Democrats Don’t Give a Damn About Our Children

Of the many misconceptions that Democrat voters have about their own party and their leaders (i.e. that they are not racist, that they want equality, that they care about the poor, that they love our country) one of the most laughable ones is that they care about our youth.  As with just about everything else, Democrats are good at pretending and sounding as if they do, but the facts speak for themselves. The fact is that they really don’t give a damn about the young and this past year has proven it beyond any reasonable doubt.

Democrats remind me of the Fox and the Cat in the story of Pinocchio.  In the story, Pinocchio is both a selfish and naive wooden puppet who is so eager to be a real boy that he blindly believes the lies that the villains of the story (the Fox and the Cat) tell him.  

It is interesting to see how the villains gained Pinocchio’s trust:  they pretended to be disabled (the Fox pretended to be lame and the Cat pretended to be blind) and they fill his head with the lie that there is a place called the “Field of Miracles” (in the Disney version it is called “Pleasure Island”) where coins can be planted in the ground to grow into money trees.  The Fox (named “Honest John” in the Disney version) and the Cat constantly lie to Pinocchio by promising things that do not exist in order to rob him and, in the original story, even try to murder him. 

This is very similar to the way Democrats have lied to our young (and the ignorant) by pretending to be who they are not and promising things that are not even possible or do not even exist.  Along the way, our children have been robbed of their innocence, their morality, their lives, and their future.  

It started quietly, as the Left took over the education system in America and slowly began indoctrinating our children into their ideology.  It quickly encroached into matters that were traditionally the parents’ responsibilities, crossing the line into moral and social issues. No longer was the school about teaching arithmetic and reading, as it began to devolve in what is has become today:  a place where children are told how to think, what is morally right and wrong, where Christianity is shunned, and rather than preparing them for their future, the children are being prepared to be social activists that will support the Left’s agenda.  

Today, we have an education system where the academics lag most industrialized countries in the world.  Meanwhile, Democrat politicians continue to demand more money for schools at the expense of our elderly and the economically disadvantaged who are often forced out of their homes due to the skyrocketing property taxes. Yes, Democrats, somebody is paying for those taxes and it is usually the old person who no longer works but who still has to pay those rising taxes who will be most adversely affected.  And shame to anyone who dares to oppose the rising taxes for education!  They will be labeled as being anti-children and anti-education.  

This is why we have school systems like the Baltimore-area high school where one student passed only 3 classes in 4 years yet with a .1373 GPA ranked 62nd out of 120 students. He nearly ranks in the top 50% of this class! What is even more shocking is that this Baltimore City Public School system ranks 3rd in the country (the entire United States!) for per pupil spending at more than $16k per student. 

Clearly, students are not learning academics or the skills necessary to get ahead in life, have a career, and be independent.  That’s probably because that goes directly against the goals of the Democrat Party, which wants citizens to be dependent on the government and too distracted by the Democrat-created grievances (racism, sexism, gender confusion, homophobia, etc.) to ever stray from the Left.  I’m willing to bet that these illiterate students who can barely speak correctly, much less count change or tell time in an analog clock, are instead experts at finding racism or any of the other “isms” that the Left likes to peddle.  For sure, they could have doctorate degrees in social activism.  

In 2013, Melissa Harris-Perry, at the time one of the stars at MSNBC, inadvertently let the cat out of the bag.  It was during an ad for the Leftist cable media’s “Lean Forward” marketing campaign that she said:

“We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children. Your kid is yours and totally your responsibility. We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children,” she says in a spot for the network’s “Lean Forward” campaign. “So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” (link below)

In this very telling commentary, Harris-Perris confirmed that the Left in this country seeks to break the nuclear family and take over the “care” of their future foot soldiers, the children of America.  This sentiment was most recently echoed by Black Lives Matter in their original manifesto which openly claimed that it sought to “disrupt” the family unit.  They have since deleted that page but, since the internet is forever, you can still find it below. 

