Will Americans Ever Wake-up?

What, exactly, will it take for the millions of Americans still in a fog of Democrat haze to finally wake-up to the reality that is destroying our country?  Are some people truly so pig-headed that they will only realize that their freedoms are gone if they are in literal shackles? How can they not see that they are nothing more than pawns in a system designed to benefit the ruling elites, getting richer and more powerful than any other group of humans in the history of mankind?

The same people who called President Trump a Nazi for no other reason other than the “mean” way he Tweeted in, are now supporting everything that made the Nazi regime as powerful as it became. I am not just talking about the more nuanced tactics, such as vilifying a large segment of people (Nazis= Jewish people; Democrats= white people) as being responsible for the misery of others (Nazis= white Germans; Democrats= black people) while making sure that all the media and businesses interests are onboard and support the propaganda.  

I am talking about the ways the Democrats openly mimic not just Nazis but just about every other totalitarian regime in history, and yet their followers can’t see it. Such as censorship.  We see it everywhere in media, social media, government, schools and institutions of higher “learning.” Now that such a large percentage of our books are mostly available on the internet, Amazon, Ebay, and other companies efforts to ban books as innocuous as Dr. Seuss, are the equivalent of the book burning pyres that characterized totalitarian regimes.  Does it really matter if it is the government doing it or, as in this case, its agents?

Speaking of book bans, have you ever stopped to think about why books such as Dr. Seuss are being banned?  Did anyone really ever think “racism” or “this book is oppressing me” when reading it as a child?  The news articles are very vague on the “offensive” books but I can tell you that one of the phrases that was found to be “hurtful and wrong” was: “…A Chinese man Who eats with sticks…” Chinese people, like most other Asians, DO eat with sticks.  And they do so proudly.  So why should we be offended or hurt by this? Aren’t the people making the claims that certain cultural traits should be offensive the true racists?  But stirring up anger and confusion while promoting division is one of the best known tactics of Democrats. Divided we fall. 

In a similar vein, we have the Democrats’ exploitation of healthcare and poverty.  One of the tools that the Nazis (like the Russians & the Cubans) used in unifying people under their banner of hate was the need for healthcare, particularly at a time when so many people didn’t have it.  I’ve read the testimonies of Germans who lived through the Holocaust who were attracted to the regime because of their promise to provide healthcare and lift millions of Germans, still impoverished from WWI, out of mere subsistence and into prosperity.

Which brings an interesting point:  like Democrats using the excuse of slavery and reparations to stir up the black community, the Nazis used the vestiges of WWI to unite Germans against the rest of the world. The Grievance Industry has been around for much longer than we thought. 

Of course, we can’t talk about the similarities between the Democrats and the totalitarian regimes of the world, without talking about gun control.  We know our right to bear arms is firmly spelled out in the Constitution. We also know that gun control simply doesn’t work.  As we watch the news daily we see the most restrictives places (like Chicago, DC, & NYC) experience a ballooning in crimes where a firearm was used.  Only an idiot would believe that gun laws would be followed by criminals who are, by definition, breaking laws. Serial killers, drug cartels, and those committing crimes of passion do not pause to think whether the weapons they are using are legal or not. Even the dumbest of politicians must know this. The reason for gun control has nothing to do with school or mall shootings, and everything to do with a government that wants to ensure that there is absolutely no resistance to whatever measures it seeks to enforce.  

Like when they seek to restrict your freedoms, as was the case of the  COVID lockdowns. Democrats have already repeatedly admitted that the COVID plandemic lockdowns were mostly meant to control the election and defeat President Donald Trump. The Time Magazine article below shows how.  Anita Dunn, a key adviser to Joe Biden even called it the “best thing that ever happened.”  The fear promoted by the Democrat Governors and their Draconian lockdowns, fueled by the misdirections from Dr. Fauci, (who seemingly changes directives and opinions more often than he changes his underwear) was all the Democrats needed to establish and promote the massive fraud that the “mail-in ballots” proved to be. Just because Democrat leaders unlawfully passed directives to allow ballots without signatures, dates, or even proof of life or citizenship doesn’t make them any less fraudulent- that is the very definition of corruption.  And like most every tyrannical figure in history, they hide behind an excuse, whether it is national pride, redistribution of wealth, or in this case, the fight against the fictitious “voter suppression.” 

