The Democrats’ War on Women

It is always very puzzling to me when women and minorities support the Democrat Party. Of course, I am fully aware that the Democrat rhetoric is everywhere and an integral part of our school indoctrination system, but how can these women, many of them educated, not see how actions speak so much louder than words? How can they buy into the lies and defend the party that is most hurting the female cause? Let’s look at a few examples.

There are the obvious cases.  I’m talking about the credible allegations of harassment, sometimes even rape, that the Democrats are all too willing to ignore making it clear that only “some” women are to be believed.  It isn’t just the Bill Clintons, Anthony Weiners, or Al Frankens of the party;  we are talking about the Andrew Cuomos, the Joe Bidens, and the Justin Fairfaxes of today’s Democrat Party.  These are all men who have been credibly accused by women of, at a minimum, creepy sexual harassment, or at most multiple rapes. The latest is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who several women have accused of sexual harassment.  What’s more, many in the party that deified Cuomo as a Democrat role model and even awarded him ridiculous awards for his performance in COVID press conferences, are now saying that they had witnessed the sexual harassment in the past.  Apparently, they just looked the other way until it was no longer possible to do so. Kind of like what happened with that other Democrat darling, Harvey Weinstein. 

More alarmingly, there are the allegations against Creepy Joe Biden, the Pretender-in-Chief, who everyone has seen touching women and children inappropriately and who was accused of actual rape by an accuser who was not even given the chance to speak out. In fact, when she was given the opportunity to speak out in interviews made abroad by the foreign press, the U.S. media banned and censored such interviews.  

Then, of course, we have the case of the Lt. Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax who was accused of rape by two different women. Again, the allegations were ignored and Fairfax continues to hold his position with absolutely no investigations and no repercussions.  The one common denominator that all of these accusers had is that they were all Democrat women making the claims, not the partisan hacks that have tried to bring allegations without any evidence and at the most opportune times against Republican public figures. This is an important distinction as the fact that they are Democrat women making claims against Democrat men negate the obvious ulterior political motives that were so obvious in other cases, such as the allegations against President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh.  In Kavanaugh’s case, for example, the alleged victim, Christine Blasey Ford, was a known Democrat who waited decades to make a claim and perfectly timed it with the Justice’s appointment hearing, providing no evidence, no clear recollection of the facts, and with every single witness discrediting her claims. And yet, the very same Democrats, such as Kamala Harris, who made quite the spectacle of outrage and indignation, have been conspicuously silent with all the allegations made against their Democrat brethren.

Yet, in my opinion, ignoring these potential victims and the chilling effect that it sends to potential victims of powerful Democrat is only a part of the Democrats’ war on women.  The other aspects are just as vile and potentially more dangerous.  

I’m talking about the message that the Democrat Party and the American Left is sending against strong, independent, and assertive women.  We saw it first with women like Governor Sarah Palin, a no-nonsense, frontier woman who was outspoken and willing to take on corruption in her own state.  I still remember the Left’s response, not just the mockery and lies, but even the public calls for Governor Palin to be gang-raped.  It wasn’t just disgusting:  it was plainly evil.  Today, we are seeing similar attacks against other strong women, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert, both women who proudly stand for what they believe and for our country even while being relentlessly attacked by the Left.  You see, the Left doesn’t want tough women willing to stand up against powerful interests, they want weak and pathetic women like Ursinus College professor Johanna Mellis who is seeking to cancel ESPN College Basketball analyst Dan Dakich because she felt “violated” by his use of the word “bitching.”  This is not a joke.  Her actual statement was “[t]hrough his use of the b-word and the way he sexualized my clear reference to racing in the pool, he debased and violated me according to my identity over the public airwaves for all to hear.” 

Can you imagine being so feeble and fragile that you feel violated, not by an actual act of violence or vile attacks against you, but by the use of a word as commonly used as “bitching”?  She is an embarrassment to women everywhere and a stain on the teaching community. Is it any wonder why kids today (including the ones in their 20’s and their 30’s) feel victimized and offended by just about everything?  

Or how about the case of actress Gina Carano, who recently got canceled by Disney and its Star Wars production company over the fact that she dared to have an opinion contrary to the allowed propaganda narrative and (gasp!) made that opinion public in a Tweet?  She was rightly comparing the Left’s tactics of censoring and blacklisting of people with opposing view points to those that were used by the Nazis to censor and blacklist people that didn’t agree with their ideology.  Perhaps she hit a nerve;  perhaps her words were too close to reality.  Whatever the reason, she was canceled and summarily fired from her job without even the courtesy of a call, much less the opportunity to hear her side of the story.  Ironically, Gina Carano proved that her Tweet was accurate, as the Left used the exact same Nazi tactics that she was alluding to.  

