The Left Makes a Mockery of Racism

Discussions about race and racism should be a serious matter.  Personally, I don’t believe we live in a racist country and that, to the extent that there is racism in this country, it is being promoted by the Democrats and other Leftist forces in this country that thrive on chaos and division.  Democrats want a race war because they believe that is one battle they can control and win. They also don’t give a damn about the human casualties that are those who get affected by deteriorating race relations. 

After a week when we saw the Left’s ridiculous claims about Dr. Seuss’ racist and “hurtful stereotypes,” this week started on a similar note. Today, there were at least two stories that show the mockery that the Left has made out of race relations.  The first one was the yesterday’s Oprah Winfrey interview of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. Full disclaim: I did not watch the interview.  But I did read a few of the interviews, when I saw this headline:

Apparently, the red-headed literal prince, whose skin is about as white as it comes, claims that his then-newborn son (whose skin is even whiter than his dad’s) was subjected to racism. Yup, according to white Prince Harry, racism is everywhere. 

The whole interview seemed like a poorly written farce where a billionaire black woman (Oprah Winfrey) interviews the prince and his Hollywood actress wife (shown wearing a $5k dress) in what may or may not have been the neighborhood where their $14 million dollar home sits, in a tell-all “bombshell” about how they, too, have been the victims of racism. Give me a break! 

Even if you are talking about Winfrey, whose rise to fame and riches is truly a remarkable tale, the story should be about how lucky a woman like her is to live in a country that afforded her the opportunity to rise to where she is.  No other country in the world affords its citizens such opportunities.  And no other western country, at least in modern times, has had a black head of state, as the US had.  Not any country in Europe and not even the woke Canadians.  Yet, it is our country, which has had not just a black (or at least half-black) president, but several attorneys general, senators, governors and way too many millionaires to count, which is vilified and accused of being a racist country.  Or worse, a “white supremacist” country.  

Meanwhile, skin color continues to be used as the sole criterion for positions of importance in our country showing that if this country is indeed racist, it is in the exact opposite way that Democrats try to portray.  That was the case of Kamala Harris whose Indian-turned-black race was, along with her genitalia, were the only criteria needed for her to be selected as Biden’s running mate.

Then there was this piece of news today that was overshadowed by both the Markle revenge-fest  and the Cuomo massive mess:  in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam endorsed a young and unknown delegate from Norfolk, Virginia for the position of Attorney General of the state over the Democrat incumbent, Mark Herring.  The article is posted below.

So what’s newsworthy about this endorsement?  Well, let’s set the stage:  Gov. Northam is the disgraceful governor of the commonwealth known nationwide for two reasons: 1.) arguing that abortion should be available POST-birth (infanticide), and 2.) his college yearbook picture showing him wearing a KKK robe alongside a person with blackface.  

After originally apologizing for the picture, he later retracted his apology saying that he couldn’t remember whether that was him or not.  To me, this sounds an awful lot like an admission that he was the man in the robe, the one that would be nearly impossible to identify because, well, he has a sheet over his face.  In addition to the offensive depiction of a KKK clansman, the yearbook revealed that Northam’s nickname in college was “Coonman,” which means “a person who hates black people with a passion.” (  These were not the only allegations of real racism against Northam through out his career or his campaign, but I would think that these would be serious enough to have him removed. But in a Democrat-controlled state, where the Attorney General (who was also accused of using blackface) is a Democrat, nothing happened.  

At most, a few people made some noise and softly “demanded” (meaning, they “asked” knowing nothing would really happen) that Gov. Northam step down.  One of those people was a newly-elected delegate from Norfolk named Jay Jones, who happens to be black.  Now, the 31-year old who has served in the legislature for a total of 2 years, has decided to run for Attorney General.  Did I mentioned that he graduated from law school in 2015?  This means that this young man, with hardly any experience and recently graduated from law school, a man who most of us would not hire to represent us even in traffic court, is now running to be the top lawyer in the entire commonwealth.  Clearly, experience or wisdom is not necessary: all that matters is that his skin is black.

Which brings me back to the Northam endorsement.  Aside from the apparent bad blood between Northam and the current Democrat Attorney General, who Jones will be facing in the primary, why would Northam endorse an unknown nobody for such a powerful position?  Because Jones has sold him absolution for the price of an endorsement, which Northam can then use as a get-out-of-jail-free card the next time he runs for office. Northam’s endorsement, true to Democrat vomitus, said this: 

“He (Jones) has been my partner as we have worked to change our commonwealth. He also understands the deep scars of racism and will represent the diversity of our commonwealth.”

Really?  A man who has attended the best universities in the state, who was elected to state office while in his 20’s, and who will be running for Attorney General of the commonwealth understands the “deep scars” of racism better than the rest of us?  

But the nauseating superlative rhetoric didn’t stop there.  Delegate Jones reciprocated by issuing a mea culpa for signing on to the statement of condemnation that the Virginia Black Caucus had issued surrounding Northam’s racist incidents.  But he didn’t stop there: he called Northam “the most consequential governor in the history of this commonwealth.”

Yes, he said that.  And while it is perfectly possible that he meant “consequential” in the way that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were “consequential,” I’m fairly certain that is not how he meant it. 

Instead, he really did mean to say that Coonman Ralph Northam, of infanticide and KKK fame, is better than every other governor in the storied 245 year history of the Commonwealth of Virginia who counts among its governors men such as Patrick Henry; Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe & John Tyler; and even Douglas Wilder, the first African-American ever governor in the history of our country.  Yes, Coonman Northam is better, or at least “more consequential” than all of them.

I wish I could just laugh about all this as if it were some bad nightmare that we can wake from at any moment.  Instead, this is the sad reality that our country has become and the mockery that the Democrats have made out of racism.

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