Socialism Springs as Americans Slumber

Of all the things that President Donald Trump has ever said, only one truly stands out for how wrong he really was and that was during his 2019 State of the Union address when he stated that “America will never be a socialist country.” 

The statement was received with great fanfare and joy except for the Democrat socialists in the chamber who all sat stoically during the comments. In a stunning turn of events, just 2 years later, a pretend President of the United States stood in that very same chamber methodically describing a socialist agenda, with the very same Democrat socialists gleefully beaming and applauding. Some, like Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez have not just praised Biden’s socialist agenda, but stated that Biden has “far-exceeded” their socialist expectations. 

And, still, there are those Democrats within the party, particularly in the minion rank, who continue to deny that the Democrat Party is anything other than a globalist, socialist party.  Makes you wonder, what world do these people live in?

Make no mistake about it: Democrats are rapidly turning the United States into a socialist, soon-to-be one party government, complete with the tyrannical totalitarian measures that many of us have known about in countries around the world and throughout history.

We already have the party-controlled propaganda media which only reports on events and situations that are not favorable to the regime they favor and protect.  Anything that is unfavorable to the Biden Administration, his family, the Democrat Party, or even the agents that work for the regime is ignored or discredited through “fact-checkers” that are anything but fact-based.

Take for example the State of the Union address that Joe Biden finally got around to giving this week.  The reception by the propaganda media, with their superlative accolades, was reminiscent of what dictators throughout history have received from their own state-owned media, with adjectives such as “astonishing,” “beautiful,” & “life-changing.”  Kim Jong Un must be very jealous.  

Joe Biden’s SOTU got 26 million viewers, compared to the 48 million that President Trump received in his first SOTU address. In fact, according to Forbes, Biden’s SOTU drew “a smaller audience than most other comparable presidential addresses in recent history.” And that’s with no major sports events or awards show to compete against. Think about that: in a time of turmoil and uncertainty, with many schools still closed, people still not working, no one going on vacations, and shifting COVID information and mandates, Biden gets only 26 million viewers a few months after allegedly receiving 80+ million votes, the most in history? 

Unfortunately for the propaganda media, their excessive fawning over Joe Biden’s call to socialism speech was not enough to cover the abysmal number of viewers, so they had to add an additional layer of lies to the mix.  Following the SOTU, CBS News published a poll which stated that an astonishing 85% of Americans “embraced” Joe Biden’s message, with only 15% disapproving.  Those are incredible numbers!  If those numbers sound too good to be true, is because they are not true.  In fact, the poll was a total fraud, another manipulation by the propaganda media to bolster their failing Pretender and his socialist agenda.  Out of the 943 people that pollster YouGov surveyed, only 169 were Republicans.  So, yes, when you go to a Democrat echo chamber, chances are that you will get 85% approval for an address that only a tiny fraction of Americans actually listened to. This is Propaganda 101. 

The propaganda media is also driving the narrative when it comes to changing history, first by vilifying our country’s past, its founding fathers, and the philosophies that led to the foundation of our country, then by methodically erasing them from our school books, changing the names of roads and schools, taking down monuments, and just about every aspect of every day American life. Again, this is typical of totalitarian regimes throughout history.

The propaganda media even goes further than that by blatantly changing concepts into something completely different, such as when it changed the meaning of “packing the court,” which used to mean adding seats to the Supreme Court in order to dilute the power of its members for political reasons. Now, they have declared that it means something completely different from what its original meaning was.

Or when it changed the meaning of “due process” by simplifying the true breadth of the concept into the minimalistic idea of a jury, regardless of the instructions and laws that the jury must follow. Then again, if the media has been able to change the concept of “racism,” which used to be “the discrimination or prejudice based on race” to now racism being a person’s REFUSAL to discriminate in the basis of race, you know that they can change absolutely anything they want.  

And they are trying. Just this week, the propaganda media openly attempted to define the Catholic religion, as the Washington Post tweeted that “[a] rising group of right-wing U.S. Catholic bishops is colliding with a very Catholic president who supports abortion rights.”  In other words, the propaganda media gets to define who is a true Catholic (people like Biden) and who is nothing more than an extremist (the Catholic clergy).

If you thought there was a line that the far Left would not cross, you were clearly mistaken. Now that they control the narrative on religion, climate, race relations, gender, Constitutional rights, and the integrity of our electoral system, they can control everything and anything. 

As I have discussed in a previous post, the Democrats’ weaponization of COVID was nothing more than a Trojan horse to introduce socialism into the United States.  We now see that more clearly, as a year after the plandemic, Democrats are tripping over each other trying desperately to keep the tight control over the people that they exerted during the past year without risking a revolt.  Businesses continue to falter, particularly small businesses who still can’t open due to people no longer wanting to work.  Really, why would people want to bus tables, serve fast-food, or work at a grocery store when they can get more money from unemployment benefits and the occasional $1,400 free money from the government?  