But Gina Carano didn’t just prove that she was right and they were wrong in her assessment of the Left. She also unmasked the Leftist hypocrisy about “Girl Power,’ where Democrat women pretend to support strong women.  Gina Carano is a former MMA fighter and a woman who refuses to be silenced; in other words, she is truly a strong woman, not just one who plays one on TV.  She is most certainly not your average Hollywood actress who tend to be physically frail and anemic-looking, strong only by means of special effects and who likely got their roles due to their performances in acting couches rather than real-life strength.  Then again, isn’t that what the Democrat Party likes as well?  Just look at who they picked as woman for Vice-President of the United States.  Kamala Harris was not chosen for any great achievements or even her performance on the primaries (where she didn’t get a single vote) but by her physical characteristics and the titles she attained by sleeping around with the then San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown who was a married man. No, Democrats don’t like women like Palin, Greene, Boebert, or Carano who make it on their own achievements, they like women like Harris and Hillary Clinton who make it big by riding a man’s coattails. 

What’s more, the American Left, is making sure that women are not even allowed to show strength as girls. Instead, they are actively engaged in eliminating the opportunities in sports that girls have had in the past, and giving them to mentally unstable (or opportunistic) males instead.  Thanks to the efforts of Democrats, including Joe Biden, girls are being summarily displaced by “transgender” girls with penises in sports like wrestling, track, basketball and others. 

In fact, Joe Biden has made it one of his priorities to put the desires of a handful of transgender biological males ahead of that of thousands of young girls who have spent years training in their sports and getting ready for their high school championships.  I can only imagine the heartbreak and frustration that these girls, who have had to work so hard for their accomplishments, must feel seeing a biological man come in and steal their dreams.  Or worse, to see those on the Left not only cheer but shame them for not enthusiastically supporting these men taking from them what should have belonged to them.  

And it is very clear that you will be shamed and ostracized if you don’t bow down to the Left’s effort to destroy society as we know it. People who hear voices in their heads are said to have a mental disorder (schizophrenia). Those who are skinny but see themselves as fat so they starve themselves are told that they have anorexia, another mental disorder. Yet a person who decides they are not the gender they were born with is normal for wanting to change their God-given gender? What is more, they will be rewarded for making such a decision. Take the example of  Dr. Rachel Levine  who was selected as Assistant Secretary of Health by Biden, not because of his achievements, but because he is a man who dresses up as a woman and that is considered “brave” in our society. Dr. Levine was an absolute failure as Director of Health in Pennsylvania. Like Cuomo in NY and a few others, she directed nursing homes to accept COVID patients thus infecting otherwise healthy residents. But he went a step further: he took his own mother out of the nursing home she was in the night before the PA enacted the murderous edict. Sounds like he knew that the order would cause the premature death of thousands of innocent people. That’s not just incompetence, that’s criminal.  But, Rachel Levine is a novelty and will be rewarded for his mental disorder. And everyone who disagrees or disparages him will be canceled.  

This situation has been coming for a while.  Back in 2012-13, we had the story of another “transgender” named Gabrielle Ludwig. Ludwig was born a biological man, 6’6 tall, 230 lbs, a Navy vet, who had been married twice, had a kid, and who, in his late 40’s, decided he was really a woman,  And so, at the tender age of 50, he became a member of the Mission College’s women’s basketball team in California. The media loved it, with USA Today and ESPN writing glowing articles on this man’s “courage” as well as his victimhood because opposing teams didn’t like that this giant tattooed man was towering and pounding on their girls.  Ludwig led his team in scoring and the entire state in rebounds, yet the articles attempted to claim that he didn’t really have an unfair advantage over the other girls. Naturally, the articles- like the propaganda piece Snopes wrote on this- went on to shame and vilify anyone who doesn’t accept Ludwig’s situation as normal or, even worse, heroic.

Feminism has become the idolatry of those who pretend to be women if they are not, ironically putting men ahead of women. The message is that the best woman for the job is a man. And if you don’t accept that, you will be attacked. The Left has no problem shaming women who stay at home to raise a family and will speak of breaking through a “glass ceiling” but only so long as the glass is broken through Leftist subserviency.  And they will dress up as vaginas or put on their pussy hats to pretend they are fighting for “women’s rights” only to allow a man with a penis and a wig to take their place or that of their daughters. 

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  1. Excellent, excellent post!! They can dress up, and cut off body parts, but they still can’t change that XY to XX. All the advances we made in Women’s sports have been set back 60 years by Joe Biden’s new equality act. Boo.


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