In the dystopian, yet ultimately prophetic novel “1984,” the main character is a man named Winston Smith who works as a clerk in the “Records Department” of his fictional country’s “Department of Truth.” His job is to go through old editions of the country’s main newspaper (“The Times”) and rewrite the stories to better fit the current narrative of the country which was controlled by one party:  Ingsoc, which was short for English Socialism.

It was a very common occurrence for Winston to be forced to rewrite the narrative to say the exact opposite of what once was.  Examples of this included erroneous predictions by Big Brother, the country’s leader, the revisionist status of enemies who were formerly friends (or vice-versa) or even the introduction of fake characters in stories to help explain situations that were not flattering to the regime. In other words, his job was to rewrite history to make his totalitarian socialist country look good and keep complete control. 

George Orwell wrote “1984” in 1948, well before the advent of modern-day computers and certainly before the internet was even imagined.  And yet, he was able to foresee a future when history could be rewritten to the point that even people who actually lived through events would forget them. As the socialist party boldly proclaims: “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

Never before has this idea been more real than it is today, right here in the USA.  Having re-read “1984” in recent years, it is hard to believe that the American Left, clearly represented by the Democrat Party, has not used “1984” as a manual to achieve control and maintain it through the manipulation of facts, history, and language.

“1984”’s Winston Smith is nothing more than a representation of today’s Propaganda Media, from The New York Times, Bezos-owned Washington Post, and CNN to Facebook, Twitter, and even the Hollywood talking heads who have become “media celebrities” to those who only get their news from those outlets. It isn’t hard to imagine Winston working hard at his computer compiling the memo to be sent to the rest of the Propaganda Media to disseminate the Democrat’s message to the obedient Useful Idiots who will accept it without questions. 

Consider, for example, the origin of the COVID virus.  Over a year ago, there were many reputable sources (in addition to President Trump) who were sounding the alarm on how the COVID virus had been created in and leaked from a lab in Wuhan.  The official lie that it had been transmitted through a bat in some outdoor market had been debunked time and again by real scientists. Chinese dissidents tried blowing the whistle only to be silenced not just by their country’s brutal regime, but by Democrats and their Democrat-controlled media here in the US. Rather than allow the truth to come out, the American Left saw the opportunity that the virus provided as their best chance at regaining control of the country which they had lost to President Trump.  The American Left also knew that they could count on enough gullible and ignorant people to push their narrative and support their quest to eliminate the Mean Tweeter. They didn’t care about the lives lost, the businesses bankrupted, our children suffering, or the end of life as we once knew it: they were going to reach their end by any means necessary.

The anti-truth and anti-Trump campaign was swift. Unknown and unqualified propaganda “fact-checkers” (Winston’s real-life counterparts) took it upon themselves to not just determine what is truth or fact, but to censor, silence, and punish anyone who dared to even question the origins of the virus, much less the politicization and weaponization of it. People were even being accused of being racist (the old Democrat stand-by accusation) for calling the COVID virus what it is:  a virus from Wuhan, China. 

The Left went a step further, attempting to manufacture a crisis of violence against Asians which they alleged began from correctly attributing the Chinese provenance of the virus. Needless to say, they also tried to tie any instance of violence against Asians to President Trump’s use of the terms Wuhan virus or China virus because, in the eyes of the Left, everything is Donald Trump’s fault. The victimization of Asians was gaining steam until evidence proved that virtually every single attack on Asians in the US was being perpetrated by people of color, usually black. Time to move on to the next manufactured crisis. 

Of course, the Propaganda Media and its actors were only doing the job that was given to them by the powers-that-be. At the top levels of government, the cover-ups and obfuscation of facts by the Biden Administration has been unprecedented.  Not only did they mock and censor President Trump for his comments on the China virus, but the Biden Administration quickly shut down a commission previously established by the Trump Administration to investigate the origins of the virus.  It is not hard to understand how irresponsible and reckless it is for a President of the United States to shut down the investigation of a virus which has adversely affected most aspects of our nation even as we are still suffering the repercussions of its handling. Yet that is exactly what Pretender Biden did. 

Fast-forward to this past week, when evidence that the COVID virus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan, whether intentionally or not, has become so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to deny it any longer.  It started when Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the biggest frauds to ever hold so much power over our country, was confronted with the question that he no longer could deny:  was the virus naturally occurring or could it have been leaked from the Wuhan lab?  His answer to the May 11, 2021 question from the Pointer Institute was “we don’t know 100 percent what the origin is.”  Contrast that to his answer a year ago in a May 2020 National Geographic interview when he said that the evidence “is very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated.” Of course, this is the same man who oversaw $600k of our tax dollars conveniently going to the Wuhan lab just a year or two prior to the leaked virus to study how viruses can be transmitted from bats to humans. Calling Dr. Fraudci a “quack” is probably one of the nicest names that he should be called. 

