More Covid Lies

A couple of days ago, I was reading a story about some celebrity who recently got the COVID “Delta” variant even though she was fully vaccinated and wore a mask while around the person she contracted the virus from. The woman, some celeb I’ve never heard of, wanted to spread her message that “the COVID epidemic is not over.”

She was as sick as someone with the common cold would naturally be:  runny nose, fatigued, and a discharge from her eyes which seemed to really surprise her. I guess she didn’t know that conjunctivitis or “pink eye” is actually the common cold virus that has infected a person’s eyes. 

As I often do, I went straight to the “Comments” section after reading the whole story.  It is a dangerous thing to do, especially since you are apt to be exposed to the extremely ignorant, brainwashed people who offer their perspectives and medical advice even when they have no idea what they are talking about and barely a grasp of reality. 

But I went to the comments section anyway because, in addition to the occasional witty comment, from time to time I actually learn something from the comments section that I wouldn’t otherwise learn from the media, particularly the Propaganda Media.

This was such a time. 

In a comment that was either buried or deleted by the censors within minutes, a person pointed out the following:  

Since I’ve come to expect the censorship, a sad and dangerous sign of the oppressive times we are living in, I quickly took a picture of the comment before it was deleted. I then did what I wished more people did: I looked up the information myself, including the link which takes you to the official page of the British Government’s public information on COVID. ( 

This official report is not some American think-tank or government bureaucrat trying to spin some information one way or another to their advantage;  it is simply the collection of numbers, best they have them, printed in black and white for people to see. 

The report is almost 70 pages long, so I went straight to pages #13-14, as the commenter suggested, and sure enough, the information the person had posted was correct:  

If those numbers are correct, the mortality of the Delta variant among people fully vaccinated is MUCH HIGHER than among the people who are unvaccinated even though the unvaccinated are much more likely to get infected with the virus.  

And that data set is not an anomaly. The data the British government collected for the following time period which ended just last month, shows a similar pattern of the vaccinated dying at a higher rate than the unvaccinatd. I should also add that the British data is limited to the 28 days post vaccination period. In other words, people who die or have adverse effects AFTER the 28 days are not counted in the data. Even with this huge limitation, the numbers are pretty clear: people who are fully vaccinated are dying of the new variant at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated.

Yet, just today, another celeb came forward with news that he, too, has come down with COVID even though he is fully vaccinated. His message? That although he is a fully vaccinated person with COVID, he has been assured by doctors that the severity of his illness and that the chances of him dying are less, because he is vaccinated. Really? Based on what data? Because the only data that we are having access to (the data from the UK) proves the exact opposite: if you are a fully vaccinated person, the probability of you dying of the new variant is not just higher, but MUCH higher than that of unvaccinated people.

What’s more, a link in the report also shows an analysis of the British government’s data with regard to the Delta variant, which is the predominant COVID variant in the UK, and the conclusion is that, while the variant is more infectious than the previous ones, it is also less severe.  Let me repeat that again:  it is LESS severe than previous variants. This, as health officials in the US (as well as the media) are sounding the alarm about the Delta variant, characterizing it as being worse than the original.

Why is all this information so important?  There are many reasons, but in my opinion the main among them is that our government and the American Propaganda Media are lying to us. What is worse, they are lying in order to exploit this virus to their advantage, using and manipulating the low-information citizens to push their repressive agenda. Not that I would trust the British government much more than our own, but clearly when it comes to information on COVID and the vaccines, the British government and its media have been much more transparent than our own. Perhaps the Brits just don’t have a need to exploit these lies as our own Deep State does.

Another reason information is important is because it answers the question of the vaccine efficacy itself. Why are people fully vaccinated dying at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated?  Are their immune systems compromised because of pre-existent conditions or because the vaccine itself has created the compromise?

Anecdotally, every week I’m learning of more people (many that I personally know) who have either died or had serious complications after their vaccine shots, yet the media completely ignores these cases while hyper-focusing on the few unvaccinated who are still dying of the virus. Incidentally, I still only personally know one person who died of the virus, and that was an 82 year old man with diabetes, at the very beginning of the crisis when we just didn’t know that much about the virus.

Is a vaccine against a virus for which several therapeutics already exist really worth the risk of having heart and neurological problems or worse, dying? Aren’t there too many questions unanswered such that unquestionable conclusions CANNOT be made about the vaccine efficacy?  At the very least, shouldn’t this be enough to quiet the calls for mandatory vaccinations? Shouldn’t all this information be sufficiently compelling for Vaccine Nazis to leave people who don’t want to inject this poison into their body alone?

The answer should, of course be “yes,” but the reality in a brainwashed society where people listen only to one side of the story and live in fear of what they don’t know, the answer is sadly “no.” Listening to the media, our government, the people who parrot their slogans and, sadly, too many in the medical community who have clearly sold their souls to the devil, the reality is that most people really don’t give a damn about facts, data, or compelling evidence in general.  

In a story about a vaccinated woman who got sick from COVID even while wearing a mask, about 1/3 of the commenters in that thread were people arguing that everyone should get vaccinated so the virus can be “eradicated.” Didn’t they read the story? Or they argued that the vaccine is the only way to “cure” the virus. No, vaccines don’t cure anything. Then there was a “special” one who stated that being vaccinated is “freedom.” The stupid was strong in that one.

Sadly, I have little faith that people will ever learn, no matter how many times people like me and so many others share the actual data. Heck, you still see people wearing masks inside their cars, alone! Indoctrinated brains efficiently keep out any information that would make them question the official narrative that they have so faithfully believed, without question.  When confronted with the data, they will dismiss it as false or merely a conspiracy theory.  If CNN doesn’t report it, then it must not be real.  If Biden or the rest of the Marxist Democrats don’t talk about it, it must not be true. 

Those people don’t want to hear that fully vaccinated people can still get COVID and die at a higher rate than if they had not gotten any vaccine at all. They don’t want to know about the cases of heart inflammation among young children and men which have caused death or permanent damage to people’s hearts to the point that the FDA has finally issued a warning.  They don’t want to hear about the neurological disorders caused by the J&J vaccine which are now being investigated by the CDC and which have caused paralysis and death in so many.  And they certainly don’t want to know the facts about the REPORTED and documented Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System VAERS) deaths and serious adverse effects from the vaccines, including the deaths of so many children who would have likely still be alive if only they had just gotten COVID instead of the vaccine.  Please note, I put the emphasis on “reported” since not all adverse effects or even deaths are reported in the VAERS, as I discuss in a previous post.

The fact is that the COVID vaccine has already caused more deaths and certainly adverse effects than all other vaccines combined since the report started being compiled decades ago. This even includes deaths caused by vaccines that were eventually taken off the market after so many people (mostly children) had died.

What people who live in fear and ignorance want to hear is that the government will keep them safe and that everyone else, like them, will submit, be compliant, and take the vaccine so they don’t have to worry about a virus anymore. The sad/angering/frustrating aspect of all this is knowing that the data and the information are out there, yet people choose ignorance and fear over the truth.  Too many people just don’t care about being lied to, even if their lives (or those of their loved ones) will be affected.

Personally, I don’t have a problem if a person chooses to get a COVID vaccine. Seriously, they can get all three shots at once if it’ll make them feel any better and then wear five layers of masks, even inside their homes. In fact, I greatly support the idea of those people hiding inside their homes and never coming out to see the outside world. You really can’t fix stupid. But the problem is that these people are hell-bent in imposing their distorted beliefs on the rest of us.  That is a huge problem. And THAT is something that I care about and will fight to the very end.

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