Lessons from Ukraine

As I write this, every news channel I turn to is full of stories about Ukraine. There are updates about bombings and the destruction they have caused and stories about how brave Ukrainians are standing up and fighting for their country. Up until a few days ago, there were plenty of stories mocking how Russian tanks were running out of gas which led some people to believe the Russian forces were weak and outdated; now, the stories are about how Russia is unstoppable. There are also plenty of “expert” opinions clogging both the Propaganda Media and social media especially since, suddenly, everyone is an expert. Of course, it couldn’t be the American media if it didn’t have an unhealthy dose of stories about how virtue-signaling American celebrities are reacting to the conflict.

And yet, what I don’t see enough of is a discussion of the lessons that we are undoubtedly learning from this conflict. I suspect that the reason these points are not being discussed is because our media and government are controlled by the Democrat Leftist segments in our society similar, though perhaps still not to the same degree, as the Russian government controls theirs. The lessons that we are learning about this conflict reflect very badly on the Democrats and their agenda so rather than talk about those issues and hopefully prevent them here at home, they hide them and smother them with the usual platitudes such as “we are all in this together” or “we are all Ukraine.” This brings me to the very first point:

1.) Hashtags, wallpapers, lapel pins, and other asinine sentiments that we all like to virtue-signal with are useless. There is nothing wrong with using the hashtags and emojis to express an emotion, particularly when people have a hard time grasping the reality of a horrific situation. The problem is that too many people (and Democrats in particular) use those to deflect from their responsiblity in the situation. Let’s face it: right now, everyone in the world could fly a flag from Ukraine outside their homes and every Fascist Book profile picture could be draped with a “Pray for Ukraine” banner and that will do diddly squat for the people who are fighting for their lives in Ukraine. The time to do something for Ukraine and for world peace is gone, at least for the foreseeable future. In fact, the event that precipitated this entire situation took place in November of 2020, when the only man who was able to stand up to Putin and keep peace, President Donald Trump, was cheated out of another term in order to put the puppet of the Deep State, Creepy Joe Biden, in his place. Even Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, inadvertently admitted as much when she pointed out how Putin attacks every time Biden is in power. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/psaki-mocked-pattern-putin-last-invading-ukraine-biden-vice-president-obama. So if you are a Trump-hating-Democrat, go ahead and post about your “support” and prayers for Ukraine, just like you posted your support for mask mandates and vaccine passports and your rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline. If you voted for Biden to get rid of President Trump then you, my friend, are partially to blame for what is happening in Ukraine.

2.) Our dependence on foreign oil is what gives other nations, such as Russia, power over us. While the U.S. and most of the western world was busy promoting their wokeness and false narratives, Russia (like China) was quietly rebuilding up their empire. Taking advantage of the foolishness that western countries were demonstrating with their ” climate change” policies, Russia moved to fill the void created by countries such as Germany and the U.S. who were moving away from their domestic energy production toward imports. These were countries that were either energy independent or close to and now turned to Russia and other countries to provide their energy. This is something that President Trump sternly warned us and the world about. If you need proof, watch the video embedded in the following article: https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2022/03/03/this-looks-like-the-russia-collusion-that-should-have-been-looked-into-n531107

This is also the reason that President Trump imposed sanctions to prevent the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, that many European leaders opposed and which Pretender Biden lifted. Now, Europe has been brought to their knees over their dependence on Russian energy. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50875935

Back at home, President Trump not only worked hard to achieve energy independence but also to bring manufacturing back to the United States. President Trump also succeeded in that, even though President Obama had mockingly stated that it would take a “magic wand” to be able to achieve that. It wasn’t just about creating jobs and lowering the prices of products and oil, it was also so that we wouldn’t depend on other nations for our goods, including essential items such as food, medicine, and medical supplies. All of that progress was reversed by Democrats the second they took power as the United States regresses to the years of dependency.

As Democrats continue to exploit the “man-made climate change” zealotry along with their “redistribution of wealth” socialist theory, we have gone back to energy dependence on foreign nations and American companies have begun moving abroad once again. The idea that we are currently buying oil from Russia, thus helping finance Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, is beyond ridiculous and yet, just a few days ago, Democrats again blocked the reopening of the Keystone Pipeline. https://www.theepochtimes.com/house-democrats-block-bill-to-approve-keystone-xl-pipeline-promote-american-energy-independence-from-russia_4312298.html

But it gets worse, as the mind-numbingly dumb Secretary of Transportation, Mayor Pete, has now stated that buying oil from Iran- yes, Iran, the nation that chants “Death to America” as the opening chant in every political rally- is “on the table.” The ineptitude of the Biden Admnistration reaches new heights with every passing day. https://dcweekly.org/2022/03/03/pete-buttigieg-says-buying-oil-from-iran-is-on-the-table-as-biden-imposes-restrictions-on-domestic-drilling-video/

Regardless of what Democrats and their mindless followers try to argue, it is their policies which have led to the skyrocketing prices of fuel that we are currently witnessing at the pump, as well as the supply chain issues our nation has been experiencing over the last year since Biden and his Democrats took control of our country. Now, watch as Democrats will seek to use the conflict in Ukraine as an excuse to cover up their ineptitude, repeating time and again that rising prices and supply shortages are caused by the conflict even though we have been experiencing them for over a year.

