Getting Ready for What’s Coming

I have to be completely honest:  last week I didn’t quite know what to write about.  It’s not that there isn’t anything to talk about but that there is so much.  And most of it is terrible, scary, infuriating, and sometimes, all of the above. These are the times when things seem to be getting so out-of-control that we need to step back and take stock of our own situation, prioritizing those things that are most important for us and for our family. I find that doing physical work, rather than sitting in front of a computer screen, is great not just for my physical but my mental health and so I took advantage of the great temperatures we’ve been having to get a lot done. Everyone should do this from time to time.

Another thing that I tend to do when things outside my control seem to be getting out of hand, like the state of our nation today, is to take stock of the things that we have for emergency and general subsistence and what we need to get.  This helped us greatly last year when shelves were mostly empty and people were scrambling for things like toilet paper and other household items;  we had been well-stocked ahead of the crisis. 

I see last year’s events, as well as other more serious catastrophes such as earthquakes and hurricanes, as warnings to the rest of us to be prepared.  Right now, if a repeat of last year were to happen- which it could very well be- there is no excuse for anyone not to be ready for it. 

We never know when tragedy will strike.  Whether it is a devastating hurricane, an earthquake, floods, or wild fires, Mother Nature is always keeping us on our toes.  Add to that the civil unrest that is taking place in many cities around the nation, and which is being actively encouraged and promoted by the Democrats in power, and we know that the chances of our country falling into complete chaos are higher than they have been before.

Natural disasters are not what I’m afraid of most;  I’m most afraid of what a tyrannical government may do. The Democrats are power-hungry and seeking to eliminate anyone who presents a threat to their plans. We know what they did not just to President Trump, but to anyone else who gets in their way.  We use the term “cancel” to describe what they do to people who don’t toe-the-line but we know that what they really do goes well beyond just “canceling” someone:  they violently hurt and destroy livelihoods.

Democrats need chaos in order to obtain and maintain power.  They thrive on chaotic situations and feed on people’s fear.  In just a matter of weeks, the southern border which President Trump had been able to maintain mostly under control, is now in complete disarray, with abuses, crime, misery and diseases obvious despite Democrats’ efforts to cover it up.  Muslim terrorists have been apprehended at the border and we can only guess how many have not been caught. Gangs and drug cartels are maximizing the opportunities to enter our country and recruit members.  Criminals and repeat offenders are coming back knowing that chances are good that they will just be released into the general population.  Little children are being sexually abused in federal facilities, while others are literally being dropped at the border for our officers to bring them in. And these are just the immediate consequences of what the total failure by the Biden/Harris Administration’s policies have brought; give it a few more months and we’ll see the real ramifications on the rest of our nation.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to fan the flames of racial conflict and division, pitting one race against another in ways that touch just about every single aspect of American daily life, from schools, to health (like prioritizing COVID vaccines by race), to justice, and law enforcement. The abhorrent Democrat tactics were in full display this past week in all those areas mentioned above with a Democrat Congresswoman even openly inciting violence if what she deems “justice” is not served. There have been no repercussions for her actions ONLY because she is a black woman.  Anyone who doesn’t think that this will boil over and explode into another civil war is an ignorant fool. There is only so much people are willing to take before they finally fight back.  

Simultaneous to the promotion of civil unrest by Democrats, we have a movement to defund and emasculate law enforcement in our country while also attempting to disarm average Americans from their Constitutionally-given right to own firearms for their protection.  Somehow, in the Democrat “brain” it makes sense to take away a person’s right and tools to defend their life and that of their loved ones while also reducing and/or eliminating the police charged with protecting these lives. To the rest of us, it makes no sense at all.

And these are only the obvious ways that Democrats are trying to promote discord and chaos in order to destroy our country and rebuild it in their image, one of poverty and socialism for the masses, power and wealth for the elites. 

Democrats are also seeking to destroy our justice system even rendering the Supreme Court of the United States as nothing more than a branding tool for Leftist policies. Not that there is much justice left anyway:  just this past week we saw the federal government, several months after the incident, refuse to bring charges against the Capitol police who shot an innocent unarmed woman in cold blood.  The woman was not under arrest, had not made any menacing gestures, but was simply walking down the hallway in the Capitol, the place previously known as the People’s House.  Unfortunately for her, she was a white woman and a conservative, so there will be no justice for her.  By contrast, the policewoman involved in the shooting of a known armed robber who was either attempting to flee or going into his car to retrieve a weapon (we still don’t know but the fact is that it could have been either) was charged within a couple of days.  All because the person shot was black.  Justice is no longer blind:  justice is now woke. 

And as our country rapidly unravels, outside threats continue to pile. As we speak, Biden has entered in a war of words and sanctions with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I would venture to guess that at least 1/2 the US population, if not more, has zero confidence that our government, with Joe Biden as Commander in Chief, would be able to defend us in a conflict against anyone more powerful than the Bahamas. I can only imagine how Putin, Xi, and the rest of the world is laughing at the babbling fool with dementia who is pretending to be the leader of our country.  

All of this happened in just one week. I didn’t even go into the mass shootings, which have seemed to become a weekly occurrence under Biden, or the fact that COVID cases are now matching the numbers at the height of the plandemic, according to the World Health Organization.  Then there’s the new strands of COVID, including the South African one which, according to an Israeli study, people who HAVE been vaccinated are 8 times more likely to get than people who have NOT been vaccinated. 

Speaking of vaccinations, the J&J vaccine has been paused in the US because of dangerous blood clots, as well as the Astra Zeneca vaccine in several European countries for the same reasons. Different vaccines, same problems.  And this isn’t even taking into consideration the deaths and adverse effects that all the vaccines combined have been causing and which the governments continue to hide.  

In other words, things are not looking very good and the prospects of things getting better don’t seem particularly high.  I know it in my heart and I hear it from just about everyone I know.  Never before have so many people seemed so depressed and helpless.  The rallying spirit that we usually see after disasters, including 9/11, is gone and hope seems to be fading with it.

I want to encourage people to not despair.  For me, as a Christian, faith has become the motivation to keep me going during the hard times that we have experienced and I would encourage everyone to do the same.  But I understand that not everyone has reached that place in their lives when they are ready and willing to trust God and live without fear.  

For those who aren’t there yet, I would encourage you to take control of your lives and don’t let others take over.  Exercise, eat healthier, prepare for future adversities, and develop stronger relationships.  Get rid of people who only contribute negativity and adversity to your lives. Educate yourself about your health and the real threats to your body and your mind;  I, for one, am convinced that the stress and fear that have been promoted by our government and our society during the past year, are far more dangerous to your health than COVID itself.  Prepare both physically and mentally.  Take back your life!  

And, please make sure to check on those around you, particularly the young;  our children are suffering the most and yet they are being completely neglected and abandoned throughout this crisis. Please, pray for them. Just last week, another child in our community committed suicide, another sad reminder that suicide among teenagers is rampant, as is drug use.  Yet, Democrats continue to purposely ignore our young, as they did when they rejected Republican efforts to spend more in mental health services which are almost non-existent.  Our future generations are not just being neglected:  they are being methodically destroyed by the Left. Without our young, our nation has no future. 

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