The Model Democrat Cities

This past week, in the great Democrat bastion that is Baltimore, a woman named Nicole Johnson was stopped for a traffic violation.  When asked to produce her license, insurance, and vehicle registration, it became evident that she had neither:  she was driving a stolen vehicle with no driver’s license or car insurance.  When the officers of the Baltimore County Police Department issued a citation, she told the officers “(i)t don’t matter, I won’t be here in five days,” and “Y’all going to see me on the news, y’all going to see me on the news making my big debut.” She knew that these days, she has a better chance of having a mural painted with her likeness or having a street or plaza named after her than to be punished for her crimes.

As the vehicle was being prepared to be towed, Johnson was allowed to go to the trunk of her car to retrieve her belongings. It was at this time that the officer smelled the “unmistakable odor of decomposition” before noticing that one of the plastic bags that Johnson was retrieving had maggots on it.  Upon further inspection, two bodies were found in the trunk:  one was Johnson’s 7-year-old niece who she admitted to hitting and likely causing the death of a year ago in May 2020.  She had been driving the car with the body in the trunk for over a year when she added the body of the girl’s 5-year-old brother a couple of months ago.  

The siblings, of different last names and fathers that are never even mentioned, were abandoned by their mother in 2019 and left with Johnson, her sister.  At the time of their deaths, the 7-year-old girl weighed just 18 pounds while the 5-year-old boy weighed 21 pounds.  Those poor kids never stood a chance in life and one can only imagine the torturous short lives they must have had.

Not so long ago, this type of unthinkable, gruesome, and truly evil crime would have made headlines in every news outlet around the country, perhaps even the world.  But in the country we live today, much to the murderous monster’s disappointment, it was barely mentioned in the news, buried deeply among the fluff news from the Left about new mask mandates and blaming the unvaccinated for the virus that the vaccinated are getting infected with and spreading.  In fact, those who watch CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other Propaganda Media outlets live blissfully unaware of the crime tsunami that is hitting this country, as neither this horrendous event nor any of the other tragedies currently taking place in cities all around the country on a daily basis will be given much press time. That is especially true for those incidents that don’t involve guns or a white police officer killing a black thug.  

This type of crime as well as the lack of coverage for other current inconvenient truths define not just Biden’s America, but the Democrats’ America in general. The lack of coverage and censorship of the extreme crime within the black community, particularly the growing number of victims that are young innocent children and babies, is one of the ways that the Propaganda Media contributes to the cover-up of Democrat crimes, ignoring the utter destruction and chaos that is enveloping historically Democrat cities and, most notably, black communities.  Over decades, Democrats have created inhumane conditions that can be best compared to slavery, but with more cruelty and even less dignity and/or hope.   

We are not just talking about financial poverty, but about conditions that annihilate the human spirit, with bankruptcy of moral standards, failing schools that graduate illiterate children with no skills, welfare dependency that stunts human growth, drug addictions, the encouragement of crime and gangs, a refusal to enforce laws or allow law enforcement to protect communities, the victimization of human beings and reducing them to perpetual Democrat voters, the promotion of fear, hatred, and divisions based on skin color, all the while those Democrat leaders become filthy rich and forever powerful. 

I simply don’t care about what Democrats say their intentions are or how much they deny the facts:  this is the Democrat legacy and you can witness it first-hand in a number of Democrat-controlled cities all around the nation, from Baltimore to DC, Los Angeles to San Francisco, Chicago to NYC and dozens others in between. If you dared to drive in the truly depressed areas of those cities, you would witness conditions that are sometimes worse than those in Third World developing countries.  

This is where we can see the Democrats’ plan for America. They say that the best indicator of future performance is past performance and I agree. This is why if we want to see what the Democrats have in store for our country all we need to do is take a look at those cities where they have held unbridled control for decades.  And what we can see is beyond scary.

One such city is, of course, Baltimore, were the horrific case mentioned at the beginning of the blog took place. Although I’ve lived in the DC area for decades, I had only been to Baltimore on a couple of occasions, mostly overnight visits to the Inner Harbor to attend special events. Even the Inner Harbor, a tourist destination, was surprisingly disappointing:  a dirty, unsafe city that I had no desire to visit again.  Even Philadelphia, another Democrat crumbling & crime-ridden city that I have no love for, seems like the Emerald City when compared to the ever-depressing Baltimore.

My impressions of Baltimore perfectly matched the news reports out of that city:  a dilapidated city in disarray, crime-ridden with daily shootouts between gang members, failing schools where some students graduate having passed only one class in their high school career.  In other words, kids are being completely cheated out of an education and a chance for a better life. Instead, they are simply processed through the system to become welfare-dependent Democrat voters. 

I went to Baltimore again last week, this time to attend an event at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) a pricey, highly-reputable university. To get to the university, we drove through some of the major avenues in Baltimore, all lined with various homeless encampments, drug-addicts and beggars circling cars at every single traffic stop.  I didn’t feel safe at all, even driving in the middle of the day on a Sunday.  I later found out about people who have been shot for taking the wrong turn at the wrong place on a regular Sunday morning. Of course, Democrats will just blame the gun, as if an inanimate object is capable of causing death and destruction on its own. 

