Why the Republican Party is Lost Without Trump

I have been involved in politics, in one way or another, for almost three decades, most of them with the Republican Party. Through work, campaigns, organizations, and clubs I’ve met thousands of the people who vote for the Republican Party. Out of these people (whether Republicans, Libertarians, or independents) I would guesstimate that at least half of them, if not more, were voting for the Republican candidate because s/he was the lesser of two evils. In fact, it is very common for these people to talk about going to the voting booth pinching their noses because both candidates stunk so bad. 

These people are very educated and well-informed people who would never vote for any Democrat knowing full well what the Democrat Party stands for:  racism, classism, anti-Christian persecution, the destruction of the United States (its history and its Constitution), censorship, government control of just about every aspect of our lives, and having power & wealth concentrated among the elites that, in turn, will promise to give out crumbs to those at the bottom of the barrel who vote for them (socialism). 

These are also people who truly care about their country and their Faith, who believe in true equality, not the Democrat version where some people are more equal than others, and who want nothing more than to be left alone to live their lives in peace. 

And these people are the core of the Trump supporters. In many cases, these people were also those that supported the idea that was once the Tea Party, which ironically was not a political party (the name derived from the Boston Tea Party, not from being a political party), a movement to regain the ideals that led to the formation of our country:  independence from government and tyranny, as well as the right to worship, to life, to enjoy the fruits of our labor and to the pursuit of happiness. Simple. And until a few years ago, this was what every American knew that our country stood for.  These were the concepts that made up the American Dream;  now they are deemed to be the extremism that only deplorables would want.  

It is easy to point a finger at the Democrat Party, along with the elites and corporate structures that support it, as the culprits for this decline:  the indoctrination in our Democrat-controlled schools which promote socialism and political activism over merit and academic scholarship; the total media (and social media) control of the propaganda along with the censorship and silencing of dissenting voices; the use of government agencies, as Obama and Congressional Democrats have done, to persecute and punish those who stand in their way; the use of corporate policies to frame those regressive ideals that the Left wants to promote.  

Of course, the average Democrat voter who supports those measures and continues to help Democrats keep and exert their unrelenting control are also to blame. They are the foot soldiers, the ones we call Useful Idiots, a the term that was historically used to describe those who supported communist causes without really knowing it.  More generally, the term Useful Idiot refers to those who naively support malignant causes (believing they are doing so for the greater good) through manipulation or propaganda and without fully understanding the goals of the causes they support.  Take Black Lives Matter, a black supremacy group whose founders have bragged about their Marxist training and which, until recently, promoted the destruction of the family unit. You cannot fight racism by claiming that one race is superior to another; in fact, you cannot fight racism by insisting in classifying people according to the color of their skin. Yet, that is exactly what people who support BLM do while believing that they are actually fighting racism.  But I digress. 

The problem is this:  Democrats, alone, are not the only ones responsible for how our common values have become tainted and universally vilified as something to be decried and persecuted. They had help from the Republican Establishment, those who refuse to stand up for what is right because they are cowards. Or the ones who don’t do so because, like Democrats, they have found it financially profitable to just play the role they play, as if in a bad Broadway show. 

Sure, a few will feign outrage, most likely in a fundraising letter to his/her supporters, but for the most part, they won’t do a thing. They will just sit and watch while the Democrats take control of the education and infect it with socialist, anti-Christian garbage. They do nothing about the media censorship or one-sidedness, nor about the growing monopolies from the social media companies which, in fact, enjoy federal protections.  They go along with our history being erased and monuments been torn down. They also lack the courage and the moral spine to stop the pork and other attacks on hard-working Americans. And they fear the backlash that they would swiftly get from the despicable Left, if they once again did what the Republican Party historically did:  stand for the rights of every American, including blacks, against the racist policies of the Democrat Party.

But then there are a few “Republicans” that go a step further. Some are  easy ones to identify, like the always useless and weak Mitt Romney & Susan Collins or the “maverick-wannabes” like Ben Sasse or Lisa Murkowski who fancy themselves something they are not. Or the ones who sold themselves as conservatives and proved to be anything but, like Pat Toomey. Worse, there are the ones who throw the few colleagues who have the courage to stand up for something, like Senators Cruz & Hawley, or Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene under the bus in order to save their pathetic political lives. 

Then there are the ones who are blatant in their selfish attempts to gain power at all cost, like Nikki Haley -who everyone knows is desperate to be POTUS- when she banned the Confederate Flag from South Carolina, giving support to the Left’s lie that some sort of “white supremacy” movement was afoot, when there is none. Thinking she was protected by bubble she thought she had created, she then joined the anti-Trump side when it was no longer politically expedient for her to be on President Trump’s side. 

There’s also Gov. Larry Hogan, another who is desperately trying to become the leader of the GOP and its presidential candidate in 2024, an avowed Never Trumper, now condemning the “cult of Trump.” For those who don’t know, Gov. Hogan was just as bad in his handling of the COVID plandemic, guilty of the same extreme Draconian lockdowns in Maryland, as were the Democrat governors of surrounding states.  It has cost Marylanders and their businesses dearly, but he did it because he was just as desperate to get rid of President Trump as the Democrats were. When you hear of 8 yr olds committing suicide in Maryland because of the school lockdowns, you know things are not right. 

