The Exploitation of Officer Sicknick’s Death

I have a confession to make: I’m not watching any of the coverage about former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment. I watched or read about most of the coverage from their other hoaxes and I’m sure this will be more of the same, er, theatrics: fake outrage, false arguments, lies, and, some crocodile tears and pounding on podiums for special effects.

I know this because I’ve seen the build-up to it. I would even venture to say that, just like they have now admitted that the use of the COVID plandemic and the stealing of the election was real, some day we will find out that the riot that ensued from the “Stop the Steal” rally was also planned by the Left. Nothing coming from them would ever surprise me, no matter how outrageous, criminal, and/or evil. Nothing.

To know this, all you have to look at is the unthinkable exploitation of Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick’s death which has become one of the biggest media manipulations we have ever witnessed in this country. And it is being done to eliminate the biggest threat that the Leftist forces in this country (and perhaps the world) have ever faced: Donald Trump.

Yes, after 4 years of lying and/or manipulating the facts about President Trump, serving as accomplices in hoaxes like the Russian interference, Kavanaugh childhood malfeasance, or criminal Ukraine phone call, misquoting his words or writing them out of context, finding phony witnesses and, finally, promoting the fear and exaggerated threat of the COVID virus in order to help the Left achieve its goals of stealing the election and attaining unfettered power, they are lying once again to impeach President Trump one more time. Why? To effectively block him from ever seeking office again.  Have we ever faced such tyranny in the United States of America?

The first thing they did was falsely turn the rally, which had been planned for several weeks ahead, into an “insurrection.” I have discussed this in my previous post titled “USA 2.0: the Totalitarian Edition.” Then, despite the Democrats many calls for violence against Trump supporters (Maxine Waters) support for the BLM/Antifa rioters who were burning down cities (Kamala Harris), praise for the rioters and looters (Nancy Pelosi), they are now attacking the rally-turned-protest and blaming President Trump for it. 

But they did more than that.  The Democrats, along with the media, have ignored the calls to investigate many of those inciting riots who are said to be Democrat operatives.  In fact, there is video evidence of some of the Trump supporteres in attendance taking down some of the rioters and trying to prevent them from destroying anything. Does that sound like something that would happen in an insurrection?  Or how about the people calmly walking along the velvet robes once inside the Capitol- is that what you would expect from people during a “violent takeover”? The media then repeated the numbers of “fatalities” neglecting to point out the cause of death of the people who unfortunately died, while downplaying the killing of the unarmed veteran woman named Ashli Babbit who was shot by police.  Of course, had she been a black woman, there would have been riots and burning down of cities all around the country, with the explicit support of the Democrats.  Alas, it was just an innocent white woman who had served her country honorably and whose only “crime” was to support her duly-elected President.  She was vilified as a criminal, while the criminals who have been killed in actual police altercations have been characterized as saints. Or at least giant teddy bears.

But of all the manipulative, deceptive and despicable productions that the Left has staged, few are as outrageous as what they have done with the unfortunate and untimely death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who laid-in-honor inside the Capitol with great fanfare among the Democrats, some of whom are well known for their anti-police rhetoric. President Biden and his co-president Jill even attended and gave their respects, saying a prayer and “sadly shaking his head.” The optics and choreography coordinated by the Left are always exquisite. The Associated Press reported (which Yahoo and every other media repeated) the following on January 29, 2021: 

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died at the hands of the mob that besieged the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, will lie in honor next week in the building’s Rotunda, congressional leaders said Friday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer released a joint statement saying: “The heroism of Officer Sicknick and the Capitol Police force during the violent insurrection against our Capitol helped save lives, defend the temple of our democracy and ensure that the Congress was not diverted from our duty to the Constitution. His sacrifice reminds us every day of our obligation to our country and to the people we serve.”

Once Officer Sicknick’s body had arrived at the Capitol Rotunda a few days later, the Associated Press followed up with the following: 

“Slain U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick lay in honor in the building he died defending, allowing colleagues and the lawmakers he protected to pay their respects and to remember the violent attack on Congress that took his life.

Sicknick died after defending the Capitol on Jan. 6 against the mob that stormed the building and interrupted the electoral count after then-President Donald Trump urged supporters on the National Mall to “fight like hell” to overturn his defeat.”

Except that it is all either a lie or a manipulation. But before we go into the facts, notice how in their “unbiased reporting” they managed not only to pontificate Pelosi and Schumer as some sort of protectors of the country and our Constitution (talk about irony!), but also to reiterate the views that this was a “violent insurrection” and that, of course, it was all incited by President Trump. This is how they planted the seeds that would lead to the second impeachment while conditioning the people, including many Republicans, to agree with their false narrative

The truth is that Officer Sicknick did not die in the Capitol, he died the following day in a hospital. Contrary to what just about every single Propaganda Media reported (and still continues to report) there was no evidence that Officer Sicknick was hit or assaulted during the January 6th rally/riot.  The alleged video showing him being hit by a fire extinguisher turned out to be false.  Most importantly, the largely ignored coroner’s report cites NO evidence of blunt trauma on Officer Sicknick’s body.  Read that again: is not that they found no evidence that blunt trauma caused his death but that there was no evidence of ANY blunt trauma in his body. 

Furthermore, as hard as they have tried, investigators have found absolutely no evidence to prove that anyone had anything to do with his death.  Given how much the Left and the powers-that-be inside the Establishment are trying to find evidence to condemn Trump and his supporters, this means everything.  

From NBC: “Investigators are struggling to build a federal murder case regarding fallen U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, vexed by a lack of evidence that could prove someone caused his death as he defended the Capitol during last month’s insurrection.

Authorities have reviewed video and photographs that show Sicknick engaging with rioters amid the siege but have yet to identify a moment in which he suffered his fatal injuries, law enforcement officials familiar with the matter said.” (NBC5, 2/3/2021)

And so they exploited the death of a good police officer and veteran, all for their own political gain. It is as disgusting as they all are.

I’m willing to bet that the reporters writing these stories and the editors that are approving them, know very well that they are reporting lies and manipulating the public to obtain a predetermined political outcome where the ones holding their strings will continue to rule and accumulate power at the expense of the rest of America.  They don’t care because they see themselves as virtuous and right.  More importantly, their morals are cheap and they are getting paid handsomely. Their end justifies their means.  

But they are neither virtuous nor right.  They are hate-mongers and race-baiters promoting racism and eliciting conflict, all for the benefit of those well above their pay grade. They see the average American with contempt and the average Trump supporter with unabashed hate. They have no qualms about their false reporting or their misleading narratives so long as they win in this game. It may be life to the rest of us but to them it is all a sick game.


One thought

  1. I’ve been coming to the same conclusions about this officers death. The very lack of any corroborating evidence has been highly suspicious from the outset. For years the left has ignored the blatant provable murders of police officers at the hands of criminals, but loudly and destructively protested when felons, fighting with the police, were shot. And yet they continue to use this officers unfortunate death to push another false narrative.


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