Joe, the PINO

We can call Joe Biden many things:  Creepy Joe, Sleepy Joe, Pedo Joe, and the Pretender-in-Chief, among others. One thing that I will never call him is “President of the United States.” At best, he is a PINO, a “President-in-Name-Only.”

I may have disliked President Barack Obama and most of his policies, but I still acknowledged that he was a duly-elected POTUS. Not only was the enthusiasm for Obama clearly evident everywhere you went, but both of his opponents, John McCain and Mitt Romney, were weak and unpopular within the Republican base  They both lost because they were disliked by a good percentage of the base while going against a guy whose skin color and good looks gave his base tingles up their legs.  

In the case of the 2020 election, the party roles were reversed.  Joe Biden faced President Donald Trump, a president who was not only successful, but also incredibly well-loved by the base and who had just made the country the safest, most prosperous, and most independent the USA had been perhaps in history.  President Trump enjoyed the level of “Obama enthusiasm” on steroids. 

But it isn’t just that he faced a truly magnificent opponent. Biden is a barely-liked career politician who never even came close to winning any of the other times he ran for the presidency.  He has done nothing for the American people and his only accomplishment in life is self-promotion, making himself and those around him rich beyond merit.  Joe Biden is so bad that even President Obama, whom he served under, refused to endorse him in the primary and would only come out in favor of Biden when it was absolutely necessary and expected of him to do so.

In order to chose him as their candidate, Democrats had to bury every allegation of rape, unethical behavior, plagiarism, and the blatant lies he told about everything from his life accomplishments to the death of his first wife.  The guy is the very definition of a corrupt politician and a loser. 

In order to “win” the position so coveted by the elites (and his thoughtless wife), they had to exploit the COVID pandemic by promoting fear, destroying the strong economy built by President Trump, and putting in place a scheme of invalid, unsupervised, and conveniently placed “mail-in ballots” with unverified provenance.

In the end, President Trump got 74 million votes, 12 million more than he got in the 2016 election.  The fact that his support actually grew by almost 20% is not just proof of his growing popularity:  it also means that a sizable amount of people who did not vote for him in 2016 (like me) changed their votes to support him in 2020.  Those votes did not materialize out of thin air; many of those votes must have come from people who switched their votes from Democrat to President Trump. Anecdotally, I know several people who fall in that category, while I don’t know a single person who voted for Trump in 2016 and who switched their vote to Biden in 2020. Not a single one.

But that is not what the Democrats and their propaganda media will have you believe. While Barack Obama was elected with 69 million votes in an election that featured a 62% voter turnout, making it the highest voter turnout in 40 years, we are to believe that the enthusiasm for Joe Biden was so colossal that it absolutely SHATTERED the enthusiasm for Obama, with a 74% voter turnout that gave him more than 80 million votes.  It was the highest voter turnout in well over 100 years!

Who would have thought that a man as insipid, corrupt and creepy as Biden, who stayed in a basement during the entirety of his campaign making only occasional online appearances that showed him to be a babbling fool with obvious cognitive deficiencies, at a time when the country is hunkering down out of fear, with voting polls restricted by a myriad of COVID-related restrictions, and with voting ballots that relied on the postal service and many of them never even delivered, would have inspired a record number of Americans to vote for him? Few children stories are more fantastical than this one.  

This is why I refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden as President of the United States:  the tale of the numbers, the facts of the campaign, the voting irregularities, combined with the psychology of the nation and the election cycle itself just do not add up.  

However, now there’s more concrete reasons not to refer to Biden as the POTUS.  The man hasn’t even addressed the nation, apparently suspending the State of the Union Address indefinitely.  The address, which is usually given at the beginning of the calendar year (we are now in mid-March) is not just a courtesy to the American People, but a Constitutional requirement under Article 2 Section 3 Clause 1 of the United States Constitution which states that the President must periodically “give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” In other words, he must not just inform Congress (and us) about what is going on, he must give direction to the Congress as to matters he considers to be priorities for our nation.  At a time when our country is still reeling from the Draconian lockdown measures, when small businesses are failing, schools are still closed, and the mental health of millions of Americans, specially our children, are still suffering, Joe Biden remains silent, presumably hiding in the White House basement.  

And it isn’t that he is just silent. He is also being silenced.  While Biden has yet to hold ANY formal press conferences (while still claiming that his Administration will be “transparent”) he recently held a virtual event with other Democrat lawmakers regarding the disgraceful COVID “relief” package. At the end of said event, and likely out of habit, Biden said “I’d be happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance,” Biden told the (Speaker Nancy Pelosi). “Whatever you want me to do.”

And the feed was abruptly cut by the White House. 

The supposed President of the United States was not just silenced, he wasn’t even sure if he was supposed to speak or not.  How is this even possible? This isn’t just a monumental embarrassment to our nation, how can this man be negotiating treaties and dealing with other heads of states?  

The answer is that he isn’t.  Instead, we are starting to find out (though not from the propaganda media) that Kamala Harris, a woman with absolutely no experience in international affairs and whose most successful negotiating tactics have been either between the sheets or on her knees, is now the one taking the calls from other heads of state on behalf of Joe Biden, who is apparently too senile and cognitively impaired to take them.  She has already been in conversations with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, Australian PM Scott Morrison, and the Norwegian Prime Minister Ema Solberg. This is not surprising: Kamala Harris was the person that the elites wanted at the helm in the first place. It wasn’t until it was abundantly clear that the voters, even the Democrat primary voters, didn’t want her, that the elites had to go to plan B: put the frail, old white guy at the top and push him to choose Harris as his VP candidate. They knew what we all know: it is only a matter of (very little) time until Biden is gone and Harris is at the top, officially. When Kamala Harris’s husband embarrassingly introduced himself at a Biden rally as “married to the next President of the United States,” (see clip below) it was not a mistake. They all know that Biden is not in control.

So there you have it: my refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden as president may have started as symbolic, but it is turning out to be factual.  Joe Biden is not the POTUS.  There is not one president but a cabal of Deep State Leftist elites all vying for power in the leadership vacuum that currently exists.  This is why we have a ticking bomb at the border.  This is why there is no clear message on COVID or what will happen going forward.  This is why so many schools are still closed.  This is why small businesses are permanently closing down.  This is why the cases of suicides and overdoses continue to skyrocket. 

Democrats and their Leftist cronies don’t care about any of this:  they just care that they won and are back in power, thanks to the sputtering senile fool that they have put in place, elected by the equally foolish people and the ghosts who allegedly cast their ballots for him.  Thankfully for all of them, the propaganda media will be there to cover it all up.  Harry & Meghan anyone? 

This is why Joe Biden is not the POTUS but only a PINO: a President in Name Only. 

May God help us and take mercy on our country.

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