“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” – Thomas Jefferson 

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Theater of the Absurd

On September 6, 2021, an Ohio judge by the name of Michael Oster Jr., reversed a lower court decision that allowed a COVID patient to try Ivermectin, as prescribed to the patient by a pulmonologist in the area. The hospital in the suburbs of Cincinnati had refused to allow the patient access to the drug…

Biden’s Declaration of War on Americans

I don’t believe I have ever written back-to-back posts but these are desperate times and yesterday’s announcement by the Biden Regime compelled me to hit the keys again. It is distressingly sad, not to mention ironic, that less than 2 days before we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the unforgettable American loses on that fateful…

Democrats in Control: Living the Worst-Case Scenario

It wasn’t so long ago, actually about 10 months ago, that I was having discussions with some of my Democrat friends and relatives about how bad Joe Biden (or any other Democrat for that matter) would be for our country.  The arguments ranged over several topics, with the erosion of our liberties, race relations, the…

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