This is nothing more than Marxist techniques, appropriate since the BLM founders openly bragged about being trained in them.  Karl Marx called for the “abolition” of the family, which he saw as nothing more than a tool of capitalism. Family is also more than a cultural institution, it is a Biblical one as well. And so it’s abolition, along with the abolition of private property and religion, are major goals of communist regimes.  Thus why the American Left, which is finally starting to shed the pretense that it is capitalist or even pro-America, clings so tightly to such communist ideas. They knew that most of the older and wiser generations would not be easily fooled so, instead, they turned to our youth and started molding that generation since infancy.

You don’t have to look very hard to see how this is manifesting in American life and culture.  Whereas in the past these attempts were insidious and neatly covert, they are now loudly obvious and out in the open. 

We see it with abortion laws that sought to eliminate not just age limits but also parental notifications. In the name of “reproductive rights” – an oxymoron in itself- the Left sought to “liberate” young women from burdensome babies, making them complicit murderers in the Leftist scheme. Once abortion became available on demand, the next natural step was infanticide, the murder of babies already born, which is what Democrats like to call “post-birth abortions.” 

We see it with the “Gender Confusion” movement that the Left has promoted, an attempt not just to erase God and biology (as they do with the man-made climate change nonsense) but to create confusion among children who are trying to find themselves.  When people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt declare that their barely 2-year-old girl really identifies as a boy, you know that there is something wrong with the parents, not the girl.  

Today, the Left promotes and celebrates the “transgenderism” of young children, even toddlers, and seeks to vilify those who are not supportive of a parent trying to submit their young child to gender “reassignment.” What should be punished as the worst kind of child abuse is instead celebrated as “courageous.” And parents who oppose will be severely punished, as the Canadian parent who was recently jailed for refusing to acknowledge his 14-yr old daughter as a boy was.  (See below)

We see it in the legalization and promotion of once illicit drugs as being “innocent” and “safe” drugs.  As much as those who argue and promote that certain drugs (like marijuana) should be legal, the reality is that this legalization is affecting our youth more than any other segment of society.  It is a well-known fact that marijuana-use adversely affects the brain development of children and sets them up for future addictions and problems.  Rather than go into all of them, I’ll post the links below.  

Yet, children today do not even see marijuana as a drug, but as something safer than a cigarette, alcohol, or vapes. Marijuana use among adolescents is on the rise, with the numbers of children vaping marijuana doubling from 2018 to 2019. And while I’m very curious to see how those numbers changed during the past year of no school, rising depression and drug use among our children, I have zero doubts that the promotion of drug use among our youth is just another way to destroy that generation while keeping it sedated.  

If you have any doubts that Democrats are promoting drug use as part of their destruction of our children, look no further than the new law in New Jersey which prohibits police from informing parents about their child’s drug or alcohol possession charges.  Children in NJ can use marijuana or get drunk without the ramifications or punishment from their parents. How can parents help their children if they don’t know about their drug use?  The simple answer is that Democrats don’t want parents helping their kids. Remember, kids belong to the state, not to them. 

What is more, while Democrats rejected a Republican effort to have more money from the supposed COVID-19 “relief” bill go to mental health services, particularly when they are needed most, Democrats have also opened our southern border wide-open.  This means that Democrats have just made it easier for illegal drugs to flow into our country, at a time when we are struggling the most with rising overdoses.  (See links below) Does that sound like something that a political party would do if they cared about our young?  

Fact is, Democrats don’t even care about the crisis of “unaccompanied minors” who are crossing our border in record numbers: after years of whining and complaining about the “children in cages” (falsely attributing the situation to President Trump and not to the Obama Administration), these minors are now being subjected to the most deplorable conditions under the Biden Administration.  (See link below) Funny how silent most Democrats are on this!  

We could go on with the examples of how the Democrats have done nothing but harm our children (school shutdowns, canceled youth sports, etc), but I think you get the gist. My only hope is that someday, just like Pinocchio, most of our youth will realize the truth about the Democrats’ lies and be able to overcome the deception both for their own good and for our country.

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