Why this blog?

I like to write. But I like to share my thoughts with others who love our country, our freedoms, and our God (not necessarily in that order) as much as I like to write. So I decided to start this blog after growing tired of the constant censorship by both the traditional propaganda and social media venues. As our country continues to spiral out of control and our liberties, freedoms, and truth disappearing into the blackhole of Leftist politics, it is well past time that as many of us as possible take a stand and don’t back down.

If you are a conservative or anyone who isn’t a Leftist regressive, you have probably been subjected to censorship by the Big Tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. At the very least, you have witnessed in the way they have censored others, including the President of the United States. Maybe you’ve had an inane post removed due to their vague and always one-sided “community standards.” Those “standards” include any criticism of Democrat policies or politicians, or even the unacceptable questioning of anything that those in power have declared to be a “fact” or “settled science,” the term that, in itself, denies the very essence of what science is. Perhaps you published a credible, well-sourced article that showcases a different narrative or set of facts to the one that those on the Left have accepted as unquestionable only to have it flagged with a warning by a 22 yr old “Women’s Studies” ideologue employed by Fascist Book with no knowledge about the issue itself other than the knowledge that it isn’t the approved narrative that she is supposed to be promoting. Maybe the post was never even published because the censors employed by Big Tech can immediately intercept your post before anyone even sees it. Many of you have been suspended from posting for any given length of time which may range from 24 hours to several months or, in a few cases, a permanent ban with no explanation given. You see, even though Facebook and these other Big Tech oligarchies enjoy federal legislative protections from liabilities that most companies don’t have (except Big Pharma, of course), many believe that they are exempt from the guarantees of Freedom of Speech and Due Process that our Constitution grant us. Or at least used to.

The reality is that it isn’t just social media, but the rest of the disgraced propaganda media as well. Take, for example, the local newspaper in the area where I live. Back on January 11, it had no qualms about publishing a “Letter to the Editor” (LTE) in which a deranged local woman threatened any of her neighbors that still had Trump signs or flags displayed on their own properties. When a couple of days later I tried to have an LTE which addressed this threat, the letter was never published. Instead, the editor attempted to give the most idiotic of excuses, from the fact that she hadn’t heard anyone complain about the letter (um, how about me and the rest of the people who posted about it?) to her objection that I called out a number of known-Democrats for publicly supporting the threat.

Since the letter was never published, while a barrage of anti-Trump, anti-conservative, and anti-Christian garbage is published by that Leftist rag on a daily basis, I figured my own blog will be the perfect medium to publish such things- at least until it, too, gets censored by the powers-that-be, while the majority of our population idly sits by, tacitly approving of the totalitarian mess that we are becoming. So here’s the forbidden letter:


On 1/11/2021, the NVD published an LTE by a county employee named Carrie Plauger which was construed by many as a threat against public officials that don’t adopt her viewpoints and, more alarmingly, a threat against every American who openly supports President Trump and who she deems to be “domestic terrorist sympathizers.” Her sentiments were applauded and echoed by other Democrats.

Democrats are showing us what they will do to you and our country now that they have complete and total control of every branch of the federal government and our state: they will silence you by coming after your Constitutional Rights. Except that this time, before they come for your 2nd Amendment and your firearms, they will come for your 1st. Already we see the blatant censorship by the media conglomerates and Big Tech and “blacklisting” of anyone with opposing viewpoints that would make Sen. Joseph McCarthy blush. They will also continue their 2020 attacks on your freedom to worship. In sum, no opposition to their viewpoints will be allowed. Don’t take my word for it: just take theirs. Welcome to “1984”, this time with a touch 1940’s Germany.

G.E. Markus

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  1. Glad to see your fire has not been put out but only fed by the corruption of The Left. I’m looking forward to future posts. How about a link or transcript of the LTE you replied to?


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