Tyranny Through Fear and Gun-Control

Imagine for just a few terrifying minutes the following:  you are running a few errands with your babies or grandkids, pushing the cart down the middle of the cereal aisle when you suddenly hear several pops, followed by people screaming. You instantly recognize those as gunshots and as the realization of one of your worst nightmares. Your infant, in her baby carrier starts to wail while your toddler starts to tug on your leg as, with fear in his eyes, asks you “what is going on, Mommy?”  You don’t know where exactly the madman is,  but you definitely know there is nowhere to hide where you are standing. If the madman walks down your aisle, you and your babies are sitting ducks just waiting to be slaughtered.  The police, even if they are on their way, are probably still many long minutes away from coming to the scene. They will not be there in time to save you.  

I am truly hoping that none of us ever has to go through this scenario- no one should ever have to go through such a terrifying situation.  But what do you think your thoughts would be at that moment?  Will you be thankful that the government has banned people like you from owning guns and defending yourself and your loved ones?  Or will you be thankful that you or someone else in the store has a gun and thus a fighting chance to take down the madman before more people (perhaps you and your babies) are killed or hurt?  I know I would want a fighting chance to protect those I love.

Then again, I suppose there are also those irrational souls who are probably thinking “this is why we need to get rid of all guns” or “we need more laws against killing people.”  These irrational people are otherwise known as Democrats and they believe it is possible to purge the world of all guns.  Apparently, they believe that criminals won’t have access to any guns, although they can’t explain how criminals already have access to guns even in places with the strictest of gun control laws. And no, they can’t get them from other states- that is illegal. They believe this as they believe that a law prevents unlawful acts, just like they believe that a “gun-free zone” really does keep guns away.  Unfortunately, the only guns that are kept away in those “gun-free zones” are the ones that would be used by a legal owner, not the criminal hell-bent on causing chaos, destruction and death. 

These people make it easy for the Democrat elites, all of whom are always under the protection afforded by firearms and security details, to exploit these mass casualty events by promoting the fear that they need to attain and keep their power.  This is why the Left will manipulate every single story of a mass shooting (while remaining conspicuously silent on the daily shootings in cities like Chicago, NYC, or San Juan) to advance their gun control agenda, just like they will use every single hurricane, flood or brush fire to advance their climate change hoax. It is all about fear and control because that is what moves and inspires the Democrat base.  

The simple truth is that these shootings happen more often in places that the killers know they are unlikely to be confronted by others with firearms. As it is, Colorado already has one of the strictest gun-control laws in the entire nation with universal background checks, high-capacity magazine bans, and red flag laws.  (See links below)  

The Boulder, CO grocery store where the shooting this week took place also happened to be a “gun-free zone.” Heck, murder was also illegal at that store, yet that didn’t stop the killer from entering it with guns and committing murder because that’s what criminals do:  they break the laws and have no respect for rules.

It is no coincidence that the exploitation of this tragedy coincides with the Left’s renewed vow to ban guns. For years, Joe Biden and other Democrats argued that they had no intention of banning guns but that, rather, they wanted “common sense gun control.”  Clearly, that was a lie as now Joe Biden is even threatening to violate our Constitutional rights unilaterally through Executive Order.  Isn’t this the very definition of tyranny?

But now, Democrats have found a way to kill two birds with one stone and squeeze as much as they can out of tragedies: they now combine their fear mongering with their trademark hate in order to concoct a cocktail of vicious racism and violence.  

Last week it was Atlanta, when a mentally disturbed individual with a 9mm handgun killed 8. The victims were mostly, but not all, Asian, which provided Democrats the opportunity to victimize the Asian community by labeling the heinous act a “hate crime.” It didn’t matter that the killer stated his intent as nothing at all related to race or ethnicity but to his own sexual addiction:  Democrats and their propaganda media stated that the killer’s intent was really about racism against an ethnic group and the new victimhood of the Asian community began.  

