My July 4th Independence from Facebook

I finally did it:  on July 4th, 2021, I gained my independence from Facebook (AKA Fascistbook). It was a long way coming but I’m glad it finally happened. 

It wasn’t an easy decision, mostly because I had been in Fascistbook since 2008 when I joined it as a means of communicating with my former classmates planning our class reunion.  Since then, it became my primary means of communication with longtime friends who live far away, relatives, and even new friends who I’ve had the pleasure to meet through FB. 

It’s also become very convenient to learn more about businesses who will update their Facebook accounts much more frequently than they will their websites. And,  I admit that I will miss it when our dogs’ boarding place posts pictures of our dogs when we are away.

But staying in FB became untenable the moment they rolled out, just in time for July 4th, their latest fascist measures: requesting that people report others they deem to be “extremists.” (see images below)

In typical Fascistbook manner, the term “extremist” was never defined but instead kept vague and all-encompassing.  For the ignorant, most likely someone on the Left who has always been spared the wrath of Fascistbook, the idea of reporting “extremists” may sound acceptable and even necessary.  

But for those of us who know better, who have been censored, flagged and punished for content that FB doesn’t approve of, the term “extremist” doesn’t need to be defined as we know exactly what it means:  an extremist is someone who loves the USA, a patriot, a conservative or a libertarian, likely a Christian, and most certainly someone who doesn’t agree with the Marxist, racist, & oppressive views of Democrats.  

More often than not, the person being labeled an “extremist” will likely be an older, white, American who is probably a veteran.  In other words, a person who risked his life for our country is the most likely target of censorship and harassment by FB.  What is extraordinarily ironic is that the censorship and extremist label will be assessed by a 20 or 30 year old spoiled millennial whose idea of sacrifice is something akin to the disappointment of not being able to get the latest iPhone the day it comes out, or finding out that the Starbucks is closed.  

Personally, I have a big problem with allowing a multi-billion entity ran by unhinged Leftists dictating what I can say or not say, then threatening to label me an extremist merely for not conforming with the dictates of a neo-fascist regime that doesn’t tolerate dissent.  I also have a problem with making money for and giving power to said entity with every allowable post that I make or every “like” that I give another post. 

Yet, it isn’t just the censorship and the labeling.  Perhaps the scariest aspect of this latest Fascistbook sham is the fact that it is conditioning Americans to snitch on each other solely on the basis of differing political opinions. Isn’t this exactly what they do in North Korea and communist Cuba?

This past year has been a year of conditioning. All around the world, people were conditioned to wear masks, hide in their homes, and stay away from people, even when though measures were known to be unnecessary. 

Citizens were then conditioned to willingly, in fact, obsessively inject themselves with an unknown, unproven, and untested “vaccine” which has not even been approved by the FDA, without ever questioning its efficacy or side-effects and even if they had had the virus they are trying to avoid.

Now, they have moved to the next stage of conditioning:  encourage people to report others for SPEECH that the regime doesn’t approve of or doesn’t agree with.  

Frankly, I can’t understand how more people are not up-in-arms and upset about this latest step by FB.  Instead, I had people get mad at me for taking a stance and saying “NO MORE!” 

I do understand what some people were trying to tell me:  to stay in FB, to use it against them, to have a voice.  But is it really much of a voice when it is censored?  When not censored, news stories are being shadow banned, as always happens to stories from certain sources, such as The Epoch Times and FoxNews, among others.  Also, for the entire last year, my number of “friends” stayed around the same number no matter how many “friend requests” I accepted.  I estimated that in that time period I accepted somewhere between 50-75 requests and yet, every time I accepted a new request, someone else got deleted so the number never increased.  Given that I had already purged my list of most of my Leftist friends and relatives, I’m fairly certain that people were not “unfriending” me- this was FB’s doing, 100%.

Enough is enough.  Truth be told, the only reason I was staying in FB was convenience.  In the end, my own personal moral values dictate that I cannot support, empower, and enrich a fascist corporation such as FB, no matter how convenient it may be.  It is also the reason why I have largely stopped shopping at Amazon, a company I absolutely detest. In the process,  I found out Amazon doesn’t necessarily offer the best prices or shipping options out there.  As they have driven so many businesses into bankruptcy, cementing their monopoly, their prices have been going steadily up as their customer service has been going down.  Rather than complain about closed stores or how rich Jeff Bezos is- who incidentally is part of the Propaganda Media with his Washington Compost- I decided to act, rather than just speak. Frankly, the joy of supporting small businesses and shunning Amazon would be worth paying more, if I had to. 

The frustrating thing here is to consider how things would really change if only more people decided to take a stance and leave FB en masse.  Despite all the complaints, jokes, and even Congressional hearings on the matter of FB’s censorship and discriminatory practices against conservatives, the company has not only ignored all of it, but they have taken the disgusting, bold step that they have now taken. FB continues to thrive while participating in anti-American censorship, profiling, and political black-listing because they KNOW that the people they have now are not leaving, no matter what. People will put up with anything so long as they are not inconvenienced. Yet, do you really think that the company would do nothing if suddenly 1/2 of its users were to leave and their stock tanked?  The power is in the numbers but, sadly, too many are not willing to give up the convenience.  It’s the same reason why the Left knows they can do all they want, literally destroy this country, and the majority of people won’t do a thing.  People may whine and complain but they won’t do a thing.  

And so, despite the fact that I’m only one out of millions and that I know my departure will not make much of a difference in the Zuck’s deep pockets, I just couldn’t stomach the idea of being part of the problem. This is how, on July 4th, I finally took a stance and left FB.  To be honest, while I will miss some aspects of it, for the most part I am relieved.  No longer will I be allowing FB controlling what I say nor will I give them the pleasure of putting my name on a McCarthian list compiled by unhinged Leftists.  As an added bonus, I will no longer be exposed to all the moronic and ridiculous posts of those in support of Biden’s Marxist goals and in defense of the racist policies that are dividing our country.

Instead, I will continue to be free and enjoy that freedom to say whatever I want for as long as I can.

2 Thoughts

  1. Back in November of 2020 and for identical reasons – I left Facebook, Instagram, and my 30k followers behind on Twitter, I also purged all Google apps entirely and changed from Gmail to Protonmail. I didn’t just go inactive to make an appearance later, I CLOSED out all of my accounts and when able I cleared out my data. I refuse to support their agenda with any more of my $$ and yes scrolling thru their advertisements alone provided $$. What’s the point, there is no staying to fight if you’re under constant censorship by an algorithm.

    Good for you, it’s the best decision I ever made. So come on in – the water’s warm.


    1. I wish more people had the guts to do it. There are many other ways to keep in touch with people, even apps to share information and news with others. If we don’t take a firm stance, nothing will ever change. Thanks for sharing!


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