What if the Russians are not the Liars?

Some of my favorite books and movies are those that have mostly unexpected and surprising outcomes. I’m not talking about those bombastic Hollywood movies with outrageous endings meant to shock but which end up being laughable. Instead, I’m talking about well-written plots that once fully revealed help you make sense of the entire story. “The Sixth Sense” & “Primal Fear” are examples of such movies.

Those movies are entertaining because they are not real. In real life, being led to believe one thing only to figure out in the end that you have been fooled all along, is what propaganda and indoctrination are all about. Unfortunately, the majority of those who are brainwashed and indoctrinated will never learn the true ending of the situation they are being lied about. In fact, many of them seem to enjoy being lied to as it speaks to their sense of virtue and intellectual laziness. Personally, I don’t like being lied to.

The propaganda machine in our country, led by the Biden Administration and enforced by the Propaganda Media and our education system, is now reaching a crescendo of lies aimed to completely blur the lines of truth vs. lies, reality vs. fantasy, light vs. darkness.

Almost everything about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrat Party is little more than a carefully constructed fantasy that was crafted by the powers in control of the Democrat Party. They are wholly detached from reality and the protagonists of that farce are carefully molded characters that seem to come out of nowhere. Barack Obama, Beto “I identify as Mexican” O’Rourke, and AOC are other examples that come to mind. This is why Biden never had to leave his basement to campaign or why voters didn’t actually have to go cast their votes in person. The stories about ballots being found (and STILL being found) and then counted in the middle of the night suddenly changing the outcome of the races, swiftly disappeared despite the many witnesses and video evidence that proved them. In fact, the whole idea that Biden, an obviously senile career-politician who most Democrats admit to not liking, was able to “inspire” millions more voters than even the undeniably popular Barack Obama, at a time when most people were depressed hiding in their homes from COVID, is really the stuff of Hollywood fantasy.

Then there’s the fact that they were able to control the COVID narrative in such a way that doctors, practitioners, and those who survived COVID were completely silenced. The majority of those on the Left never even questioned the censorship, much less the narrative. What is worse, those fully-brainwashed people were the ones who would applaud the censorship, demand masks and vaccines, and support the closings of schools and businesses. They never questioned the “science” when said “science” was declared and promoted by political leaders and not actual scientists. The very fact that they would silence the doctors and researchers in favor of the politicians should sound alarm bells; yet, most of them, never questioned the crafted “reality.”

This has emboldened Democrats. Now, they fully believe that they can convince people that inflation and higher gas prices did not exist prior to Russia attacking Ukraine. The boldness of their lies has reached new lows and, sadly, there are plenty of true Useful Idiots on their side who will argue that the Biden narrative is truthful. To see Democrats argue that the *only* cause of high fuel prices is Putin or that the store shelves haven’t been empty when we have all seen them, makes you wonder how people devoid of any original thought manage to live through life and into adulthood. Well, I guess the same way cattle and sheep can.

As I have been writing extensively over the past year, well before Putin and Ukraine were an issue, I have zero confidence in America’s Propaganda Media. To put it plainly, I trust the American media as much as I trust the Russian, Chinese, or Cuban media. In fact, I’m starting to believe the American media even less.

Let me explain and give an example. Prior to Russia invading Ukraine, before the Propaganda Media in the west was given its marching orders by the powers-that-be in the White House and beyond, some newspapers reported that President Putin was threatening to attack Ukraine if his “demands” were not addressed. Except that those demands have never been spelled out or discussed by our media. Instead, pundits argue anything from Putin being mentally unstable to just wanting the good ol’ Russian empire back. Whatever that means.

But none of those outlets ever even entertained the idea that Russia could have any legitimate claims. Not that the invasion of Ukraine was legitimate or acceptable, but that Russia may have had some legitimate security concerns with regard to what some countries, particularly the US, may be doing in Ukraine.

An example would be the U.S. controlling bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

In 2005, freshman Senator Barack Obama and Senator Richard Lugar negotiated an agreement with the then President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, whereas the United States would takeover Ukraine’s bioweapon labs. The aim of that pact was NOT to destroy those labs but to “provide security” and “support peaceful research.”

