How COVID is the Democrats’ Path to Socialism

COVID is real.  Let’s just start there before some whack-job tries to argue that I or anyone else who argues that the COVID response (the RESPONSE!) has been a hoax used by Democrats to achieve their political purposes, tries to argue otherwise.  The virus may be real but so is the fact that it has been used by Democrats first to steal the 2020 election and now to drive the US toward the path they have set our country toward, which is their own brand of socialism/communism. For Democrat politicians, COVID is the Chinese gift that keeps on giving.  

As a sexual predator grooms and conditions his potential victims over a period of time before violating them, Democrats have been grooming the American people to the drastic changes they have planned for our country.  We aren’t talking about small tweaks here and there to make our republic stronger:  we are talking about completely demolishing the country as we know it, shredding the Constitution and its constitutional protections, and introducing their own cocktail of socialism/communism to build upon the riches they have already amassed for themselves at the expense of the American people.  

Stealing the election by promoting the unverifiable and prone to fraud mailed-in ballots was only the beginning.  Once they were successful with that, Democrats came to realize that there were no limits on what they can do by manipulating the American people, particularly when they have the media completely on their side.  And so, the “crisis” continues and the ways that they are attempting to effect their change is more obvious in some ways than others.

Some of the ways Democrats are doing this are quite obvious. The first was to promote fear and confusion among the people, making them malleable to everything else that was to come. This was particularly easy given the initial mystery of the coronavirus that China unleashed into the world. The Chinese may have done it to decimate the global economies while setting itself up as the ultimate world superpower, but the Democrats quickly saw it as a means to their many ends.  By exploiting the “novel” aspect of this strand of the common cold, obfuscating the data regarding mortality, co-morbidities, therapies and therapeutics, and the general demographics as to who was at risk, they promoted such fear into so many people that there are some that have still not left their homes a whole year into this mess. I know of a few.  

The information coming from the government and its mouthpieces in the propaganda media has been purposely vague and all over the place. A year ago, those of us who read or listen to news other than the U.S. propaganda media knew who was at risk, what therapeutics were being used to treat the symptoms in other countries, the fact that the virus is airborne, and that people who were in good health could potentially not even know that they had been infected.  We knew about taking Zinc, vitamins C & D, just as we know that the best way to get vitamin D into your system and prevent depression is by being outside, which is exactly the opposite of what the government has been dictating.  

But that was not what the media, quoting the government’s health “experts” such as Dr. Fraudci, was telling the American people.  First they said we didn’t need masks; then they said we all needed one or, better yet, two. At first they said that we needed to constantly use hand sanitizers (despite the fact that they kill bacteria, not viruses) and that we needed to sanitize everything over and again; now the CDC says that we should stop doing this, calling it “hygiene theater.” 

In the beginning, they said everyone needed to stay home for 2 weeks in order to “flatten the curve” and avoid hospitals from getting overcrowded.  When hospitals never got overcrowded, the lockdowns took place with the excuse that we needed to eradicate the virus, which we had initially been told was not possible.  This is how 2 weeks turned into a month, then 2 months and eventually over a year of people still being discouraged to go out, schools virtual or in disgraceful “hybrids,” youth sports still mostly cancelled or not allowing parents to watch their own children play, concerts, festivals, and graduations, still forbidden. 

In other words, the American life as we know it has come to an abrupt end and Americans are being forced to live depressing, fearful lives where they are forced to do without the things that make them happy, with no end in sight for this madness. As Democrats attempt to turn fear into a virtue, ignorance into strength, and convince everyone that freedom is slavery, Americans are being groomed to live a lifestyle far different from the one that has made our country the envy of the world.  

The truth is that COVID is more rampant today than it was a year ago. I know it’s hard to tell given how the media has not blamed Biden or even any of the Democrats personally responsible for people’s deaths, such as New York Governor Cuomo, the way they blamed President Trump. No longer are we subjected to the daily beatdowns of our president complete with finger pointing and fake outrage. It is worth pointing out that four of the five states with the highest rates of new COVID cases today (New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, & New Jersey) are also the states with the most ridiculously restrictive measures in the nation. The fifth state, Florida, has a much larger population than any of the other four states and has been mostly open and free.  This proves that the lockdowns and Draconian measures never worked. But those measures still remain and people unwilling to even consider the data will still defend them. This is part of the conditioning process- some could say “brainwashing”- that Americans have been subjected to through propaganda.