This is all very ironic given that the true discrimination against the Asian community generally comes from the Left itself, with some accusing Asians of achieving success not through hard work, but by “benefiting from white supremacy,” as a Department of Education-sponsored panel recently stated. (See link below).  What is more, the Left protested when the Trump Administration ordered an investigation of colleges and universities which are openly discriminating against Asians, in favor of lower achieving “minorities.” Now THAT is what institutionalized racism is all about.  But I digress. 

The mass casualty shooting in Boulder, CO, has now completely pulled back the curtain on the Democrat’s abhorrent racism and fear mongering, as we enter the newest stage in their efforts to disarm the American people. The propaganda and social media were peppered with racist assumptions about the shootings, from those made when they thought the killer was “white,” to the subsequent requests by Leftists that references to Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa’s obvious Muslim name be kept out of the news.  Just about every story showed how Democrats inject race & ethnicity into just about every angle of every story.  When the true identity of the shooter was revealed and their celebrations cut short, the propaganda media swiftly pivoted back to the gun control angle. They didn’t even care that the mass murderer was known to the FBI for having an affinity to ISIS terrorists.

As most of what the Left does, the fears that are promoted by the gun-control agenda are founded on ignorance of our firearms, our laws and, our history. The Atlanta shooting deaths were exploited for their race/ethnicity factor because the killer used a handgun, not a “scary-looking” semi-automatic rifle that your average ignorant anti-gun Democrat refers to as a “weapon of war” or an “assault weapon.” I mean, really, isn’t every weapon, from a hammer to a car as much an “assault” weapon as a gun may be?  As of this writing, it is still unclear what weapon used at the Boulder shooting- some reports say a rifle, others say a Ruger AR-556 PISTOL. But it doesn’t matter:  the AR-556 pistol looks like a scary AR-15, so the story floats for them. If there is one thing we know about Democrats is that they care more about the optics than the substantive. 

The fact remains that our right to own and bear arms is an intrinsic American right which is firmly establish in our Constitution.  It was so important that our Founding Fathers made it the 2nd Amendment to our Bill of Rights.  Our 2nd Amendment protects the 1st as well as all other Amendments and rights when tyranny threatens.  It isn’t the “Right to Hunt Amendment” even though some on the Left try to argue that the amendment simply protects our right to secure game. Nor is it the “Right to Bear Non-Scary Looking Weapons Amendment,” because the founders did not distinguished weapons based on capability or looks.  

Instead, it is an unqualified right to bear arms, not just to hunt and to protect your life and property from criminals, but to protect us from tyranny.  Tyranny, as when your own government threatens to deprive you of your constitutionally-protected rights, which is exactly what Joe Biden is threatening to do.

The reality is that things are about to get worse. Much, much worse.  If you are a Christian, you know that because the Bible tells you so. If you are not a Christian, you know it if you listen to the Democrat rhetoric and the way they seek to divide us by race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, political ideology, socio-economic status, “wokeness,” degree of fearfulness, willingness to submit, mask-users, vaccination status, and just about every imaginable way to divide people. And while Democrats use the “divide and conquer” as a weapon of domination, there are plenty of us unwilling to give up our freedoms, submit to fear, and participate in their racist ideology. Democrats have already proven that there are no lines that they are unwilling to cross so the stage is being set-up for major conflict. 

This is why we must all vigorously oppose any form of gun-control.  There can be no “common-sense” legislation with people who lack common sense and reasonableness.  There are already plenty of laws on the books which, by definition, criminals are not following.  The idea that “guns don’t kill people” is a very simple one: a gun is only a weapon, an inanimate object which is only deadly through the actions of the person pulling the trigger. If you really want to address violence, you must address the source of the problem:  in most cases, it is the mental health of the person pulling the trigger.  

How many Democrats have you heard clamoring for more resources for mental health instead of calling for gun-control after every one of these tragedies?  Not very many, if any at all. Democrats have absolutely no interest in addressing mental health issues or making mental health services more readily available to the people who need them. Instead, at a time when mental health services are needed most, Democrats have rejected giving more money to mental health services redirecting the money, instead, to their pet-projects that will secure their power, such as money for illegal immigrants and student loan-forgiveness.  

The Democrats’ push to violate our Constitutional rights and disarm the American people has nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with controlling the American people.  And they will do anything to achieve that power.  




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