I travel frequently and still today, most places are not open for dine-in, not because of any COVID restrictions, but because they can’t find people to work. It is the story we hear time and time again:  no one is looking for jobs.  In fact, a McDonalds restaurant in Florida was offering $50 for anyone who just shows up for an interview.  I’ve been to restaurants where one server is serving 8 or more tables. This is the reason why so many restaurants are now being forced to close 2-3 days a week so they can give the few employees they have a time to rest. 

Now add to this the fact that Democrats all over the country are legislating $15 minimum wages.  How exactly will a small business, which is on the verge of closing down, with limited revenue due to being forced to close several days a week, with still active COVID restrictions on how many tables they are allowed to have, and with a severe shortage of employees, supposed to survive?  They aren’t: this is part of the plan on how Democrat socialists will destroy capitalism.  And most mega conglomerates and big corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, etc support those measures because it doesn’t really affect them. In fact, they all had fantastic profits last year. They can afford to pay those inflated minimum wages for a few employees while relying on increasingly automated self-checkouts. They also know that these mandates and restrictions will ultimately benefit them as their smaller competition, the mom-and-pop stores and restaurants that people still like to frequent, will be summarily eliminated.  

But we are still in the post-COVID honeymoon period, the one when most people are not paying attention to what their government is doing because they are just elated to be allowed to resume life. The very fact that people were so willing to give up their lives to fear and government control is, of course, troubling and the main reason we are on the verge of completely losing our country. Most have not yet realized how their freedoms have been curtailed, how many cities are folding under the weight of crime, or how we are all seeing the beginnings of what is coming next.

At his SOTU address, Pretender Biden laid out his “infrastructure” spending plan.  Infrastructure now encompasses anything that promotes the socialist agenda and not necessarily what the word “infrastructure” once meant, which was the basic facilities and services provided by a government. Now, according to Democrats, even paid leave and child care are part of “infrastructure.”  It’s social engineering and redistribution of wealth at its very best.

As expected, all these changes proposed by Democrats along with the free spending of money that we simply don’t have, are starting to show its effects:  inflation.  This week, the New York Times finally acknowledged the signs of inflation most of us have been noticing for quite a while. That has now been confirmed by companies such as Procter & Gamble and Kimberly Clark, which have stated that the prices of many essential consumer goods (diapers, tampons, toilet paper) will be going up in the next few months. That’s in addition to the prices that we already know have gone up during the plandemic. 

Naturally, the propaganda media and the big corporations are attempting to blame COVID for this rising prices, but there is much more to that. Of course, the government mandated lockdowns and the school closures have continued to affect parents of school children who can’t just stay home by themselves.  Those could have been easily lifted a long time ago, as they have in many populous Republican states with no adverse effects, but Democrat governors continue to hold on and instigate fear among the people. Many of these people are the ones who would otherwise be working in the production lines of products that are simply not being made in the quantities they used to be made in. This, in turn, leads to shortages. 

But the Democrats’ insistence on disrupting the availability of oil in our country by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline is another factor.  Prices of fuel have already started going up and as we begin to rely once again on foreign oil, prices are almost guaranteed to go up even further.  That means that the average American, particularly the American worker who needs to drive to work, will be paying more out of their own pockets.  

Additionally, companies who transport their products by truck will soon be turning once again to freight, which is cheaper for them but also slower. Combine that with the worldwide scarcity of shipping containers and you have another factor that will lead to less supply and more shortages. Higher demand and less supply when the means of production are already compromised, will undoubtedly result in higher prices, more shortages, then inflation. Pretty soon, we could be using the dollar to create arts and crafts, just as they are doing in Venezuela with their bolivars.

Shortages, inflation, unemployment, bankruptcies, social chaos, civil unrest, indoctrination, and propaganda are all some of the tools that totalitarian regimes use in imposing their will and we can see them all right here in the US.

And while their policies continue to change our country, the Democrats are also anticipating the moment that Americans may finally wake-up, if they ever do.  They are disarming Americans, silencing opposing voices and censoring those that dissent. They are dividing us by race. They are reinforcing their one-party rule by attempting to add overwhelmingly Democrat DC as a state, while also protecting the electoral schemes that gave them power in 2020. They are destroying our Constitutional rights while seeking to dilute the power of the judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court of the United States.  They continue to turn our schools into indoctrination centers. They will bankrupt small businesses and turn lower income workers into welfare recipients. In sum, they will destroy the fabric of our society and bankrupt capitalism in order to have people clamor for socialism.

And all of this is happening, while most Americans slumber.—heres-how-it-compares-to-other-presidential-addresses/?sh=4ed3bb6252e2

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