The American Left: Neo-Communism with a Touch of Nazism

During the Trump Administration years, many on the Left would commonly accuse President Donald Trump of being like “Hitler” and Republicans of being “Nazis.”  There was absolutely no basis or merit to the accusation:  in the simple minds of the Left, a Nazi is someone that they just disagree with and someone is like Hitler if the person they don’t like is in power.  In fact, I remember President George W. Bush also been called “Hitler” at times, well before Trump was in office. 

This is not surprising, as the ignorance of history and facts that characterize America’s Left is something that we are all too familiar with.  Nor should it be surprising that given such ignorance, a movement could easily arise which actually does share many of the characteristics of nazism and its rise to power.  As Edmund Burke once said, “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” 

The fact is that while most totalitarian regimes in the history of the world share certain traits, mainly centralized power into the hands of powerful elites while most of the citizens suffer, they are not carbon copies of one another.  They all have different variations that distinguish them from others.  China’s Communist Party is not exactly like the Soviet Union.  North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, all share certain economic policies and yet are very different in most aspects.  

The rise of nazism was different in itself by design, as Hitler himself made the point that his ideas were neither left-wing nor right-wing, but that they were a “syncretic movement” that took elements from across the political spectrum.  (see Wikipedia “Nazism” for sources).  While many try to attribute nazism as a movement from the rfight, they tend to forget that the second word in the name of the movement is “Socialism” and that it was meant to attract socialists and communists into the fold. While Hitler himself attacked communists, his economic and political views shared more with communism than it ever did with capitalism.  

Now the American Left is attempting to create their own version of Neo-communism with many elements of nazism combined into it. However, Democrats and others on the Left know better than to use terms that would suggest their actual intent;  instead, one must look to their actions.  Those actions speak volumes about their political and socio-economic goals for our country. And it is right down scary. 

One of the best examples is the openly racist and bigoted  “Critical Theory” (CT) and it’s offspring the “Critical Race Theory,” an ideology espoused by the Democrat Party, which has been methodically introduced in schools and colleges around the nation, unbeknownst to most Americans. Those who have been paying attention know that CRT is currently the source of much controversy across the nation as parents, teachers, and students everywhere are standing up against CRT-based curricula that is openly and unabashedly racist. 

For those who are not familiar with CRT, here’s a brief summary, although I highly recommend that everyone learn more about it from other sources, such as the ones I’ve posted below.  In purely Orwellian fashion, CRT is promoted as an “antiracist” theory while in reality being a purely racist and racialist socio-political movement promoted by the Democrat Party through their affiliates on the Left, such as BLM, Antifa, and teachers’ unions.

What does “racialist” mean? The online dictionary defines “racialist” as having “an emphasis on race or racial considerations, as in determining policy or interpreting events.”  Thus a perfect example of a racialist theory would be “nazism,” which viewed one race as being superior and the others as being the problem.  CRT proponents see one race as being superior/good (blacks and other minorities) and the others, particularly whites and Asians, as being the problem. 

CRT proponents see ALL whites, from birth, as being inherently racist. They believe that since America has been a historically majority-white country it is an inherently racist nation. To them, even our flag is a symbol of white supremacy. This idea has been expressed by many in academia and the media.  Just this week an MSNBC contributor and New York Times board member, Mara Gray, found it “disturbing” to see so many American flags while on a recent trip (likely during Memorial Day weekend) to Long Island. To CRT believers, Old Glory is a symbol of oppression.

This disdain or right down hatred toward the USA is not something new.  For decades I have known many of my Democrat friends and relatives to actively hate the very country which has given them so much.  I strongly suspect that this hatred comes from the bitterness of jealousy and the fact that they don’t have everything they think they are entitled to. This idea of entitlement is central to CRT, just as it is to communism.  

Karl Marx’s communist motto was “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  Notice how merit and hard work are not part of the communist equation. 

The American Leftists know better than to quote Karl Marx in making an argument.  Instead, they have created terms and ideologies that say basically the same thing without using the same words. In this case, they have created an ideology based on “equity” vs. “equality.” The terms sound similar and most people won’t realize that “equity” is the opposite of “equality.” 

The George Washington University has written a primer (link below) entitled “Equity vs. Equality: What’s the Difference?,” which explains it this way:  “Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities.  Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.”  

In other words, to each according to his needs.