I know this not because I read any Russian “propaganda,” but because I read it in an article from The Washington Post which you can read yourself below, before it disappears:


I would submit more evidence and information about this pact, but this information has disappeared into thin internet air. Even Wikipedia is now claiming ignorance on this, even though I literally copy/pasted the name of the pact from Sen. Lugar’s Wikipedia page:

Instead, what we find now is a universal denial that such bioweapons labs even exist, much less that they are controlled by the U.S. Even though Biden’s Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland just testified in the U.S. Senate that the Biden Administration fears that their bioweapons labs would fall into Russian hands. Apparently, we are to believe that the Administration fears that non-existent labs would be taken over by Russia.


What is more, anyone who dares to even suggest that there is an agreement between the U.S. and Ukraine over their bioweapons labs is a conspiracy theorist. Reminds me of when the government and the Propaganda Media disparaged anyone who suspected that COVID was leaked out of Wuhan, even though most scientists now agree that it was indeed leaked from Wuhan, the lab that was partially funded by Fauci’s National Institutes of Health.

Then, just yesterday, the Washington Post posted a story about Foxnews correspondent Jennifer Griffin parroting the Biden Administration’s claims and denying the existence of those bioweapons labs. Seems like The Washington Post forgot that it had reported on the existence of these very same labs back in 2005. This proves once again that once serious news outlets such as The Washington Post have become tabloids that don’t give a damn about the truth but that thrive in gossip and as mouthpieces to the Democrat elites. As a side note, I’m very disappointed that Jennifer Griffin, whom I’ve always liked, has joined the voices of propaganda, fully ignoring the facts that she could have easily accessed.


Of course, we can’t leave out the other piece of the propaganda puzzle, the Democrats’ cherished “fact-checkers.” Despite all the evidence that prove the fact that Obama and Lugar had negotiated the U.S. taking over of these labs as described above in the old Washington Post article, they have perfectly re-written history in the most Orwellian of ways in order to refute the claims.


This, my friends, is how propaganda works. These are the same people who had us believe the Russian Collusion story, which was totally discredited and proven false. After years of 60/24/7 coverage of the Russian collusion story, many didn’t dedicate even ONE SECOND to how it was proven false, nor how Hillary’s campaign was responsible for it. It’s also the propaganda that lied and covered up facts about COVID, only dumping that narrative when it adopted the Russian invasion narrative as the crisis du jour.

Most importantly, this is the same government, media, and party which has been proclaiming for years that those of us who are Republicans/conservatives/Trump supporters are nothing more than racist-white-nationalist-supremacists and those people who were at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 were all insurrectionists trying to overthrow our governments. And now we are supposed to believe what they say about Putin or anyone else for that matter?

I could go on and on, with instance after instance where this government has lied to us, lies that are then repeated ad nauseam by the Propaganda Media over and over again until it becomes an undeniable reality in weak minds.

I’m sure this post will be misinterpreted by those very same weak, indoctrinated minds. Fact is, I really don’t care what they think anymore. I have zero respect for anyone who blindly believes the Propaganda Media after it has been clearly and unequivocally proven that they are nothing more than a propaganda machine. I simply have no more patience for those mindless minions who are too intellectually lazy to seek the truth beyond the facade. Those are the accomplices of a government that is seeking to destroy our country and our world as we know it.

My heart truly aches for the people of Ukraine. What they are going through is devastating and inhuman, regardless of who the culprit is. Whether the Russians are to blame or the corrupt Ukrainian government that put them in this situation- you know, the government that Vice President Biden was proud to illegally influence for his benefit and that of his crackhead son Hunter- the Ukrainian people are the innocent victims of deals that were struck by people who don’t give a damn about them. Now, it is the innocent who pay, either with their lives or with their livelihoods.

But the truth is that we don’t know exactly what is going on because our media will never tell the truth. The fact is that they won’t even ask the questions and will attack those who do. Whether Putin is an egomaniacal tyrant hell-bent on raising Russia’s glory or a disciplined leader who is truly concerned for the well-being of his people, only time will tell, not our media. Already, we see Democrats exploiting the situation in an absurd quest to raise Biden from the dead, blaming all the problems that we have been seeing and suffering under Biden on the Russian-Ukrainian war. Perhaps, if they had waited longer than a few hours to blame #putinpricehike for their own ineptitude, they could have had more credibility.

In the end, regardless of Russia’s true intentions, I blame the Biden Administration, the Democrat Elites and their Propaganda Media for the suffering in Ukraine and right here in the United States. Their perceived weakness, whether from ineptitude or by design, is the reason why the world is in the state it is right now. And if I were to be completely honest, I am not convinced that what is happening right now is the result of these elites’ incompetence; instead, I suspect that there are larger issues and goals at hand that they are pursuing and none of them will benefit anyone but themselves.

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