The Weaponization of COVID-19

On or around January 20, 2021, the day Joe Biden was being inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, several things happened that most of his supporters either ignored, dismissed or just didn’t care about. These events further support the idea that the COVID “plandemic” was a weaponized scam designed by China to cause economic devastation around the world and set itself as the world’s #1 economy aided by close allies around the world, including the Democratic Party which saw this as their best opportunity to defeat President Donald Trump and get back in power.  

On that day, the Chinese-funded World Health Organization (WHO) recalibrated its metrics and the manner in which they diagnose and count COVID cases, estimating that the actual numbers will now drastically decrease. Apparently, a full year into the pandemic, they decided that inflating the numbers was no longer necessary. Simultaneously, propaganda media outlets began replacing their sensationalistic COVID death stories and replacing them with fake weaponless and leaderless “insurrection” stories (today, almost a month later, that is still the headline story at CNN) or some other story praising anything related to Biden or soon-to-be-president Harris.

At about that time, Emmy-award winner and New York Governor Cuomo, the man who not just brought New York’s economy to a screeching halt but who should also be held personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of people at nursing homes (and possibly the cover-up), began demanding that businesses be allowed to open again. California Governor Newsom who enacted some of the most Draconian lockdown measures in the country, also began to loosen those reigns, after seeing his political career at risk. Nationwide, Democrat governors (or pseudo-Democrat in the case of Hogan) now insist that schools should be reopened.  All of this despite the numbers of COVID cases reaching record highs, new strains being found, and not enough vaccines available for the majority of the population for at least another 6 months. To me, this proves that those measures were always fake and nothing more than a distraction and an excuse to enact the lockdowns which we knew didn’t work back in May 2020.

Instead, they were part of the plan to destroy President Trump’s chance of re-election.  At a time that when we were enjoying the most peace and prosperity in the history of our country, this plandemic was the Democrats’ only hope. President Trump’s response to the crisis, once maligned, has now been fully adopted by Comrade Biden, who will not only escape the accusations for any COVID death going forward, but will also get to benefit from the public relations afforded by the Trump vaccine that Democrats ridiculed and vilified. Meanwhile, the Big Tech giants and the propaganda media have solidified their censorship methods, silencing anyone who dares to question the official narrative or provide alternative data that proves it wrong. 

Meanwhile, the average Democrat voter, particularly those who succumbed to the cowardice and fear, will dig in their heels and start yelling “COVID is real” along with the citation of the latest death toll, never once questioning the accuracy of that number, while blaming President Trump for each death. They don’t care about what Cuomo and so many other Democrat governors did. They don’t care that numbers were inflated, like the people who died of cancer or car accidents without ever testing positive for COVID yet had the virus listed as the cause of death on their death certificates. These are the people willing to believe that an 86 year old with several co-morbidities who dies of a heart attack while also fighting COVID only died because of COVID, while a similarly situated person that doesn’t have COVID but dies hours or days after taking the vaccine didn’t die because of the vaccine.  Funny how their brain works.  

This, my friends, is how propaganda works:  they created a problem and promoted the irrational fear convincing enough people until their objective was achieved.  For China, the objective was world domination;  for the Democrats, their return to unbridled power and the destruction of the only people who stood in their way, including President Trump.

To be sure, I’m not saying that COVID is not real or doesn’t exist: it does and it can be very serious, particularly to persons with certain conditions. If I were in the high risk group, obese, and/or had diabetes, I would probably be seriously considering taking the vaccine. Regardless, I certainly don’t want to get COVID anymore than I want to get strep or the flu, all viruses that can cause death to otherwise perfectly healthy people. I just would rather not get sick. But more than anything, I do want to live and enjoy life, not to mention that I strongly believe that the best way to strengthen our immune system and live a healthier and happier life is by living.  And living free and fearless. 

By now it is clear that what we have is a manipulation of data by people who want to control our lives for their own nefarious purposes and with the aid of fearful people who want everyone to be as miserable as they are.  A sane and logical person would have declared that anyone in fear of getting sick should stay at home and let others live their lives;  a crazy, selfish, and illogical person insists that everyone should be locked-down along with them.  They don’t care that businesses are shutdown, taking down people’s livelihoods along with their dreams and aspirations.  They don’t care that children are not being educated and, more importantly, not allowed to socialize, play sports, being recruited for college, have their graduations, enjoy parties, go on vacations, spend holidays with their extended families. As the suicide rates of children as young as 8 years old skyrocket, those on the Left just shrug their shoulders.  

It is hard to believe that a year into the plandemic, we STILL don’t have the nationwide numbers of suicides and drug overdoses, numbers that should be much easier to compile than the elusive COVID deaths. We are finally getting a glimpse into them:  just recently, the Las Vegas school district (the 5th largest in the nation) was forced to reopen schools after the suicide rates among the young had doubled over a few months of lockdowns.  But how about attempted suicides?  Or drug overdoses? Or the exacerbation of mental illnesses, mood disorders or other behavioral issues?  I don’t hold much hope that we will ever know the real numbers. While we have no problems paying for gender reassignments, allowing millions of new illegal immigrants to enter our country, or sending billions for useless programs around the world, we don’t put any resources to save our young. It’s clear that Americans, and especially American children, are not a priority for Democrats. 

The only thing that the American Left & the Democrat Party cares about is power. Lucky for them, they have enough deranged people whose hatred is fed daily by the propaganda media and Big Tech, companies making a killing with the profits (or is it making a profit from the killings?) that will continue to manipulate the data, instill fear when necessary to maintain control. To keep people happy, they will continue to implement a socialist agenda, promising better healthcare (as they destroy it) and give out “free” money (otherwise known as COVID relief funds) to encourage people to depend on government, not on work or business revenues. They will use the questions of vaccine effectiveness and new strains to control the narrative as they see fit, either patting themselves on the back for their measures or promoting the fear when needed.  Churches and their services will continue to be targeted as the Left’s masked attack against religion continues. 

I realize that for many people the idea of a virus being weaponized for political purposes may sound like the main theme of a dystopian novel or an Austin Powers movie. Those are probably the same people who think it is completely reasonable and normal to combat a virus with 99% recovery rate by closing schools, decimating businesses, outlawing holidays, banning religious services, shuttering gyms and movie theaters, canceling concerts and sports events, mandating useless masks and arbitrary “social distancing” guidelines, and having a presidential election determined by mailed ballots with no verification as to who got them or who sent them.  And they are also the people who support the censorship of differing points of views, who will never question the narrative fed by those in power, and who are okay with never learning about the ties between China and those on the Democrat Party who either support China’s policies or who benefit from them, like the Bidens. 

This is exactly why the weaponization of the virus was so successful. 

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