Your Children Belong to the State

Remember when Hillary Rodham Clinton argued that “it takes a village” to raise a child?  At the time, that sounded innocent enough, the concept that we need others to form a community and raise well-adjusted children.  Anyone who has been a parent knows how incredibly hard the task is, perhaps the most difficult we will ever be faced with. And we certainly need the help, particularly in this increasingly fragmented society where everyone is so busy, away from family and, in many instances, with both parents working and unable to care for their children.

But what I suspect Clinton was really doing was sowing the seed that parents are not the ones ultimately responsible for their children: the “village” is. And by “village” what she really meant was the State.  The idea of “it takes a village” shifts the responsibility of child-rearing from the parents and the child’s family, to the government. Some of the most obvious areas are health authorities who mandate what vaccines and treatments the child will receive for their health care (whether the parents like it or not) to education authorities that decide what kind of education the child will receive. 

What’s become evident about American schools is that by “education” what they really mean is the shaping of the child’s belief system and not the development of reasoning, fact-finding, or analytical skills.  Our schools are now indoctrination centers where children are taught what to think, what to feel, what they should be outraged about, what they should accept and, ultimately, how to become “justice warriors” who will do the government’s bidding.  

It wasn’t until the ridiculous COVID restrictions hit us that many parents became aware of what has been really going on in most American schools.  The level of racism, secularism, anti-Americanism, and self-loathing taught by the American school system, most notably in the public school system, has been spreading like a cancer for years but wasn’t as obvious until parents were able to actually listen in on the virtual classes.  

Children taught to loathe themselves because their skin is white.

Children taught to hate others and demand “equity” because their skin is darker.

Children taught that discrimination is acceptable when it is done against people of light skin color.

Children taught that violence is acceptable when it is done by a person of color against a white person. 

Children taught that destruction of property is okay so long as you do it in the name of “social justice.” 

Children taught that the police is inherently racist and intent on murdering black people.

Children taught that they don’t have to tolerate other opinions if they go against what their teachers are telling them they must believe.

Children taught to be fearful of a virus from which they themselves won’t be affected to the point that many have become manically obsessive in their cleaning habits.

Children taught to muzzle when told to by an authority.

Children taught that drugs are okay.

Children taught about sexuality and, in some cases, being exposed to explicit child pornography and made to accept it.

Children taught that “science” is really what the government tells you it is and that no one is allowed to challenge it.

Children taught that genders do not exist.

Children taught that man controls the climate, the weather, and the universe.

In other words, children taught to be the good little drones that a totalitarian regime can easily manipulate for its purpose.

These aren’t exaggerations but the reality that many of us have encountered and personally witnessed.  Our own personal quest for a good education has been a difficult one.  Although we have always had a preference for homeschooling and graduated our oldest child this way, we also have a child who wants to play sports.  The Commonwealth of Virginia, where we live, is one of the few backwards and regressive state that does not have the “Tim Tebow laws” that allow homeschool children to play in public school teams, something that should be allowed since homeschool parents also pay for the taxes that fund those sports and schools.

Interestingly, one of the schools that we toured as we looked at private schools, was St. Andrew’s Episcopal in Maryland.  This was the school that President Trump’s son Barron attended.  During our tour, we noticed that one of the history teacher’s classroom had a gigantic, floor-to-ceiling red poster of Che Guevara.  And this was the school that our Republican President’s son attended!  If you don’t think our private schools are also indoctrination centers, think again.

The difference is that with a private school, you hope that parents can threaten to leave and hopefully bankrupt the school.  But public schools are a different story:  we are obligated to fund them.  While school officials should listen to the parents and taxpayers who fund their salaries and their jobs, the reality is that too many school board officials seem to forget who they are accountable to. We are seeing this happen all over the country. 

Perhaps the most visible of all these clashes is currently taking place in Loudoun County, Virginia, where we used to reside.  The indoctrination has been strong for years there, with most parents being blissfully unaware.  But many of us had noticed this a long time ago.  From the 4th grade teacher who told our son’s class back in 2013 that if Hillary Clinton ran for President they should all ask their parents to vote for her because “she is a woman,” to the middle school English teacher who taught civics while having no concept of how our government actually works- yes, there was a discussion with a number of parents and the teacher was truly clueless- the signs have all been there.  Incidentally, that civics teacher had a creepy life-size, blow-up doll of Barack Obama in the front corner of the classroom watching over the students at all times, just like Big Brother.  Did I mention that the teacher was heavily involved with her town’s Democrat Party?  She was also well-known for admonishing and giving lower grades to the kids who dared to express a conservative or pro-Republican idea.  That was when we decided to pull our children from public school and start homeschooling.  Then again, knowing that middle school children had been having sex inside a classroom, while a class was going on, certainly played an equally large factor in our decision, especially since parents were not notified of this situation and we only found out because the kids involved in the act lived in our neighborhood. But I digress.