Then we have others like Sen. John Thune who today equated the backlash against the U.S. Senators who voted to convict President Trump to “cancel culture,” repeating what many on the Left have tried to argue. No, Sen. Thune, this is nothing at all like “cancel culture.” You see, “cancel culture” refers to someone who is NOT in politics, being punished for holding a political opinion that goes against the official propaganda, even if that political opinion has absolutely nothing to do with their line of work.  So, an actress or actor being fired for being a conservative is cancel culture. A product (say, like a pillow) being dropped by distributors and retailers in response to complaints against the company’s owner’s support of an American president, is also “cancel culture.” A politician being held accountable for his political views and/or policies by the voters is not:  that’s the American way and the very definition of what a representative form of government is. Sen. Thune should know better but, in order to save his neck and those of his buddies, he joins in the misinformation campaign from the Left. 

There are many more examples of how Republican leaders have betrayed not just their supporters, but the country.  Every single Republican who refers to the the January 6 Capitol rally-turned-riot as “an insurrection” comes to mind. I would never, ever, vote for someone who characterized those events as an insurrection. Then there’s the Republican legislatures around the country who didn’t stop the Democrats’ efforts to subvert voting laws and the integrity of the ballot box; they, too, should be held accountable for their inaction. I could go on, and on, but I think you get the point.

The thing is that, while you can fool some of the people all of the time, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. There is an ever growing number of us who can see right through the hypocrisy, the selfishness, and the condescension of so many of these elected leaders. We can see when they contemptuously look at the average American as nothing more than their ticket to wealth and power. We know when they are trying to fool us or to manipulate situations to their political advantage.  And we don’t need  the Propaganda Media to tell us what to think, what to believe or how to behave:  we can use our God-given brains and analytical skills all on our own.  

Enter Donald J. Trump, the biggest proponent of American exceptionalism and the greatest champion that we, as a people, have had in a very long time, perhaps ever. We didn’t just feel it, we saw it in his actions. While your average politician will rely on meaningless rhetoric that only the lame-brained will believe, President Trump meant what he said and proved it.  A fair and open-minded person can see his 4 years in office as a long list of promises made and promises kept.  He was elected on those promises and he never, ever, backed-down even as he was relentlessly attacked by the political Establishments on both sides. He didn’t care because he knew, as we knew, that he was working for us and not for them. 

As a result, everyone prospered in President Trump’s America, even his detractors.  In fact, I don’t know a single person who did worse during his time in office, at least until Democrat governors all around the nation purposely destroyed their states’ economies in an effort to defeat President Trump during the 2020 elections. Trump became the biggest threat that the elites and political Establishments in our country have ever faced.  He had our backs and we had his. The only way his opponents were able to “defeat” him, at least during this round, was by cheating, stealing, and lying their way to power.  

But we won’t forget.  We won’t forget what he did for us or what was done to him.  In just a few weeks since he had to step down, we can already see our country spiraling out of control at a dizzying speed that leaves the radicalness of the Obama administration in the dust. I talk about this in some of my other blogs. For now, it suffices to say that we, the millions of Americans who care about our country, our liberties, our families, our pursuit of happiness and, above all, our God & our Faith, are more aware of what is going on than ever before.  

We stand solidly behind President Trump not because of the man he is but because of what he represents (American exceptionalism) and who he represents (us). After all, I don’t know a single one of his supporters who is not fully aware of Donald Trump’s faults or shortcomings.  We are all very much aware that he is human and imperfect, just like we are, and just like the people that our Lord Jesus Christ chose to surround himself with were. We also know that Donald Trump is not the first (nor will be the last) great man in history to be accused of things he didn’t do and vilified for standing strong on his beliefs.  

There are many people who don’t understand this. Most likely, they are the Useful Idiots who never took the time to or who simply lack the perspective to understand who Donald Trump really is and what he stands for.  They attribute to him the labels and lies that were fed to them by their leaders and the Propaganda Media.  Many will repeat the same lies, like  mindless parrots, and accuse those of us who stand firmly behind President Trump as being part of a cult, as if we cared about what they think about us.

But it isn’t a cult:  it is an unwillingness to continue being a part of the problem.  We are tired of being maligned, censored, vilified, and lied to while our rights are rapidly being taken away. We have been inspired by President Trump to stand our ground and not to take the, er, crap that is thrown our way.  The wicked Democrats are aware of this, which is why they are so intent on destroying President Trump at all costs, as if by getting rid of him they are getting rid of all of us. The pitiful anti-Trump Republican leadership is fooling themselves thinking that we would ever support them. For many of us, knowing that a candidate is a “Never Trumper” is all we need to know about him/her. 

So it is incredibly amusing to see the Republican Leadership believe that they can ever win again without Trump or, at the very least, a Trump-like leader at its helm.  Our eyes have been opened and we can finally see the truth.  And, as Jesus said, “the truth will set you free.”  Even when the government threatens to take those freedoms away.  

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