“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” – Thomas Jefferson 

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The American Left: Neo-Communism with a Touch of Nazism

During the Trump Administration years, many on the Left would commonly accuse President Donald Trump of being like “Hitler” and Republicans of being “Nazis.”  There was absolutely no basis or merit to the accusation:  in the simple minds of the Left, a Nazi is someone that they just disagree with and someone is like Hitler…

Fauci and the Propaganda Media: Two Sides of the Same Fake Coin

Several decades ago, when I was working on my undergraduate degree, I took the class “Introduction to Logic.” It was a large auditorium math class consisting of terms that were completely foreign to me and mathematical equations that I had never seen before.  To make matters worse, the class consisted mostly of using a computer…


In the dystopian, yet ultimately prophetic novel “1984,” the main character is a man named Winston Smith who works as a clerk in the “Records Department” of his fictional country’s “Department of Truth.” His job is to go through old editions of the country’s main newspaper (“The Times”) and rewrite the stories to better fit…

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