No Justice No Peace

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 was a day of jubilation and celebration for the American Left.  Of course, I’m talking about the guilty verdict handed down against Police Officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd. For the rank-and-file Useful Idiots of the American Left, the celebration was about their notion of justice, which is one with pitchforks and mobs, demanding an outcome. For the Democrat elites, the event cemented what they achieved on November of 2020:  the mostly bloodless revolution to completely change America.  

No longer are the old rules, written laws, or precedents valid in this new America. They now make the rules as they go along. The Constitution has become nothing more than a relic, like the monarchy in England, which is somewhat revered for its historic importance but completely lacking in power.

The celebrations, either on Facebook or on the streets, were a blunt reminder of how far we have fallen as a country. Gone is the presumption of innocence that our country’s legal system was founded upon. Many, including celebrities, voiced that a trial shouldn’t even be taking place and that Chauvin should have been convicted strictly based on the video, no judge or jury necessary. 

When you have the mayor of the city where a significant trial is taking place making statements for the preference of a particular outcome, knowing that the jurors live in that area and that they have witnessed the destruction and threats against anyone with a different opinion, things are really bad.  Then you have a renown congresswoman/riot inciter traveling to that jurisdiction, which is not her district or even her state, to not only promote a certain outcome but to threaten the citizens of that jurisdiction should her preferred outcome not be achieved, you know things have become worse than in a banana republic.  When you have the man pretending to be the POTUS, not only guarantee the outcome but actually call the family to tell them so AHEAD of the verdict, you know all sense of justice has been lost:  this isn’t a republican democracy anymore, this is a tyrannical regime. 

Then there’s the concept of due process.  Just about everyone on the Left, including the media and even many on the right, praised what they called a successful due process and the proof that our jury system works.  Do these people realize that this is the exact argument that just about every single totalitarian regime in history, including in places like Soviet Russia, Cuba, and even North Korea also argued?  That wasn’t due process, it was a sham.  

At a time when the Left is known for doxxing people and having rioters show up at people’s homes to vandalize them and intimidate the people, is there anyone who truly believes that these jurors were not afraid for their lives and their property? How is that any different from people who live in regimes where they fear for their lives should they speak out against their governments? 

But due process is more than that. Due process isn’t merely the theater of appearing before a court and picking a jury of “his” peers.  It also, or perhaps most importantly, applies to the standards and processes that are used in the trial. In a criminal case, the standard should be one of “reasonable doubt.”  This means that if there was any reasonable doubt that Officer Chauvin caused Floyd’s death, he should not have been found guilty of murdering him.

In this case, there was ample evidence that the cause of death was Floyd’s heart condition amplified by the cocktail of drugs in his system, including enough fentanyl to kill more than three men. And, yes, regardless of what the propaganda media “fact-checkers” say or the paid “experts” for the prosecution have said (and, trust me, the game with “expert witnesses” is being able to find the most credible one for your buck, just ask any trial attorney),  Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his body when deaths have been certified at 3 ng/mL.  Additionally, the drugs taken by Floyd not only can cause serious breathing difficulties, they also cause violent and erratic behavior. (see links below). And so, more than a reasonable doubt existed that George Floyd died of causes other than the one attributed to Officer Chauvin.

Then there’s the question of whether Officer Chauvin’s actions were appropriate and allowed. The question is not whether the average person thinks that the actions of the officer were warranted or excessive but whether a particular maneuver was an appropriate police procedure and whether he did it correctly.

The fact that people may not like that particular maneuver is completely irrelevant. If the maneuver or hold was a standard police maneuver that was taught to the officers, he was allowed to use it, so long as he used it correctly.  If changes need to be made and the hold banned, so be it; but you cannot punish an officer for performing a maneuver that they were trained for.  You can, however, punish an officer for excessive use of force or deviating from the allowable maneuvers but even if that were the case here, I don’t believe the officer should have been charged with anything more than involuntary manslaughter, which is causing another person’s death through reckless behavior but without intent.  The charges in this case were excessive, as was the verdict. 

Even so, could a 154 lb man cause the death of a healthy 223 lb man, even if that man was faced down and handcuffed, by putting the pressure of ONE knee (not the whole body) on the shoulder (one camera angle showed that the knee was not on the throat but on the shoulder) of the much bigger man?  I’m not a doctor, but based on personal experience, I’m fairly certain that the answer is no which again tends to point to the fact that Floyd was not healthy and was compromised by drug use. The many possibilities and causes of Floyd’s death should have been enough to raise a reasonable doubt in most people’s minds. 

