The Sound of Democrat Silence

We often hear it said that if the Democrats didn’t have a double-standard, they would have no standards at all. This is just a nice way of saying that they are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and this past week, barely a month into the Biden Administration, we have seen Leftist hypocrisy on a daily basis and in the most egregious ways possible. And they seem to get away with it as even the loudest mouths on the Left, those who could not resist every possible condemnation of President Trump’s every action, now stand together, stunningly silent, behind their deceit.

One of the most glaring examples of the Left’s double-standard and hypocrisy this week had to do with the treatment of illegal immigrants, particularly the children, crossing our border illegally.  Among those Democrats who let the entire world know about their all consuming hatred toward President Trump, one of the most common complaints was that he put illegal children “in cages.”  

Oh, how they loved to complain about that one!  It never mattered to them that the practice that they maligned and exaggerated had been the continuation of practices under the Obama/Biden Administration.  Fact is, most of them didn’t even bother to verify the information and some even refused to believe it, even when confronted with the truth.  Nor did it matter that this was done for the children’s safety, as authorities tried to ensure that the children were accompanied by their rightful guardian, not someone in the human trafficking business:  they disparaged President Trump with the spite and hatred that is so characteristic of the Left.  

So imagine my surprise when the Left- with AOC being the sole exception- remained stunningly quiet about Biden doing THE EXACT SAME THING that the Trump Administration had done.  Same procedures in the same facilities.  Except that this time, instead of calling them “cages” they call them “facilities.” Yes, that’s how the Washington Post (the Jeff Bezos-owned propaganda medium) gleefully reported, parroting the propaganda given to it by the Administration. What’s more, now that the influx of illegals is beginning to explode again, instead of being housed in the nice facilities that President Trump had provided for them, they will be housed in “soft-sided facilities,” which is the fancy word that Leftists use to describe “tents.” Yeah, that’s better.

There’s also the Biden Administration-authorized strikes against Iran-backed forces in Syria on February 25.  The statement released by the Pentagon immediately after the fact stated that the strikes had been “defensive” in nature to prevent “future” conflicts. In other words, they were really offensive (by definition) and there were no stated reasons for the strikes.  The statement then changed the following day, after the Biden Administration realized the error in the messaging (translation: they were pressured by “progressives”) and it scrambled to find some reason to justify the attacks, citing some vague “attacks” against American facilities that no one had heard of before. 

Ironically, though not surprising, Joe Biden had been quite vocal in criticizing similar actions when taken by President Trump, even when those past actions had been in response to some stated event and arguably warranted.  His press secretary, Jen Psaki, had also been very outspoken in questioning the legality of such actions in the past, specifically when directed at a sovereign country like Syria.  Put simply, we are dealing with two almost identical sets of facts yet, when the Democrats are at the helm, their propaganda media will praise what it once condemned. I guess the question of sovereignty of another country and the legality of strikes is dependent on who the POTUS is, not international law. Furthermore, to my knowledge, there hasn’t been any questioning and/or harassment of Jen Psaki’s or Joe Biden’s shifting attitudes by anyone in the propaganda media.   

Incidentally, this wasn’t the only international affair in which the Biden Administration was caught with their pants down while most of the media looked the other way.  Earlier this week, the Biden Administration attempted to take credit for President Trump’s actions to scale back the development of the Nord Stream 2, which would have made Europe more dependent than ever on Russian energy.  Thankfully, that day a real journalist was present to take the State Department spokesman to task which he did, pointing out that this was an accomplishment of the Trump Administration, not Biden’s.  However, the rest of the propaganda media remained as quiet as ever except to praise the achievement as if it were Biden’s. 

Another instance of Leftist hypocrisy this week has been the “cancel culture” situation regarding the host of the television show “The Bachelor.”  Personally, I don’t watch the show- I find it to be crass and denigrating to the participants.  So for those of you not familiar with the show, it features a man looking for a love interest who must choose from a gaggle of women all doing their most desperate “best” to be chosen as the one true love.