We finally arrived at the hotel at JHU, located in an area that feels safer than the rest of the city, but not safe by most normal American standards.  In an effort to reduce crime around its campus, JHU began a program a few years ago where they hire people to act as “guards” akin to a community watch program. This meant that at every corner, a community guard, armed with a cell phone and a bright yellow vest, would stand guard around the university and the adjacent commercial street. My guess is that their job is to either videotape incidents or, if one is lucky, call the police. 

The adjacent street is where you will find JHU’s pitiful selection of outside restaurants and food places.  Whereas most universities in other cities will have vibrant commercial venues with dozens of eating options, JHU has about 4 or 5 very mediocre places (at best) to eat.  There were plenty of vacant store fronts suggesting that many others had apparently closed down permanently.  To get into any of these eateries, you had to deftly navigate a sea of drug dealers offering their products and vagrants crowding the sidewalks.  It was not an environment I would ever want my children to live in.  

What was interesting was to see the deep racial divisions within Baltimore, particularly in this affluent, highly-educated, woke community.  While virtually all the vagrants and the community guards were black, JHU is surrounded by amazingly gorgeous mansions, some the size of small motels, where their white owners all sat around their porches or worked on their gardens.  It felt as if we had stepped back in time and were driving around Southern plantations of the early 1800s.  Except that many of those Baltimore estates, with their neatly manicured lawns, had their collections of “Black Lives Matter” and “Hate Has No Home Here” yards signs on front. 

Yes, those are the Democrat elites, mostly white, who will then lecture the rest of us around the country on racism, inequality, and unfair income distribution.  Their hypocrisy is truly astonishing.

But it wasn’t just about condescending and hypocritical, virtue-signaling Democrat elites enjoying a disproportionate amount of wealth while the poor black employees kept the areas around them safe that demonstrated what Democrats have in store for America: the hotel itself painted a clear picture of what we can expect of Democrat rule.

We were staying at the Doubletree hotel directly across the street from the university. In any other city, the Doubletree hotels are likely to be fairly nice hotels in a mid-price range but here in Baltimore, it gave off the vibes of something one would expect to find in a poor communist country, like North Korea.  The lobby of the hotel is disproportionately large and dark, like a basement, with a few chairs and couches sprinkled about, seemingly as an afterthought. It is a drab place, with no decorations, no restaurant or convenience store and only a small bar in a corner of the lobby. For breakfast, you would go to the lobby where a small number of tables would be set-up so you can eat from the $14.99 all-you-can-eat breakfast bar which consisted of two catering stands with eggs, bacon, and potatoes, on top of a plain folding table that didn’t even have a tablecloth to cover it.  In other words, it is the kind of hotel you would find in a place that expects protests, looting or other non-political but similarly destructive crime at a moment’s notice.

The very small front desk at the back of the lobby near the elevators was staffed by only one employee who was both friendly and efficient as she handled everything from check-ins, phone calls, room requests, etc.  The only other employee was the janitor, a nice man who in addition to taking care of maintenance also had to go down to the parking lot to assist guests with the failing parking gates.  Needless to say, there were no concierge, valets, or other employees to provide any other assistance.

All in all, while the rooms themselves were good, the spartan feel of the hotel was a far cry from what we have come to expect in the USA and more akin to the socialist society that the Democrats are creating.

Except that at least in most communist countries they don’t have to deal with the level of crime and lawlessness that we are dealing with here in the USA.  So, it is true that the type of socialism that the Democrats are imposing in our country is unlike anything else we have seen in history:  it is much worse.  It is repression + economic depression + crime/lawlessness.  And we are seeing it everywhere.

It would be great if we could say that Baltimore is the exception and not the rule, but that is clearly not true.  Those who pay attention know that the exact same problems are plaguing Democrat strongholds all around the nation. Crime is up everywhere.  Prices are skyrocketing due to inflation.  We are starting to see a scarcity or goods and services that have nothing to do with the COVID disaster and everything to do with the economic restructuring of our country under Democrat rule.  We were recently in Ohio where a number of restaurants have reopened but only for take-out, as they don’t have enough employees to clean the tables that would allow for dining-in.  Many stores, like Dunkin’ and some Chick-Fil-A are still drive-through only.  

Meanwhile, Minnesota’s Rep. Ilhan Omar, an anti-US congresswoman who nobody could ever accuse of being a patriot or caring about the American people, is introducing legislation to implement a universal basic income, another step toward full-fledged communism in the USA.  She is not doing it because she is a capitalist (she has made it clear that she isn’t) or because she loves our country (her allegiance is to her religion and her country of birth, Somalia);  she is doing it because this is the way to defeat our country by destroying it from within. 

Those of us who have studied history, listened to the testimonials of those who have escaped or, better yet, personally witnessed what a communist regime does, can see that our country is well on its way down a path of no return. I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat it:  it is scary and depressing to see how we are so rapidly losing our great and beloved country. Even worse is to see so many Americans still in denial, living in their own safe suburban bubbles, completely unaware of how they are destroying not just the country that has given us so much, but the future of our children and our grandchildren. Because the sad reality is that by the time those people realize their ignorance and mistake in trusting the Democrat Party, I’m afraid it will be too late for all of us.

And there will be no place or country for us to escape to.   

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