arms is tied to the right to form militias to make it clear that it is actually the right of Americans to be armed and rise up against their own government, should it infringe upon our rights and freedoms in violation of the United States Constitution. It really is that simple.

Historically, all around the world, gun-control has been closely tied to dictatorship and totalitarian regimes. This is not a coincidence. Nor is it a coincidence that those regimes use lofty language to try to portray the exact opposite of their goals, much like Democrats do in the United States.

That worldwide historical trend can be clearly seen today in countries such as Canada and New Zealand. These two countries had some of the most Draconian and oppressive measures against individual freedoms throughout the past couple of years, starting with COVID lockdowns and continuing with blatant attacks on people’s rights to assembly and worship. Those are all very well documented and I have talked about some of them in the past.

Not surprisingly, those two countries are now leading the way to total gun bans and the eradication of legal ownership. In New Zealand, following the massacre at Christchurch where a man live-streamed his attack on a Muslim mosque leaving 51 dead, the country’s leadership passed nearly unanimous gun-control measures including the banning of all semi-automatic weapons. In Canada, the increasingly authoritarian government known for freezing bank accounts and firing people who PEACEFULLY participated in the trucker demonstration last year banned most semiautomatic weapons a couple of years ago before announcing, just this week, a proposed freeze on ALL handguns. The freeze comes along with a government buy-back and stiff penalties for even legal gun ownership; I am willing to bet that gun confiscation of regular law-abiding citizens is not too far behind.

These are the regimes that Creepy Joe has recently exhaulted in his quest for gun-control measures here in the U.S. Just yesterday, he hosted New Zealand’s Prime Minister and praised that country’s effort to disarm their population.

And days after Canada’s Trudeau announced their extreme measures to disarm Canadians, the blabbering fool in the White House praised the efforts adding a number of lies and “misstatements” that his handlers eventually had to walk back.

Of course, it won’t be as easy to disarm the United States of America as the Left would like to believe.

Firstly, there’s the practical reality that there are more guns than there are people in the United States, a number that keeps growing exponentially every time the Left attempts to pass gun-control legislation.

Secondly, most Americans KNOW that more gun-control legislation does not mean more safety and security. This is something that New Zealanders are beginning to find out, as their violent crime rates have skyrocketed since passing their notorious anti-gun legislation. Gun control laws disarm the law-abiding citizens while empowering the criminals.

What’s more, right here in the U.S., a 2013 study by the CDC at the urging of Barack Obama, who wrongly presupposed the findings would support the Left’s anti-gun agenda, proved what so many gun-rights supporters have argued for years: guns SAVE lives. The study, which was swiftly hidden by the Propaganda Media, shows that defensive gun use surpasses gun use in crime. It also shows that stricter gun laws do not curtail gun violence and crime in any way. Of course, some of us never needed the CDC to conduct a study on how criminals do not follow laws, but to the Leftists who do, there’s some empirical evidence to chew on.

Thirdly, there is the culture. What the Left and Leftist countries try to label a “gun culture” is really a culture of liberty, the rejection of tyranny, and the courage to fight for our rights and fairness. This may be hard for others to understand, particularly for those who come from colonized countries that didn’t fight for their freedom and independence like Americans have done since the 1700’s. That seed was planted by our wise and courageous Founding Fathers who had the wisdom and forethought to codify into our own Bill of Rights, the right to bear arms and to fight tyranny. It wasn’t just a passing thought or idea: it was carefully drafted and included at the very top of our basic rights that shall not be infringed, second only to our 1st Amendment guaranteeing our freedom of speech, worship, and assembly.

This is why those freedoms will never be abridged in our country so long as the American spirit still lives. And this is why we MUST fight for them and not give in even an inch.

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