The new reality is that none of the legal standards matter anymore.  From the very beginning, the narrative became about a crooked white cop killing an innocent black man.  It didn’t matter whether the black man was a criminal, being arrested for the commission of a crime, resisting arrest, in poor health, and completely high on meth and fentanyl, just like it didn’t matter that there was no evidence whatsoever that race played a role in the actions by the officer.  The narrative had been set to be exploited and the entire army of Leftist soldiers, from the propaganda media & entertainment industry down to the rank-and-file who soak up headlines with zealous fervor, accepted it, no questions asked. 

We are talking about people who believe that it is perfectly justifiable for a congresswoman to incite violence if the desired outcome was not achieved.  They are also the people who see nothing wrong with Biden calling Floyd’s family prior to the reading of the verdict and basically guaranteeing an outcome. They see nothing wrong with Speaker Pelosi making a statement after the verdict that said “[t]hank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice…Because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous for justice.”  George Floyd’s death was unfortunate and avoidable.  But he didn’t “sacrifice” himself for anything:  he died because he was high on drugs and resisting arrest. 

These Leftists are not reasonable people who care about justice: they are zealots hellbent in destroying this country by any means necessary.  And they are doing it at an accelerated pace.

What’s more, anyone who questions the verdict, much less disagree with it, is viciously attacked by the mob and labeled “racist.” It has become a knee-jerk reaction, the tell-tale sign of a weak indoctrinated brain. And the same analysis that they have given this trial, based on the edited news clips from the propaganda media and ignoring any evidence that would go against their case, will now be applied to every single instance where a black person is killed at the hands of a white cop.  

In fact, we saw it the very next day, when a white officer shot and killed a 16 year old girl with a knife who was about to attack and possibly kill another girl.  According to the reaction, it appears that the white police officer should have let the attacker with the knife kill the other girl, right in front of everyone present, including the police officers. The millionaire China-sympathizer basketball player Lebron James went as far as posting a picture of the police officer with the words “You’re Next” and a sand clock above it.  

It makes me wonder why would any police officer continue to work, much less in a predominantly “minority” area?  We now don’t just ask these people, human beings after all, to risk their lives on a daily basis for our safety, but we have now decided that we, as a society, will punish them severely even if they have broken no rules and have followed protocol, just because we don’t like how they do their job. Or worse, we may punish them if we don’t like their facial expressions while doing their jobs. I heard people say things about Officer Chauvin like they “didn’t like his smug look” or they didn’t like the “look in his face,” which begs the question: what expression was the officer supposed to have during that struggle?

Put bluntly, if I were a white police officer, particularly one working in a predominantly “minority” neighborhood, I would be typing up my letter of resignation, maybe seeking a job in a safer, less volatile environment.  I would not be putting myself, much less my family, at risk with the added possibility of being punished for following the rules and doing what I was trained to do.  

The irony of this situation is that the communities that need our police the most will be the ones most adversely affected in the end. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi will go back to their fortified homes with extra security, while poor minority communities continue to be decimated by crime. BLM activists, like their leader who recently bought a $1.4 million home in a safe, white neighborhood, will also get to enjoy police protection in their homes. 

I don’t know Officer Derek Chauvin.  I don’t know much about him and I don’t even know if I would like him or dislike him as a person.  But I am fairly certain that on that fateful day, he put on his uniform to serve the community and not to go out and murder some random black dude because he was a racist.  He didn’t shoot Floyd, he didn’t even beat him up.  He did the restrain maneuver that he was trained to do on a man much larger and heavier than him and who was showing obvious signs of drug use.  If only George Floyd had not committed a crime, or been high on meth and fentanyl that day, with health conditions, and had not resisted arrest as he did, he probably wouldn’t have died that day.  But if George Floyd’s death had been blamed on his circumstances, no one would have won.  And the Left, desperate for their race wars and civil unrest desperately wanted that win and the power that it gives them.

As a side note for all those on the Right who have jumped into the “justice is served” bandwagon, perhaps because of laziness in looking at all the facts and evidence presented or because they believe that showing support is virtuous or because they think that this conclusion will secure peace and safety let me assure you of the one thing I’m most sure of:  it will not.  This is just the beginning of the big unraveling of our justice system and the fueling of the race war that will continue to be used to destroy our country. And that is the only thing that your support is contributing to.

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