Another obvious way that Democrats, through the propaganda media, social media, and the big corporations bankrolling the Democratic Party, have all been complicit in using the virus as tool toward setting their socialist agenda has been to censor speech. There is no more freedom of speech as they alone designate what language is allowed and what is “dangerous.”  Their definition of “dangerous” is any speech, commentary or idea that goes contrary to what the official government propaganda promotes. If you are caught in violation of their rules, you may be banned, censored, shunned, fired from your job, or worse.  This is the exact opposite of freedom of speech, yet it is also the reality of today’s United States. 

This is very reminiscent of what regimes like Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and just about every other totalitarian regime in the history of humankind has done.  At a time of “crisis” when too many Americans are so busy living in fear or cowing to what they deem to be an all-knowing, benevolent government, the brain-washed, indoctrinated masses will not only refuse to listen to anything outside their echo chambers but they will attack those who dare to speak out.   Not only will people flag or report other people they disagree with on Facebook and other social media, they are also encouraged by their government to report people that don’t follow the arbitrary social rules they have put in place. And too many Americans will do so gleefully while patting themselves on their backs. This is about as un-American as anything else going on in our country right now. 

Another aspect of society that most totalitarian regimes have historically sought to crush in order to attain or maintain power is religion.  Dictators know that it is harder to control people who hold their allegiances to someone else especially if that “someone else” is a divine omnipotent Being far more powerful than they are.  This is why the leaders in those regimes seek to be exalted as deities themselves. For decades, Democrats have been steadily eroding religious freedoms but the Draconian lockdowns offered the best opportunity yet for Democrats to strike against religion by seizing on the fear and shutting down religious services, including weddings, even while casinos and stores remained open.  While church attendance had been on the decline for decades, a new Gallup poll just released shows that church attendance has reached the lowest point in the history of the United States.  As expected, the highest church attendance was among Republicans/Conservatives and Protestants, groups that Democrats have openly labeled as enemies that must be destroyed.

Democrats are also using COVID as an excuse to institute a “universal living wage” which they are masquerading as “COVID relief” packages  even though they have absolutely nothing to do with the virus or economic recovery.  Instead, they are economic packages of money laden with Democrat pet-projects that make the leaders uber-rich while throwing crumbs at American citizens to keep them distracted and wanting more. If Democrats had really been concerned about helping Americans hurting from the COVID lockdowns, they would have passed the second package that President Trump had sought in order to help those that were hurting back in 2020.  But they didn’t; they actually blocked it.  

But there’s an even more insidious way in which Democrats are using the crisis in order to groom Americans to be more accepting of being controlled by government and that is to support socialized medicine. 

Throughout this government-created crisis the one thing that has been a constant is how the government through its agencies have hijacked every single aspect of the COVID crisis and the response. The propaganda media controls the dissemination of the information (or misinformation) that the government wants the people to listen to and believe.  Real doctors and nurses, the ones actually treating patients, have been silenced and censored in favor of bureaucrats that have never treated a single patient. People were essentially being told that the government knows better than their own doctors. 

A good doctor would tell his/her patients to take control of their own health by eating a healthy diet, exercising, and reducing stress. Democrats, on the other hand, promote the idea that only a vaccine, controlled and given by the government, is the answer to our country’s woes. The dramatic rollout of the vaccine, along with the promises of vaccines for everyone, while hiding important information regarding adverse effects or fatalities, was meant to make fearful people expectant, anxious, and then grateful to the government for their benevolence. To see people get positively giddy about the vaccine while doing absolutely nothing to change their bad habits is just sad and pathetic.  But, that’s what people do when they give up common sense and rational thought and instead place all their faith in government.

So, in many ways, the handling of the COVID crisis and the subsequent response has been one where the government takes over the healthcare system of the nation.  Americans have been conditioned to cover their faces, wearing a mask everywhere they go even as the data has shown that cases continue to rise despite the mask-wearing.  Americans have also been groomed to gladly accept a vaccine without even thinking, much less researching, the potential adverse reactions or even efficacy of the vaccine they are injecting into their bodies. Then, by creating the fear of a virus which we should have never feared to the extent we did, by promoting the feeling of doom and gloom even as therapeutics widely existed, and by placing virtuous and semi-miraculous attributes to an untested and unneeded vaccine provided by the government, Democrats have created the perfect setting to have Americans believe that government is capable of taking over our healthcare system even though nothing could be further from the truth.  

But that is a subject for another time.

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