The Democrat Blue Pill

Just two days after our nation celebrated it’s independence from the British tyranny over 200 years ago, the man pretending to be President of the United States and his handlers announced their next step toward forced vaccinations: government officials going door-to-door to vaccinate those who haven’t gotten their jabs.

Specifically, Biden said  “his team will emphasize pediatricians so that patients ages 12 to 18 can get immunized ahead of the school year and fall sports.” This despite the fact that the FDA has added a warning to their yet-unapproved-for-regular-use vaccine about myocarditis potential and at a time that we are hearing more and more about the potentially fatal adverse effect that the vaccine is having in young people. As the American Heart Association just recently commissioned a group to study these cases and the potential threat to young people, the fact remains that NO ONE knows what the potential long-term effects of myocarditis in young people due to the COVID vaccine may be. But we DO know that they could be instantly fatal or cause potential long-term effects.

While the Administration, Big Pharma, and irresponsible health officials continue to dismiss these cases as “rare,” children and young adults continue to be affected. I know of at least one healthy teen who had these symptoms days after the second shot of the COVID vaccine. He had difficulty breathing and pain in his chest/back area. The symptoms were worrisome and debilitating enough that he was unable to play in his school’s championship game, even though he was the highest scorer in his team. Because at the time they were completely unaware of the potential for myocarditis among teens, they never went to the doctor. His case, as I suspect is the case with the overwhelming majority of others out there, was never reported. It is only cases such as that of Simone Scott, the 19-year old student at Northwestern University who died of heart inflammation and pneumonia after her second shot of the Moderna vaccine, that we may ever hear about. But only if we are actively seeking that information as most of that information has been scrubbed from search engines and the Propaganda Media.

Yet, the Biden regime doesn’t care about the science: they simply want the children vaccinated, no matter what.

Is there a single American who doesn’t know where to get the vaccine? As if the sensationalist Propaganda Media hadn’t covered the vaccine rollout sufficiently, there are signs literally everywhere advertising the vaccines. Every doctor that we have visited during the past 6 months has made a point of offering said vaccine. We have also all heard about the many ways the government has tried to buy people’s submission, from giveaways, to prices, early releases from prison and even free conjugal visits.

And, if having a government agent showing up at your door, needle in hand, to “encourage” you to get the jab wasn’t enough, the Biden regime has already hinted at the reimposition of coronavirus restrictions and even support for a vaccine passport. Compliance by intimidation.

Yet, many people refuse to get the vaccine, myself included, for very good reasons. I have already explained those reasons in other blogposts but, in summary, I don’t believe that I need an unproven, untested vaccine with known side-effects that could be more lethal than the virus it is purporting to prevent, especially when that vaccine not only FAILS to prevent future infections but when I know that there are proven, efficient, and widely available therapeutics to treat such virus. More importantly, I am going to trust my immune system to deal with the virus, should I again be exposed to it. I refuse to be part of the mass hysteria and inject my body with unknown chemicals that are more likely to do harm than good.

I know all this because I have done my (very extensive) research despite what those who succumb to the pressure and who like to call people like me ignorant, fearful, or uneducated like to say. It never surprises me when I engage those people in a discussion about vaccine safety and efficacy, particularly the COVID vaccine, and it becomes immediately apparent that their entire wealth of “knowledge” has come from Propaganda Media headlines. The overwhelming majority of those people have no idea what they are talking about. And as I’ve already witnessed some of those very people getting gravely ill and being hospitalized from the vaccine, I’m fairly confident in my position. But, in the end, what matters is that I should have a CHOICE as to what to do with my body. And, unlike the cases of abortion when you are talking about harming a separate human being who happens to be developing inside a person, this really is about me; my body, my choice.

Unfortunately, no matter how ignorant those pushing for the vaccine happen to be, how their positions are not based on science but rather governmental mandates and public hysteria, the reality is that those people have become the pawns of the Marxist Democrat forces that are hell-bent in destroying our country and eliminating our freedoms.

And Democrats are not even hiding their true intent anymore.

As if Biden’s announcement of going door-to-door to force vaccinations on people who don’t want them was not sufficiently reminiscent of Nazi, Soviet, or Chinese oppression- some of which we got to witness just last year as Chinese people were forced from their homes and manhandled by Chinese military officials during their COVID lockdowns- we now have Health & Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra openly stating that we, as Americans, no longer have the freedoms we once enjoyed but only those that the Biden regime will allow.

In an interview with the far-Left Propaganda Media CNN, Becerra admitted:

We want to give people the SENSE that they have the freedom to choose.” In other words, we don’t really have the freedoms we once had, just the ILLUSION that we have them. And Becerra was very clear as to who exactly determines what freedoms people may or may not have: the Democrats in power do.

He also added that “(w)e try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible.” In other words, whatever rights and freedoms we may enjoy have not been endowed to us by our Creator nor safeguarded by our Constitutions, they are given to us by Democrats.

Let’s not make the mistake of dismissing Xavier Becerra as a Leftist loon and another Democrat idiot. Becerra is a career politician who has spent several decades in public office. He was a U.S. Congressman for 24 years, at one point serving as Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and Assistant to Leader Pelosi. More recently, he served as California’s Attorney General where he sued the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic order of nuns, in order to mandate their compliance with the Obamacare orders that violate the religious freedoms, such as providing abortion services. This, from a man who pretends to be a Catholic. Given his legal education and his prior positions in legal circles, this guy should know better about American jurisprudence and the rights of the American people but, instead, he purposely chooses to disregard them.

Now, despite his total lack of public health-care background he was appointed to his current position as Secretary of HHS. Xavier Becerra is a Marxist to the core, a backer of Universal Health Care and of the communist Cuban regime, once refusing to call on Cuba to hold fair and free elections during a meeting with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Men like him are extremely dangerous. Mark my words: he has just the right pedigree for Democrats to elevate him as the token Hispanic when the time for Democrats to run a Hispanic for POTUS arises. This is how the Democrat Party manufactures candidates.

I’ll be honest, as much as I saw our country’s hard turn to the Left coming a mile away, even I have a hard time accepting how quickly (and swiftly!) the socialist/communist takeover has been. As I find myself saying several times a day, every day, I simply don’t recognize this country anymore.

Are most Americans truly that clueless that they don’t recognize the terrible significance of those threats by Joe Biden and Xavier Becerra? Are we really so ignorant of American principles and jurisprudence to not understand how those words threaten the very core of our country and our way of life? Are we, as a country, so confused and distracted not to see how our reality so closely mimics well-known examples throughout history of dictatorial regimes?

Reminds me of the Blue Pill in the movie The Matrix, which allowed people to live in blissful ignorance under a veiled existence.

A true American understands that our freedoms and choices are endowed by our Creator not the dictates of government, much less the Marxist/Democrat Party deciding what liberties and freedoms we may or may not enjoy. And a true American understands that those freedoms and rights are guaranteed by our Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, which set-up one of the most just, fair, and wealthiest governmental systems in the history of humankind. The best proof we have of this is the fact that those claiming “injustices” and fighting perceived micro-aggressions are the rich, including the multibillionaires who have nothing better to do with their lives. But that is the subject for another post.

So, as Xavier Becerra would probably say, while you are losing your country, your freedoms, and your rights, Democrats will make sure that you still get “the sense” that you aren’t losing any of it. In other words, go take your blue pill.

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