This year, the show is featuring its first ever black Bachelor and among the wretched women hoping to be picked is a 24-yr old southern, white woman who is among the final 3 candidates.  Recently, pictures surfaced of this woman attending a college party that had an “Old South” theme, as well as instances where she had (gasp!) liked a post with a confederate flag. Since, according to the Left, a person’s culture is only okay if the Left deems it acceptable and since the Left alone gets to dictate what is to be considered racist and unacceptable, there was much uproar and outrage at this woman’s “racist” actions.  Again, we are talking about a white woman who is dating a black man, being deemed racist because she attended a party in college and because she gave a thumbs-up to a flag that many consider a part of their heritage and not a racist symbol. 

This, of course, is not where this story ends.  As the woman is still fighting to be the winner chosen by the black man, issuing mea culpas and verbally flogging herself for her past “actions,” the real victim of the situation has been the host of the show, since 2002, a man named Chris Harrison.  Harrison has now become the newest poster boy of racism and white supremacy  based on his remarks at an interview by the first-ever black “Bachelorette”  (yes, men can also denigrate themselves on TV to be chosen as a worthy partner).  So what were his remarks? 

This is, again, where we all need to have a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion,.  I haven’t heard Rachael speak on this yet. And until I actually hear this woman have a chance to speak, who am I to say any of this?”  

Yes, the white man dared to ask for grace and compassion when he should have been outraged and foaming at the mouth as he condemned the young woman. This is what constitutes racism in America today so Chris Harrison was forced to resigned from his job. He has been cancelled.  

The very essence of the American Left is oxymoronic (or just plain moronic) in nature, from their Antifa (a fascist organization that claims to be anti-fascist) to their Black Lives Matter (a black supremacy organization that pretends to be anti-racism) so few things about Democrats surprise me anymore. But the Left has taken it to new levels when a man asking for grace and compassion for others, who himself hasn’t uttered a single racist comment or shown any racist actions, is forced to step down from his job. Yet, an openly racist man like Governor Ralph Northam, who was shown in a picture wearing a KKK costume, whose nickname was literally “Coonman” (a person who hates black people) and who removed the picture of the black Lieutenant Governor running in his ticket from some of his campaign propaganda, is STILL the Governor of Virginia.  And, Mark Herring, Virginia’s Attorney General who also admitted to the use of blackface in the past is also still in office dispensing “justice.” Where is the Leftist outrage over these racists?  How come the Leftist Democrat mobs did not direct their “cancel culture” efforts against them?  Easy, they are all Democrats so their racism doesn’t count.

Speaking of governors, let’s round up our list of this week’s most ridiculous & hypocritical double-standards with the deafening silence surrounding New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo’s many misfeasances and malfeasances.  The very same people who were outraged by Donald Trump’s p***y comment from over 15 years ago and who virtually convicted Justice Brett Kavanaugh of alleged sexual harassment that only seemed to have existed inside the mind of a partisan hack who couldn’t remember any details of an alleged incident several decades ago (details that were disputed by every single witness present), are now the people who are glaringly ignoring the current, more credible non-partisan accusations against the Tony-award winner, Democrat darling.  

Just like they ignored Tara Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden.  Or the two rape accusations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax in Virginia.  After all, #metoo and women’s rights only matter when the target is someone other than a Democrat.  

Speaking of Governor Cuomo, again, how about the evidence that points to a cover-up by his administration to hide the fact that his orders caused the premature deaths of thousands of nursing home residents who died due to his incompetence and criminal negligence.  Mum’s the word from the Left. Not a peep out of those who would, on a daily basis, make the outrageous accusation that President Trump was somehow responsible for the supposed 400k COVID deaths during his presidency.  Then again, according to the latest numbers, 100k have supposedly died of COVID in the month since Biden has taken over.  Is Biden responsible for the 100k deaths (20% of all deaths), even though he was aided by the roll-out of Trump’s COVID vaccine?  Or is it that we are not counting anymore or apportioning blame because Democrats control every political branch of government?  Apparently so.

This, my friends, is the sound of Democrat silence and their stunning hypocrisy.

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