Now, Pretender Biden is forming a commission to investigate the origins of the virus and the Left claps in admiration, even after being complicit in their attacks against President Trump.  The media, including NPR which for so long denied China’s role in the creation of the virus, suddenly has stories urging that we “must investigate further. ” Facebook decided to lift their orders to censor anyone who questions the official narrative of the party or criticizes it in any way.  There are even comparison charts going around from some of the Propaganda Media outlets (like Vox) quietly editing their past stories to conform to the new reality.  This is strictly out of “1984” and yet the overwhelming majority of those on the Left just nod and comply.  

This is but the latest example of how the Biden Administration and its accomplices in the media and corporate America are imposing their unique brand of totalitarianism on our country.  There have been many others in the past and some ongoing.  

For example, there’s the issue of the COVID vaccinations where the media has been totally committed to promoting the government agenda, hiding important data on deaths due to the vaccine, serious side-effects, effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the vaccine, while minimizing or right-out lying about the vaccine’s lack of FDA approval or even clinical trials.  Frankly, many of the comments that people make in support of the vaccine or in trying to convince others to blindly follow along would be hilarious if this wasn’t such an important and potentially tragic topic. The media’s indoctrination has been swift. 

Then there’ the disinformation campaign surrounding the facts of George Floyd’s arrest and subsequent death which, as with every other incident involving police and a black-skinned criminal was manipulated for maximum exploitation in the Democrat-led race wars. Divide and conquer.

There’s also the crisis at the border. We already know that during the Trump Administration years, Democrats and their media outright lied about the “children in cages” situation.  The pictures shown by the media weren’t from the Trump years but from the Obama years and yet, to this day, I still hear Democrats argue that they hated Trump because he put “kids in cages.” You really can’t fix stupid! 

But the reality is that since the Pretender and his handlers took over the reigns of government, the situation at the border has rapidly deteriorated much to the detriment of both our country and even those crossing the border.  It is a mess, with deaths, overcrowding, allegations of sexual assaults, children left at the border to fend for themselves, and diseases.  And, yes, children back in cages. 

But the Propaganda Media is loudly silent on this topic, as is the Pretender and his sidekick, Kamala Harris, who was appointed to lead this issue.  There hasn’t been a single visit to the border by any of these officials, nor any press conferences on the topic.  As with the case of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s myriad of sexual assault allegations or Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax rape allegations, the media is complicit in ignoring the issue hoping that people will forget about it and move on.  And I can assure you that most on the Left will forget and not give a damn.  

And while there are still other examples that we could discuss, I would be remiss if I didn’t include what may be the Left’s most fantastical coup de grace, perhaps in history:  the protests at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 which the Left, again with the overwhelming help from the disgraceful Propaganda Media (and a few Republicans-in-Name-Only idiots) turned into some kind of fatal insurrection.  

We have the comparison of the event to 9/11/2001, with many on the Left unequivocally stating that 1/06/2021 was WORSE than the terrorist attack that killed thousands of people and destroyed parts of NYC and the Pentagon.  

Then we have the calls for some kind of a “commission” to investigate something, though we aren’t really sure what.  

There’s the hyperbolic language always used in connection to the protest (riot, storming, violent/fatal attack, mob, insurrection) words that were never used in connection to any of the violent Leftist protests and looting that characterized most of 2020 into 2021, all around the nation, and which resulted in far many more deaths, injuries, and losses. 

Even after most of the “fatalities” were eventually attributed to natural causes and not the result of events that took place that night, the media continues to describe the protest as some sort of war-like battle.  Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is even claiming Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the event.  Speaking of the devil, did you know that AOC has already acknowledged that she and other Democrats are discussing the creation of a “Federal Truth & Reconciliation Commission”? That’s the American equivalent of Ingsoc’s Ministry of Truth.

And so it is that we are living in the most Orwellian of nightmares, witnessing the destruction of our country by forces that are too evil to be excused.  All of this while the overwhelming majority of Democrat supporters either look the other way or are too ignorant to even recognize how they are lied to and manipulated, all for the benefit of a few elites.  

If you have never read “1984” or read it a long time ago, I recommend that you read it.  It will be obvious that the only thing that Orwell got wrong was the year: 2021 is 1984. 










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