One of the blessings of the COVID restrictions was that the curtain was pulled back from the sinister going-ons in so many of our schools and Loudoun County was not the exception. The overwhelmingly Democrat school board’s response to criticism has been nothing short of astounding and right-down repressive.  They have denied the Constitutional rights of and suspended a teacher for speaking out as a parent and even when a judge ordered the teacher be reinstated, the board vowed to spend tax-dollars to challenge the judge’s decision. They have changed the times of meetings in order to confuse attendees; they have bused-in supporters of their racist policies from other jurisdictions to express support; and just this week, they cut-off public debate when they realized that those who opposed them outnumbered their supporters by more than 80% (according to people who were there).  They then all walked out of the room, declaring an “unlawful assembly” and ordering the Sheriff’s office to arrest anyone who remained inside the building.  That was one of the most disgraceful, anti-American, and anti-democratic responses by an elected body I have seen in a long time.  (see link below)

I should also point out to those not familiar with this despicable school board, that one of its members, a woman named Beth Barts, was responsible for recommending that parents who were critical of the school’s racist curriculum or the lockdowns be blacklisted and publicly called out.  This led to a group of teachers and Democrat activists begin compiling detailed lists of parents, their spouses, addresses, and places of employment with the purpose of harassing and doxing.  (see link below).

What this entire situation proves, once again, is that Democrats wholeheartedly believe that their power over our children is more absolute than that of the parents’.  Democrats believe that the children are their possession and the responsibility of the government, not the parents.  In fact, they don’t even need to listen to the parents and can dismiss them whenever they become a pest. 

In 2013, when then-MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry stated in the network’s “Lean Forward” campaign that “we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities” it was not a mistake.  She was merely letting the cat out of the bag earlier than was planned.

These are not isolated incidents. In neighboring Prince William County, Virginia, on 6/21/21, the chairman of the Prince William County School Board, a man by the name of Babur Lateef, stated the following: “in my culture, tradition, it’s sort of you have to listen to, um, God, TEACHER, parent.  That’s the order.”  Dr. Lateef, an ophthalmologist with deep political ambitions, has clarified it for anyone who still has doubts about what the Democrats and their Marxist followers really mean:  kids are to listen to their teachers and indoctrinators before they listen to their parents.  Teachers are to be put above parents and family members.

Since he made a point of bringing up his “culture,” you may be wondering what “culture” Chairman Lateef is speaking of? Let me tell you as you will be hard-pressed to find anything about his cultural/religious background in any of his literature or any of the articles written about him: Babur Lateef is a Muslim.  So when he is speaking of “God” he is talking about “Allah,” not your Judeo/Christian God; when he is speaking of his culture, it is not the American culture, it is his Muslim upbringing and beliefs.

Chairman Lateef is one of many Muslims who have been elected to different levels of government throughout Virginia in the past few years despite a relatively small Muslim population of about 2.5%.  Compared to the Hispanic & Asian populations (which are about 10% & 7% respectively) Muslims either occupy more positions of power or are much more vocal in their positions.  And they are all heavily connected and promoted by the Democrat Party.

Another Muslim who, like Lateef, serves as a school board member is  Abrar Omeish.  Omeish serves in the Fairfax County School Board, which is adjacent to both Loudoun and Prince William Counties.  On June 7, 2021, she addressed the graduating class at Justice High School in Fairfax (previously J.E.B. Stuart high School) , where she first addressed the crowd in English by making a few innocent-sounding remarks before switching to Arabic and exhorted the students to remember their “Jihad”- which means the “struggle” or “holy war” of Muslims against non-Muslims. She then added: “We struggle with human greed, racism, extreme versions of individualism and capitalism, white supremacy growing wealth gaps, disease, climate crisis extreme poverty amidst luxury and waste right next door, and the list goes on.

These comments received no coverage by the Propaganda Media.  It is almost impossible to understand how a school board member, the daughter of a controversial radical Islamist, could get away with what is in essence a call to war and violence against fellow Americans and yet nothing is done about it and the media completely ignores it.

Yet, if we connect the dots, from Omeish’s call to jihad, Lateef’s mandate that children ought to listen to teachers, not their parents, and the Loudoun County’s dismissal of parents’ concerns and persecution of those parents who don’t toe the line, we can see the picture of what the Democrats’ well choreographed efforts to destroy families, indoctrinate children, and silence parents in order to advance their fascist ideals are.  That’s what Hillary Clinton and Melissa Harris-Perry were talking about. This is what the Democrats have in store for you and your children.

And this is why Democrats absolutely loathe parents who homeschool and take their children away from their greedy, corrupting hands. Democrats hate them almost as much as they hate the parents who dare to question their racist, anti-American antics.

2 Thoughts

  1. Democrats/Leftists/Progressives are always looking to blur and distort the language in order to achieve their objectives.
    “Gay” used to mean happy.
    “Pride” used to be a deadly sin.
    And now “community” is equivalent to government.

    And for the party dedicated to “science” men can become women, a fetus is not human, sex (biological) and gender (grammatical) have no meaning, and the that using a mask will stop a virus when it is about as effective as using a chain-linked fence to stop a mosquito.
    Keep up the fight Gloria. We still are listening.


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