But the lockdowns were not just about the elections and getting the meanie out of the White House:  they were the jackpot of Leftist causes. 

Like the war against religion, where we saw pastors being arrested for exercising our 1st Amendment rights of freedom speech, of assembly and to worship.  In some states, churches were closed down while casinos were allowed to operate.  People were even arrested for praying in assemblies outside, where there is absolutely no evidence of contagion.  

Or the war against social institutions like marriage and economic freedom.  Here in Virginia, for example, weddings are still not allowed to take place but concerts with up to 1,000 people are.  Nationwide, small business owners have been forced to close down while the big corporations like Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger are allowed to fully operate and extend their monopolies. Not coincidentally, those very companies are the very same ones who funded the Biden campaign (along with Big Tech, Big Pharma, & Wall Street) and are also the ones now enforcing the totalitarian measures I mentioned above. 

Then we have the way children are being systematically broken down by indoctrination centers who have stopped teaching them to be rational beings and instead is turning them into activist drones to enforce the nonsensical measures of the Left. They don’t want the kids to think, to succeed, or to be independent;  they want the children to grow up as mere enforcers of the propaganda and dependent on government. They want to make sure the children grow-up as victims, easily offended, and relying on government to take care of them.  That is why we have the school closures. For those in power it doesn’t really matter: indoctrinating children can be as easily achieved via a computer screen as in person. The data is unambiguous when it comes to this:  school closures are disparately affecting the poor more than the rich who can always send their children to private schools, like the school union president in San Francisco who has been tirelessly fighting to keep schools closed while his own children go to an in-person private school.  And it isn’t just in San Francisco- one of the board members of a public school district in Maryland proudly voted to keep the public school closed while her own daughter attended a private school nearby. Those in power will still get their children educated while the poor will languish in ignorance.

Of course, the school degradation and indoctrination have been happening long before the COVID plandemic offered the unique opportunity to shut down society.  Just yesterday, there was a story in the news about a senior in a Baltimore school who was near the top half of his class with a .13 GPA.  No, that’s not a typo:  the boy had only passed 3 classes in his 4 years of high school.  That means that half of the class had an even lower GPA. Yet, according to Niche, this school ranks #105 of 222 among the “Best Public High School Teachers in Maryland.”  Can you imagine bestowing such a title on the teachers of a school with 12% proficiency in reading? This is an absolute travesty. Yet that’s what happens in Democrat-controlled cities. 

In case you were wondering, the Congressman for this school district is none other that Kweisi Mfume, the former head of the NAACP, who got the seat back upon the death of the exalted Congressman Elijah Cummings.  Cummings spent 13 years in the Maryland House of Delegates before spending another 23 in Congress, eventually becoming the chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee before passing away in 2019. Mr. Cummings himself was elected to his congressional seat after Mr. Mfume left Congress in 1996 to head the NAACP, a post he left in disgrace after sexual harassment accusations were made against him. His reward?  The return to his old congressional seat. That means that those two held that seat in Congress for a combined 33 years (and counting) something we see all over Democrat-held districts. Both men came from humble beginnings and both became millionaires off of their political careers, exploiting the Grievance Industry, accusing others of racism while themselves doing nothing for the black community beyond victimizing them. They both prospered while their communities continue to waste away. 

This is endemic of Democrat-run cities all around the country.  You would think the people would finally wake-up and vote them out into the curb but such is the power of indoctrination and propaganda that the people continue to vote for the same people who keep them down. It’s a formula that has worked perfectly for the Democrats so why on Earth would they ever change it? 

So we get back to the original question: when will the rest of the American people finally wake-up?  For some, the answer may be “never,” as they are already far too consumed by hate or too stubborn to ever admit that they have been played and used, that what they believed in is nothing more than a manipulation by powerful interests.  But I sincerely hope that the rest not only wake-up but fight for what is right, which is also what made this nation great:  the principles that have inspired millions of people over the long years of our history to leave everything behind and risk their lives to come to our shores. Those are also the very principles that are currently under attack every single day by the Left.  The loss of those rights and principles will spell certain doom to our country and to the generations of Americans that will come after us.  Time to wake-up! 

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