How Politeness is Killing Freedom

We live in a small rural community where neighbors really don’t see each other very often. Because of that, one of the ways we use to communicate with each other is the use of community groups through social media. The largest of the groups has well over 1k people and is generally a great way to get information about road and weather conditions, hazards, and anything of importance that may be happening in the area.

At one point, this particular group became one of the few sites on FascistBook (AKA FaceBook) that I would check on, just to see what was going on. Then the censorship started. It started innocently enough, for reasons I can understand: some neighbors began using the forum as a place to air out their complaints about neighbors they didn’t like. Not only did this defeat the purpose of the group, this could also lead to escalations that no one wants to see. And so, the Admins decided that they would delete any such post.

As it is always the case with censorship and the curtailment of rights, the Admins soon began expanding their criteria for removing and censoring posts. If it was about politics, it’d get removed. If it was offensive to anyone for whatever reason, it’d get removed. A couple of days ago, I posted the United States Constitution, and it got removed. True, I suggested that a few people, without naming anyone, needed to be reminded of the Constitution and how it is the Supreme Law of the Land, but it was still a vague, non-specific, or controversial post: it got summarily removed without any explanations. Now even the Karens of the world are becoming oppressors and when it is okay to censor the Constitution, particularly in an area that is 85% conservative, you know that we are in trouble as a country.

Now, I’m not trying to vilify or begrudge the ladies that run the site: after all, they are both very nice ladies who are very helpful and seem to care about the community. I’m sure they believe that they are doing the right thing and that their actions are justified. They may even think that they are being polite and civil, even though in a civilized society, adults should be able to make a decision as to what they want to read (or not) or how they react to someone else’s comments. The truth is that, like many on the Left (and a few on the Right) who accept, normalize, and promote censorship, they don’t realize that what they consider “politeness” is nothing more than political correctness and repression.

Sure, these ladies just run a small FB group of about 1k people in the middle of nowhere; the problem is that they represent what is happening all over the country. Multiply this situation by the thousands of other people who are doing the exact same thing and you can see how this has become an endemic problem in America. It has desensitized people everywhere to what censorship is and the dangers that it represents. Few complain, less will fight it. It’s the reason why the Propaganda Media and the social media giants like Fascist Book, Twitter, and YouTube are able to get away with the mass censorship that takes place in their platforms. By excusing and normalizing the censorship, people get used to being silenced and don’t even fight it anymore. It has forced too many to ACCEPT censorship as a way of life.

Sadly, people who are subjected to censorship, indoctrination, and propaganda don’t even know that they are. Instead, they go about their daily lives, parroting propaganda, even if whatever they are saying makes no sense at all. When the Propaganda Media and politicians tell them that man-made climate change is the existential crisis of the human race, they don’t even question what that means or how the Earth has gone through several periods of freezing and thawing over billions of years. When the same actors tell the people that the January 06 protest was really an insurrection and attempted government takeover, even if there were no weapons, no organization, and the only violence we saw were Capitol Police killing protesters and common people trying to defend themselves, they will believe it. When they are told by the Propaganda Media and Democrat officials that President Trump had colluded with Russia, they will never doubt it, even as the evidence now proves that it was all made up by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Of course, the indoctrinated won’t know these facts because, as we now know, the mainstream Propaganda Media did not even devote one second of their coverage to the Durham report.

And like a well-trained attack dog, the indoctrinated will attack anyone who dares to question or speak up for the truth, labeling them as far-right conspirators, science deniers, or white nationalist/supremacists, regardless of the accused’s political inclination, profession, race, or ethnicity. Just look at the pro-mask, pro-jab zealots who still to this day, after studies have repeatedly shown that neither works as intended, lash out against those who choose not to wear a mask or get the experimental jab. Ironically, these zealots see themselves as the righteous defenders of society when the reality is the exact opposite.

If you want to see how quickly an arguably democratic and peaceful society can spiral into chaos and tyranny, just look to that most polite of countries and our neighbor to the north: Canada.

The repressive Canadian government, under the supremely woke and inept Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has used the COVID plandemic to enact a number of Draconian measures, from lockdowns, to mandatory vaccinations and the open persecution of Christian pastors to an extent mostly seen only in Muslim countries or China. After years of this increasing repression, fed-up Canadian truckers stood up to the government by organizing a truly peaceful protest (the Freedom Convoy) which eventually converged in the nation’s capital, Ottawa.

What has happened since feels like something straight out of yet another dystopian movie: personal bank accounts frozen; people arrested for aiding the truckers by providing food or fuel; the use of force against the people standing on the streets, hitting people with metal batons or pepper spray; people arrested for simply walking around the city; entire blocks and sections of the downtown area completely shut-down and occupied by police forces; and even horse-mounted police trampling on people, including a woman who was just standing on the street, peaceful protesting. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the police celebrated these abuses on their own people with glee as if they were paid gladiators attacking the spectators.

All this was done by the Canadian government, with the full support of the Pretender Biden, by invoking an Emergencies Act, just like the pretender has done here in the U.S. Coincidentally, both the Canadian & U.S. governments extended those Emergencies Acts today, even though Trudeau has admitted that they have already cleared out the truckers and, here in the U.S. the COVID plandemic appears to be under control. Neither of these two inept, empty vessels who lead our countries is willing to give up the absolute power that comes from invoking these extraordinary acts.

How does this happen in the 21st century in affluent countries that should know better? It happens little by little, by allowing censorship and oppression at the lowest of levels, including school boards, county supervisors, and state agencies. It happens because we, as citizens, allow it to happen rather than fight it. And, what is worse, too many of us don’t support those who are sticking out their necks and risking everything to fight for the rights that we will all get to enjoy, choosing instead to turn our backs and go back to our comfortable, 1st world lives.

This is how we get the governments we deserve.

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