“The Post-US Era Has Started”

That’s what Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei declared in a Tweet on February 7, 2021. The statement came a couple of days after the Biden Administration stated its wish to return to the disastrous Iran Nuclear Agreement that the Obama-Biden Administration had signed, complete with suitcases full of cash delivered in the dark of the night by then Secretary of State, former US Senator, failed Democrat presidential candidate and now Climate Czar, John Kerry. Yes, Democrats are experts at recycling.

If you will remember, President Trump withdrew from said agreement, not just because it was a joke that only benefitted Iran and lacked valid enforcement, but because it didn’t even “restrict Iran’s ballistic missile program or address Tehran’s support for militant groups.” (see CNBC, 2/5/2021). 

So given Biden’s proclivity to appease Iran and the past history with the Democrats, why would Iran declare that the US is over? Because he knows what the rest of the world knows, which is also what those of us who did not support Biden know:  that the US under Biden will not only be weak, it will no longer be the leader of the world. Instead, China will be.  

Yes, China. The nation that started the common cold virus that destroyed the world’s economy or rather, restructured it to its advantage, pushing millions of Americans (8 million more to be exact) into poverty with the help of Democrat governors, Congressional leaders and a deeply corrupt bureaucracy (i.e. the overpaid Fauci and his ilk), by enacting the most Draconian measures imaginable in their quest to defeat President Trump. China, the country who profited the most from the plandemic, now in position to be the indisputable leader in the world’s economy. China, the country historically known for true, barbaric, human rights violations and not the kind of ridiculous claims that the American Left makes about our country. China, the country responsible for the deaths of an estimated 2.3 million people worldwide due to the virus it unleashed. China, the country that has paid millions of dollars to the Biden family making them very wealthy and helping fund Hunter Biden’s addictions and crimes. Incidentally, even though there are plenty of articles, news stories, & witnesses documenting how Biden has profited from deals with China- in fact, may STILL be profiting from them, as the Biden White House recently admitted- the “fact-checkers” still claim that there is no evidence of such connections.

Just how close are China and Iran?  “China has emerged as Iran’s leading trade partner. China has been Iran’s largest oil customer and today remains the only country purchasing Iranian oil in defiance of U.S. sanctions. China is also a major industrial supplier to Iran, having displaced Europe in 2008 as the largest supplier of industrial parts and machinery that are used by Iran’s growing manufacturing sector. “ (see  “The Iran Primer,” 10/06/2020, link below). So, yes, they are pretty tight. China owns Iran. Now China will own the US thanks to Biden, both literally and figuratively. And most Americans will support this.

Because the bigger problem is this:  when told that the US will now be replaced as a world leader and that this is end of our country as we know it, the majority of Democrats and Biden supporters will rejoice. Truth be told, most of them hate our country and do so with a passion. Even as they sit at their favorite Starbucks, sipping their insipid tall grande big lattes, wearing their overpriced trendy clothes, ordering unnecessary new “stuff” on Amazon using their latest iPhone or iPad or planning their latest escapade to some foreign exotic location, these woke idiotic Leftists hate our country.  They are absolutely clueless about just how good they have it, whether they are black, white, brown, yellow or multicolor.  And they will not realize it until it is too late.  

Of course, there are some Democrats who will complain and say that they LOVE their country, that they are proud Americans, that they are true Christians, that they aren’t socialists, and blah, blah, blah. I can already hear them. These are people who vote for a party they know nothing about and who were probably just driven to the polls (or the mailbox, as was most likely the case) by blinding hatred. They are the ones easily manipulated by those in power and too intellectually lazy to seek-out the truth. Some may be very nice people with good intentions but, in the end, they will be the reason why this country and our society is destroyed. 

And so, here we are, staring at the possibility or, more likely, probability of the “post-US era.” What will that era bring?  That will be the subject of another post. 


About Biden-China connection: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/hunter-biden-offered-2410-million-annually-by-chinese-energy-firm-for-e2-80-98introductions-alone-e2-80-99-email-shows/ar-BB1a3pj8


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