The China Syndrome (2021)

Although I have been avoiding Facistbook and getting closer to shutting down my account for good, I still go in from time to time to retrieve information and messages.  A few days ago, when I logged-in to FB, I was welcomed with the all-too-familiar message to conservatives which stated that “[y]our post goes against our Community Standards on misinformation about COVID-19.” 

The offending post was a news story about the arrest of the mother of one of China’s top virologist, Dr. Li-Meng Yan.  For those not familiar with Dr. Yan, she is one of the Chinese scientists who warned of the COVID-19 human to human transmission starting back in November  of 2019, something that has since proven to be truth and which China and the World Health Organization has tried to hide. She also alleges that the virus was manufactured in a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. 

Not surprisingly, most of the Propaganda Media and social media have been quick to censor Dr. Yan’s comments, dismissing her comments without proof or even consideration, and even belittling her accomplishments by describing her as a “student,” not the ophthalmologist and virologist that she really is.  Some have cited “scientists” who claim that there is no proof or evidence to back-up Dr. Yan’s claims while simultaneously claiming that the virus came from a bat, of which there is absolutely no evidence of. As with the man-made-climate-change hoax, those at the top have declared that the official Chinese version of the facts is settled science that should never be questioned.  

Going back to FB’s censorship of my post, what is interesting is that the post itself was about the ARREST of Dr. Yan’s mother, something that was not just news, it was international news. I haven’t seen anyone disputing that fact, not even Snopes.  So why would my post about someone’s arrest go against the always vague “community standards on misinformation about COVID-19” especially when the post was only tangentially about the Chinese virus?  The simple answer is that it didn’t violate any standards beyond the criticism of the oppressive Chinese communist government. FB is again doing the bidding of the communists and censoring any bit of information that would make the Communist Chinese government seem less than ideal.  

And did I mention that I had originally posted the story in October of 2020, four months before it was found and banned by FB?  Think about that for a second:  Facebook has an estimated 225 MILLION users in the US and yet the company is going through EVERY SINGLE POST to make sure the posts align with the official propaganda.  In fact, I have friends who have recently been flagged for posts that are several years old.  Tell me, what other purpose other than helping China could this level of censorship be serving? 

Please note that this censorship is not just relegated to the banning of posts that the elites disapprove of; if you have a voice, you will be silenced.  This is what Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame, who is also an outspoken Christian and patriot just found out a few days ago when Facebook completely deleted his account with over 1/2 million followers. Again, the excuse given was a post or two “violating” FB’s community standards against misinformation about COVID-19.  When Mr. Sorbo attempted to address his followers via Twitter, the message was also shut down by that medium, as was a new FB account that contained absolutely no political or controversial posts. The message is clear:  don’t question the official narrative or you will be silenced.  

And the “official narrative” is what either the White House or the Propaganda Media tells you.  This we saw this morning when the media was “interpreting” Joe Biden’s “Presidential Townhall” on CNN last night.  If you watch and listen carefully to the actual footage linked below- which I know can be hard since Joe Biden is hardly known for making any sense while speaking- when Biden was asked about what he’ll do about the horrific human rights violations in China he responded by saying that “[c]ulturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.” What he is literally saying is that we must all respect other countries’ “customs,” even if those customs include rape, torture, and murder. Nothing to see here, just move along. 

That is a shocking statement for the President of the United States of America to make, one that shows not just his weakness, but his complete disregard for human life or freedoms. It is a repugnant statement, more so when we consider that his own son has made (and is STILL making) millions of dollars off the Chinese Communist regime, all facilitated by the man making the statement.  

It wasn’t until he was nudged again by the CNN host about whether there will be any “actual repercussions” for China that Biden finally said “[w]ell, there will be repercussions for China. And he knows that.” That’s it.  No explanation on what his administration would do, if anything at all.  Case closed.  

And yet, that is not what the Propaganda Media reported.  Instead, they all stated the exact opposite of what Biden had said. Take Reuters, for example, the media wire that is supposed to be unbiased journalism. This morning, the headline read: “Biden says China to face repercussion on human rights.”  This was followed by the first sentence of the article- probably knowing that most people on the Left will only read the headline and, at most, maybe the first sentence or two- which read: “China will pay a price for its human rights abuses, U.S. President Joe Biden warned on Tuesday,  responding to queries at a televised event on the Asian nation’s handling of Muslim minorities in its far western region of Xinjiang.”  The rest of the story was an expertly spliced compilation of sound bites to make Biden sound strong and decisive, not like the rambling fool that he really is.  The actual video of the event was never included, so you’ll just have to take their word for it.

More telling, however, was the fact that at no point did the Reuters story mention the most significant statement during that segment of the night, the one where Biden basically shrugged off human rights violations to cultural differences.  Please note that, as usual, most Propaganda Media outlets simply take the story from agencies such as Reuters and the Associated Press, no questions asked, no commentary added.  

This is a serious manipulation of information all the more perverse when you realize that people are being punished and silenced for simply questioning the official narrative.  Unfortunately, too many people either don’t care or don’t see the significance of this dangerous situation.  In fact, too many of them actively support the censorship and misinformation by condemning and some even reporting those who do the questioning.  This is not just a grave threat to each of us and to our society, I can’t see how we can possibly survive as a country if this continues.  

For the whole story on Biden’s comments:

For the Reuters & Propaganda Media version:

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