Leadership by Low Expectations

When the senile and frail looking Joe Biden made his “proof of life” appearance by reading off a teleprompter last week to celebrate, I mean, commemorate the one-year anniversary of the COVID pandemic, there were a few noteworthy things to point out.  For one, we don’t know if the message was live or prerecorded but we do know that he took absolutely no questions thus extending the period of silence and no accountability for well over 50 days, the longest in the history of the modern presidency. This is particularly concerning given that we are not only living through some unprecedented times but that there is no excuse for not getting in front of the modern mediums of communications to address the people of the United States and take questions from reporters which, in his case, are very friendly to his cause. 

Instead, during his depressing, monotone, teleprompter read he mumbled a few words from time to time making it almost intelligible, but didn’t have any of the major gaffes that he is prone to make.  After attempting to take credit for the Trump vaccine, never once thanking or even acknowledging the accomplishments of his predecessor as he asks for “unity,” he then delivered the key part of his message:  if Americans obey and do as they are told, they may be able to gather with a few people for the 4th of July “celebrations.” His press secretary hurriedly corrected that this doesn’t mean a return to “normalcy” but that it would simply be a small respite for obedient Americans. And as we all know from experience, the government can change its mind at a moments’ notice.

Those of us who realized a long ago that the reaction to this virus was mostly political and that a tyrannical government is not going to be telling us what we can or cannot do in our free time, laughed at the babbling fool’s words.  While others have been cowering in fear, most of us have been living our lives to the fullest, not waiting for the government’s permission to do so. 

Those on the Left, on the other hand, nodded meekly, thanking their gods of government and bureaucracy for the slimmer of hope that Comrade Biden offered. Some of them have not seen their families in over a year due to their fears. In fact, I know of a few youngish, healthy adults who have not left their homes AT ALL since the lockdowns began.  Talk about crazy! 

Then there was the propaganda media, which immediately went to bat for the Pretender-in-Chief.  They don’t dare to criticize him for not holding any press conferences or even a State of the Union Address, even when Biden and his handlers promised “transparency.” They don’t question if there’s any science behind Biden’s remarks. Actually, they don’t question anything at all but instead, praise Biden for not making any major gaffes during his speech, extra thankful that there was no need for a Silver Alert of a Biden wandering off the stage. The Bloomberg propaganda even went a step further in a desperate attempt at appearing ‘journalistic,” stating that the success of the “Biden Presidency” hinges on the “gamble” that it may be able to “sign-up” Americans for the vaccine by May 1 so that they may be able to gather in small groups by July 4th. Please note the language:  it doesn’t say that Americans will HAVE the vaccine by May 1st but that they would be SIGNED-UP to take it sometimes in the future.  Biden himself said as much when he said: “Let me be clear, that doesn’t mean that everyone’s gonna have that shot immediately but it means you (sic) be able to stand in line beginning May 1.” Could the expectations of this Administration be any lower?

For contrast, let’s look at President Donald Trump and his presidency. When then-candidate Trump said that he intended to bring back to the US manufacturing jobs, Obama mocked him, saying that it was impossible to do so and only someone with a “magic wand” could do it.  President Trump did, without the need of a magic wand, making our response to COVID less catastrophic than it would have been had we been relying on crumbs from China for equipment, therapeutics and vaccines. 

When there was a perceived need for respirators, President Trump rolled up his sleeves and made sure we had enough respirators to have a surplus and give to other countries. Interestingly, the second we had the respirators on hand, the need for them stopped and thousands of respirators are now stored in warehouses around the country.  

When the fear became that we wouldn’t have enough hospital beds, President Trump ordered that additional centers, from the Navy hospital ships to large convention centers like the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC be retrofitted to take in COVID patients.  Funny thing, the second his Administration achieved this, no state, not even NY really needed them after all.

When the perceived answer for the virus became the availability of non-existent vaccines, President Trump cut through the bureacratic tape to speed up the research and development of not one, not two, but three vaccines in record time.  When President Trump promised that he would do this, the press and the bureaucratic class incessantly mocked him, saying that it could never be done.  Once the vaccines were found, the Left began to whine that millions of them could not be simultaneously made. 

In fact, as low as the expectations of Biden and just about every Democrat are, the expectations of President Trump seem impossible to meet. Some of us used to joke that Donald Trump could have personally found the cure for cancer and those on the Left would have criticized him for taking too long. 

When Trump turned around the stagnant Obama economy, with real growth for the middle class and the lowest unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, and women in history, the Left still whined and criticized.  It was that booming Trump economy that made the impact of the Draconian lockdown measures by Democrat governor lesser than it would have otherwise been.

When Trump became the first President in modern history not to get our country into a new international conflict and, instead, achieved historic peace agreements, the Left still whined and criticized. 

When Trump made the US energy-independent ending the reliance on foreign oil and bringing the lowest gas prices we have seen in years, the Left still whined and criticized.  

When Trump accomplished the long-promised prison reform that others, including Obama, had talked about but never tackled, the Left still whined and criticized.  

When Trump brought law and order to our southern border which was a bona fide mess under Obama (and now again under Biden), the Left still whined and criticized.  We could go on and on.  

In sum, the expectations of President Trump were sky-high, some allegedly impossible to attain, yet when he made them a reality he was mocked, criticized, and ridiculed. What’s more, he was vilified and accused of causing the deaths of every single person who died of COVID, whether directly or indirectly.  Incidentally, have you noticed how Biden has not been held responsible for all the deaths that have already occurred under his watch, even though he moved into the White House with millions of vaccines already in distribution? I would be willing to bet that the deaths under Biden could be quadruple those under Trump, yet Biden would never be made accountable.  Ever.

Instead, all Biden has to do is walk across a stage without falling down and that is considered by the Left to be a great accomplishment.  And it isn’t just about Biden:  this is how Democrats treat all their politicians.  Democrat governors were known for destroying their economies and having higher death rates than Republican-led states but since those governors were making Trump look bad, the Left looked the other way.  

Democrat-run cities have the highest crime rates, but so long as their mayors are saying the politically-correct statements that are expected of them, the Left will look the other way.  

The Democrat Party is the party of the ultra-rich and the multi-billionaires, but so long as those magnates pretend to be woke, the Left will look the other way.  

And while the overwhelming majority of Democrat politicians can’t even meet the ridiculously low expectations their voters have of them, so long as they are saying the right things and have that “D” following their names all will be forgiven and the Left will look the other way.  

Is it any surprise that Democrat cities are always the most poorly-run in the nation?  Personally, I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t because Democrat voters will flee those states only to move to the greener pastures of red states bringing with them the same voting patterns and eventually ruining the places they move to.  Stupid is as stupid votes. 

So why the low expectations, particularly when these people will be directly affected by the poor performance of those they elect?  Who knows?  I stopped trying to make sense out of Democrats’ behaviors a lot time ago but I can venture a few guesses.  

Maybe misery loves company and they want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.  Maybe by pretending that they care for others when they clearly don’t (actions speak louder than words) they think they are fooling others.  Maybe deplorable conditions afford them the excuses they need to rationalize the fact that their own lives are a mess. Or maybe most of these people feel better about themselves when they see people around them that are even more miserable than they themselves are. Then again, maybe there is no rhyme or reason, just reactions by indoctrinated brains.

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