Recently a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Education confirmed that “[t}he Biden-Harris Administration has put equity at the heart of its agenda and has committed to taking bold action to fight racism and discrimination, as described in the executive orders on Advancing Racial Equity and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”  Translation: the Biden-Harris Administration does not believe we are all equal and will implement racist, Neo-communist measures in their quest to advance communist ideals. 

I’m fairly certain that everyone, even the dumbest among the Democrats, knows that simply giving resources do not guarantee a positive outcome. Heck, decades of welfare, entitlements, and Democrat programs have only served to widen the disparity between the rich and the poor, which is exactly what happened during the Obama Administration.

But, the Democrat Party is not interested in positive outcomes for the poor or the so-called “oppressed.”  What they want is power and they believe that by giving a voice to the hatred and discord of those who want things they don’t want to work for, they will get it. Democrats are very aware that, unlike Marx & Hitler, they won’t be able to rally their base around the concept of hard work and workers uniting;  they can only rally their base by promising the goods that someone else will have to work to produce.

The reality of communism is that it can only work where there is an abundance of goods.  Yet an abundance of goods is not possible if people are not working and producing.  In a country where 78% of the workforce is white (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020) with a majority of those being male, perhaps the Left’s game is to guilt the white population into producing the free goodies that they want to give out to the ones who want things but don’t want to work for them. This would explain their disdain at the Trump Administration’s efforts to lower the unemployment of blacks and Hispanics to historic lows.  The Left doesn’t want to empower racial or ethnic minorities but want to keep them victimized and helpless instead. 

Although they use race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation to classify people, in the end there are only two groups of people under the Critical Theories that the Left advocates:  the oppressed and the oppressor. None of the Critical Theories would work without willing victims.

And so CRT proponents rage against equality under the law and civil rights because they believe those are just “camouflages” that cover-up racism.  For those same reasons, and much like their communist and nazi counterparts, they oppose freedom of speech, which they deem to be racist and oppose capitalism in favor of socialism/communism to redistribute the wealth.  It is not a coincidence, nor a secret, that most of the leaders within these organizations, including BLM, are self-described “trained Marxists.” 

In a country where most citizens consider themselves to be free and pride themselves on their independence and self-reliance, Democrats understand that Americans will not come to their Neo-communism easily or without a fight.  This is why they all support a more powerful centralized government, perhaps even total state control, in order to achieve their goals. They need state action in order to advance their agenda, much like they did during the COVID debacle, perhaps the dress-rehearsal for what is coming. 

But they take it a step further: proponents of CRT truly believe that the state (our government) must actively discriminate against those racial and ethnic groups that it deems to be privileged (mostly whites and Asians) much like the Nazis did when they used their governmental powers to segregate, imprison and, eventually, exterminate those groups of people (mostly of Jewish descent) who they deemed to be in their way of achieving their idea of a perfect society.

Take, for example, one of the most vocal proponents of CRT, Ibram X. Kendi,  (AKA Ibram Henry Rogers) apparently a Malcolm X- wannabe.   Mr. Kendi is a professor at Boston University and soon-to-be at Harvard University.  He has also taught at other notable institutions such as SUNY (Albany), University of Florida, Brown University, and American University.  He was also named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in 2020.” 

In his book “How to be an Antiracist” he said the following:  “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.  The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”  

Did you get that?  This man, whose own life (as that of Barack Obama’s) has been far more privileged than that of most white, Hispanic, or Asian people I know, is actively calling not just for discrimination, but for state-sponsored discrimination. How is this different to what the Nazis advocated?  It isn’t.

In the process of advocating open and legal discrimination based on the color of one’s skin, CRT also promotes segregation. They advocate actual, physical segregation under their policy of “Racial Affinity Groups.”  I encourage you to look up that term and see the long list of organizations, including our own government, who support the idea of segregating people, including school-aged children, according to the color of their skin.  While there is so much more about these “Racial Affinity Groups” that you should learn about, for now just know that they promote the idea that people are better off around people of their own race and that having to intermingle with people of other races can be “traumatic” to black people.  Perhaps this is the Democrats going back to their KKK roots and kicking it up a notch by promoting an idea that sounds eerily similar to the Nazi ghettos. 

There are other parallelisms between CRT and nazism, including the idea of having party-sponsored riots and vandalism against other groups, something that we have seen within some of the Democrat-supported BLM/Antifa groups around the nation.