3.) The Second Amendment is one of our biggest protections. One of the most important facts that has been proven by the Ukraine conflict is that our 2nd Amendment is not only genius but absolutely necessary. An armed citizenry is a free citizenry. I would hope that every American gun-control nut who has used the argument that guns are not needed or that they are only needed for hunting is seeing what is happening in Ukraine, where even 80-year-old grandmothers are seeking to become armed and learning how to shoot. I also hope that they finally understand why those high-capacity magazines and high-powered rifles that they so try to vilify and ban are necessary. I hope, but I’m not holding my breath.

The reality is that if a nation has to wait until after it has been attacked to arm its citizens and teach them how to shoot and defend themselves, it is deeply in trouble. Only in Hollywood fantasyland can people be trained in a matter of days and hours against an invading army. Preparedness is key. So, let me restate that in the next point,

4.) Preparedness is key! The Russian attack on Ukraine has proven that even in 2022, any country, no matter how advanced, rich, poor, white, black, Christian, or Muslim can be under siege. For those who bristled at the idea that those invasions were a thing of the past and no longer a threat, this should be a wake-up call. If you were faced with a situation like that in Ukraine right now, potentially being forced to live in your house for days, weeks, perhaps even months without going out to get groceries and other necessities, how would you fare? Would you have enough food, medicines, and other means of survival?

Of course, one needs to be prepared not just for an attack by a foreign nation, which I still believe is one of the more remote possibilities for our country (thanks to our 2nd Amendment), but for any kind of natural or man-made disaster that could disrupt our already weak power grid and/or supply chain. This segways appropriately into the next point,

5.) Nuclear war is still a distinct possibility. In fact, some would argue that we are at the highest threat of a nuclear disaster than we have ever been. After all, we are no longer talking about one country with a couple of 1950’s nuclear warheads threatening us, we are talking about many more enemies with thousands of nuclear warheads made of even better technology than what existed 50 years ago. If the recent United Nations votes have taught us anything is that Russia is now aligned with China, North Korea, Iran, India, and Syria. Almost all of those countries are nuclear powers, and most would like to see us erased from the world’s map. A nuclear war is the way they could do it.

Nuclear war is THE only way I can think of in which man could actually affect our climate, which is ironic since we are being pushed to the brink of nuclear war by those climate change alarmists. A nuclear war would bring about a nuclear winter where all those people with solar panels will be begging for some good ol’ petroleum generated electricity. Unfortunately, a nuclear attack would likely mean that we would have no electricity or electronics, as the electromagnetic pulse caused by such an attack would be sure to wipe out most or all electronics (yes, including cars) in the affected area. There would be no agriculture, as crops, vegetation, and eventually animals would die off due to the atmospheric circumstances. For those who survive the blast, life would certainly be bleak, whether you are black or white, rich or poor. And yet, as I write this, Russia has not only taken possession of Chernobyl but also of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. https://www.foxnews.com/world/russia-troops-ukraine-nuclear-plant

6.) Democrats and wokeness are a threat to our country and the world. The reality of the world today is that everything that the Left does, touches, and leads becomes a disaster. Just one year of Biden rule and the country has gone from prosperity to empty shelves, from energy independence to buying oil from our enemy, from peace to the spectre of war and total annihilation. While the Left has been focusing on their manufactured crisis of climate change, COVID plandemic, equity, and the promotion of new race wars, our enemies have been focusing on the very things that may lead to our destruction. It is a fact that Putin began his move toward Ukraine during the Obama years, when Biden was vice-president and both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry served as Secretaries of State. Putin also annexed Crimea during the Obama years. It is also a fact that Putin was so afraid of what President Trump would do to stop him that he suspended his ambitions during those 4 years, only to go on a full attack after witnessing Biden’s weakness and ineptitude during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Now that Russia is in full attack mode in Ukraine, the best that American leaders can offer are banalities and hashtags, with the occassional governor offering a boycott of vodka. Those do absolutely nothing to either stop the destruction or help those in need.

What’s more, Ukraine is in this position because it believed Democrat President Bill Clinton’s assurance that it would be protected if it gave up its nuclear arsenal which, at the time, was the 3rd largest in the world. Clearly, that was a lie just like everything else that comes out of a Democrat’s mouth.


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  1. your best to date! This is so spot on and your points five and six mirror a conversation my husband and I had earlier today. Keep the blog posts coming.


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