The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Are most Americans paying attention to the real news? Did most people notice the monumental piece of news regarding all of the propaganda media’s “correction” this week regarding President Trump’s conversation with Georgia officials regarding election fraud?  Or are most people too enthralled and distracted by the Grammys, Meghan & Harry’s incessant whining, or the lastest celeb’s cancellation?  Perhaps they are daydreaming about the COVID vaccine as if that poorly researched and unnecessary injection will magically bring our country back from the dark abyss it has fallen into.

In case you missed it, this is what happened:  on Monday, March 15, 2021, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, CNN, ABC News, NBC News all issued corrections to stories they had all published regarding President Trump’s conversation with Georgia officials amid allegations of voter fraud in that state.  As you may recall, those media outlets reported that an “anonymous source familiar with the call” (which usually refers to someone actually on the call) had leaked supposed quotes about the phone call which portrayed President Trump as threatening the Georgia officials to “find the fraud,” as well as exerting undue pressure on Georgia’s officials  (and possibly encouraging fraud) by telling one of them that she would be a “national hero” if she found it.  Except that is not what happened at all and the quotes were mere fabrications.  (see link below)

Obviously, the first critical problem is that virtually ALL of the mainstream, propaganda media ran the story, not even thinking twice about verifying the sources or the call.  The call was in fact recorded, which is why we know the truth now, but the media didn’t even asked about the recordings nor listened to the actual call.  In fact, they never even bothered to verify whether their “source” was even privy to the conversation, which she was not. 

This is not an inconsequential story:  this story is the very reason the Democrats in Congress followed through on a 2nd impeachment of Donald Trump. Just like the Russia Collusion hoax or the perfectly legal call to the Ukrainian president, Democrats again based their impeachments on lies and distorted facts that they never even bothered to verify.

Even when the truth finally comes out (it almost always does), Democrats don’t ever acknowledge their mistakes because they simply don’t care about the truth. The damage is already done and I’m willing to bet that the only reason the propaganda media finally came clean with their weak mea culpas about their sloppiness and lack of journalistic integrity is to cover their behinds. Will these propaganda outlets ever be held accountable? In a free society, they would have been;  but we no longer live in a free society.  Journalism is dead in America. 

Another case in point:  just about everything that happened in Georgia has been misreported or hidden.  In the past couple of years, since the election of Brad Raffensperger to the position of Georgia Secretary of State, Georgia has quickly risen to become one of the most messed-up and corrupt states in the voting integrity arena. This is why, to this day, lawsuits are churning their way across the legal system.  Just yesterday, a report came out that Henry County Superior Judge Brian Amero may be ordering that 30,000 ballots be unsealed and reviewed by experts for being potentially counterfeit and fraudulent.  (see link below) Of course, you must really dig into the news yourself as this is not news that the propaganda media would ever cover. 

Going back to Raffensperger, there have been several points of controversy in his very short tenure.  One is the consent decree that he negotiated with Democrat groups in Georgia, led by Democrat darling Stacey Abrams, about “signature matching.”

The consent decree is nearly impossible to find, as it has disappeared even from news sites that claim to have it, so we are supposed to take Raffensperger’s word when he claims that the consent decree “actually strengthened signature matching.”  Really?  Have you ever heard of a Democrat group, or ANY Democrat for that matter, demand that signature matches be strengthened?  Of course, not! Democrats only demand that there be no safeguards to voting, no voting IDs, and nothing that could even remotely be interpreted as a restriction to voting by anyone.  And this was not the exception. Rather than strengthen and safeguard the system, what Raffensberger did to appease the Democrats was to weaken the signature matching by requiring that the mailed-in ballot be matched to the APPLICATION of said ballot, not the signatures of records on file (like the voter registration) nor driver’s licenses.  

Read that again:  the signature of a mailed-in ballot in Georgia doesn’t have to match any official government documents but just the application for the ballot!  So, if an ineligible, fraudulent voter requests the ballot (which is how most people have argued the fraud occurred) all s/he has to do is use the same fraudulent signature on both the application and the actual ballot and everything is okay.  In other words, if someone is fraudulently trying to steal your identity and open a credit card in your name, so long as the signature matches on the credit card application and then the credit card transactions, the thief will be okay.  You, of course, will have to deal with the ramifications.  Somehow, Raffensberger believes that this is “strengthening” the system.  

And this isn’t even the only controversy regarding Brad Raffensberger’s mishandling of the election process in Georgia. That story began well before the 2020 election. It began when Raffensberger negotiated the $107 million contract with Dominion Voting Systems to change Georgia’s voting system.  

You see, it was Raffensperger who appointed a Ms. Jordan Fuchs as Georgia Deputy Secretary of State.  Fuchs, a good-looking blonde with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, was apparently in her 20’s when she was appointed to the position that Raffensperger himself called “one of the most important non-elected positions” in the state of Georgia.  Raffensperger appointed Fuchs to that position after she successfully ran a couple of his campaigns, including the one he currently holds. 

In case you were wondering, Ms. Fuchs is also the “anonymous source” who ran to The Washington Post and lied about the phone call with President Trump.  (see link below) Remarkably, even after she has been caught lying and leaking inflammatory statements to the press, Raffensperger has not only refused to fire her but is actually defending her.  Very curious, indeed. 

But there’s more.  Ms. Fuchs who has apparently admitted in the past to be a “practicing witch” -whatever that is-  was also a key player in Raffensperger’s decision to buy the $107 million election system from the questionable Dominion Voting System.  Almost immediately, many groups raised their concerns about hacking and fraud regarding the Dominion machines only to have Fuchs dismiss them as misguided and a waste of time. She even scolded one of those groups, Freedomworks, by telling them that they do not “fully comprehend the climate of our state, the demands of our communities, or the objectives of this office.”  What does that have to do with the questions about the integrity of the Dominion voting systems?  Actually, her statement tells me that neither she, nor the Georgia Secretary of State she represents, care at all about the integrity of the electoral system: what they care about is the “demands” of certain communities and the political “climate” that influences their decisions. 

As we all know, Georgia went through with the purchase of the Dominion voting system.  Interestingly, in the summer of 2020, it was the Democrats who had a huge uproar about the Dominion voting systems during their primary election.  There were multiple complains of fraud, lost ballots, and long lines, among other things. (see link below) We are to believe that all those were magically fixed just a few short months later when dealing with several times more ballots and during the COVID plandemic.  

Raffensperger and Fuchs have caught a lot of slack for the contract with Dominion.  Whether there was anything else beyond just their reputation at stake is for other, more resourceful investigators to find out. But it certainly is interesting to see how both these people have formed a united, unbreakable front that will not only defend Dominion to the end, but which saw them both taking stabs not just at President Trump but at anyone who raised concerns about election integrity. Did I mention that they are both supposedly “Republican”?  Just goes to show that Democrats are not the only enemies that our nation is facing. 

And so, even as we read about the “thousands of uncounted votes” (Newsweek, 11/20/20), even though it has been confirmed that votes were counted after Republican observers were sent home, and even as a researcher at the Department of Justice released a 25-page report outlining the high probability of voter fraud in both Georgia and Pennsylvania (see link below), we are just supposed to take their word that everything was just fine in Georgia.  

Lucky for them, they have the propaganda media hiding the truth.

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