But perhaps the most significant similarity between these Democrats/Leftists and the totalitarian regimes throughout modern history has to do with the use of the education system (both public and private) to advance their disgusting agenda.  Democrats control most of the education system in the US, whether through elected school boards, university board of trustees, and teachers’ unions.  They have used that undue influence to add Critical Theory as part of the curricula, spreading this hateful ideology like a societal cancer.  The Biden Administration has already vowed to make sure that it is incorporated into school systems nationwide.  

The passive effects of CRT on our children will be nothing less than child abuse.  The victimization of children of color, convincing them that they are worthless and that their only hope is that their white counterparts, who they are to see as oppressive and white supremacists, acknowledge their racism and make amends. You see, under CRT, a black or Hispanic person is not smart enough or capable enough to make it on his/her own but they need white people (who are apparently privileged to be white) to accept their role as oppressor, step down from a job in order for a minority to step in, and maybe pay some reparations for the slavery that happened more than a century ago perhaps even before his/her ancestors had arrived in the US.  

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the immediate violent calls to action by many CRT proponents. Consider Dr. Aruna Khilanani, a New York City psychiatrist who was a guest speaker at Yale University on April 6 of this year.  Some of her past Tweets included saying that “white people are out of their minds and have been for a long time,” and “white people have a history of never doing the right thing.”  She has also said that she has stopped communicating with her white friends because “there are no good apples out there” and that “white people make her blood boil.” 

Despite all this, Yale University still invited her to speak as a featured speaker at their Child Study Center. and during that talk she said the following:  “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f****** favor.” 

This is where we are as a society, where a woman of privilege will get a prominent platform such as Yale University to promote hate and violence based solely on the color of the skin a person is born with. Could you imagine if a white person had said this about a person of a different race?  

But this is also what Critical Race Theory teaches.  In fact, her own bio reads that in addition to her board-certified medical training, she has a Masters of Arts in Critical Race from the University of Chicago.  Like Ibram X, she has also reportedly taught classes at many reputable colleges including Cornell, Columbia, and New York University.  Isn’t it funny how all these angry and oppressed individuals are either Ivy League educated or teach at these overrated universities?  

Incidentally, with the exception of Fox News and the NYT, which actually wrote a column on Khilanani which I haven’t read (I refuse to pay for their subscription) none of the other networks or cable/online news covered her scandalous words.  Again, it’s as if it never happened. 

Of course, this goes well beyond the societal chaos and strife that the Left is promoting in our society as they seek to destroy our country and our representative republic.  It goes directly to the well-being of our children, whether they are black, white, Asian or anything in between.  Imagine your 5 yr old being told that she is inherently a racist because her skin is white or that he is inherently a victim because his skin is black.  You don’t have to imagine it, because this is exactly what CRT teaches.  There are several cases of students around the nation being chastised by teachers for refusing to see skin color in others or refusing to state that they are racists or victims simply because the color of their skin.  

This racist doctrine is everywhere and one wonders if it hadn’t been for the COVID restrictions and students being forced to learn virtually, many parents would not have realized that their children were being shamed and taught to hate.

CRT is only part of the despicable Leftist agenda that seeks to create discord and chaos in order to divide us and attain power for the Democrat Party. But it is a large an important part that we must fight, particularly now that Democrats have almost complete control of our country, from occupying the White House, down to most local school boards.  The only way to stop them is to have our communities unite and vocally (and forcefully!) fight the evil ideology of the Democrat Party.  

One such community taking a strong stance against CRT and the local school board hellbent in instituting it, is a group of parents, teachers, and students in Loudoun County, Virginia.  These concerned Americans of different skin colors, backgrounds, and races have been joined by community and religious leaders who have had enough of the tyranny of their majority-Democrat school board and are loudly saying that they won’t accept institutionalized racism in their schools and communities.  I invite you to watch the many videos of parents of all races speaking up against CRT. 

What is happening in Loudoun County needs to happen everywhere.  The time to be passive and hope that our kids will somehow miraculously survive the indoctrination is long gone:  we MUST act right now!  

I do realize that not everyone has the courage to stand up and speak at an open board meeting or write letters to their elected officials and newspapers so, please, if you won’t speak up yourself, at least be sure to stand up by those who do. We already know that the Left will use intimidation and scare tactics to silence their opposition- they are already doing that.  So let’s make sure that we support those who have the courage and the willingness to put their jobs and their well-being on the line:  they must know that we have their backs as we all fight the Leftist demonic ideology.

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