The Vilification of the Unvaccinated

It has been extraordinarily difficult to write during these past few weeks. It is true that I have been very busy traveling and working on projects that I will write about on a different post.  But at the very core of it all the simple truth is that these past few months, and particularly the past few weeks, have felt like a long, drawn-out funeral for the country that we love. Thus, writing about these situations feel more and more like writing a eulogy. The pain and sorrow that tug at my heart are very real.

There is chaos everywhere, too many scandals to count, a clearly dementia-ridden embarrassment of a man pretending to be our leader, cover-ups, lies, censorship, un-constitutional mandates, crime, inflation, a border bleeding an unknown number of unknown illegals and, of course, the horrifying disaster in Afghanistan. While I have begun writing many a post, I end up setting them aside so as to not let these situations consume me like Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) consumed so many Democrats into becoming hate-mongering babbling idiots.  It is because of those Democrats and their ignorance, close-mindedness and, pettiness that we are in this mess. They’d rather have a country that is rapidly imploding than have the man who ushered us to energy independence, economic prosperity for all ethnicities and racial groups, international respect and, 4 years of peace, all because of misplaced sensibilities. I admit that it is a struggle to set aside the growing resentment towards each one of those Biden voters.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just an economic collapse, energy dependence on our enemies, and an incompetence that has already killed so many and promises to bring terrorist atrocities to our homeland that we have to worry about:  it is the erosion of our freedoms and liberties and the active vilification of those Americans who dare to stand for their rights.  No, our grievance is not about a man who writes mean Tweets that hurt fragile sensibilities and irrational brains:  it’s about the decimation of our country, lives that have been completely wrecked by out-of-control government behavior bordering on tyranny, and the future of our children destroyed, perhaps forever.  

Unlike situations in the past, such as the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks which united our country in an outstanding manner, today we are facing a country so fractured that it is impossible to recognize it as the United States of America.  There are the obvious divisions, the Democrats’ bread and butter if you will, such as political affiliation, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, religion, gender and the ridiculous division by sexual preference. Contrary to what the clueless Left tries to argue, those divisions were not created by President Donald Trump but by Democrats attempting to divide in order to conquer and prevail. No one exploited those divisions more than Barack Obama himself, whose administration lit the fire of racial strife currently plaguing the country.  After all, it was under him that Black Lives Matter was started, as well as Antifa. I don’t need some Democrat fact-checker to tell me about it: I remember.

After being humiliated in the 2016 election, the Democrats ratcheted up their divisive rhetoric even calling for impeachment months before Donald J. Trump was inaugurated into office. Democrats and their armies of orcs only know hate and they feed off it.  To insure a victory in 2020 (in case the voter fraud didn’t work out, I guess) they have created so many divisions it is probably impossible to name them all.  They hate white people, men, the rich (though not the uber rich like Bezos, Soros, or Zuckerberg), Christians, patriots, rural people, heterosexuals, Southerners, people who question authority, supporters of the Constitution and, of course, the police.  

Now, just in time for the 2021 key gubernatorial elections across the country and at a time when Biden is plummeting in public opinion polls, Democrats are creating the new group to hate and vilify:  the unvaccinated.  

Yes, in the sordid dystopian nightmare they have created, the Left has decided that the real enemy is anyone who refuses to be a guinea pig and get injected with a new, untested gene therapy which clearly doesn’t prevent the virus it purports to prevent.  Of course, these vaccinated people are wholly incapable of seeing the absurdity of vaccinated people (who believe the COVID jabs work) being angry at others for doubting the jab’s effectiveness. Isn’t that what the vaccinated are doing when they fear others because they are unvaccinated? After all, if the vaccines work why do they care about what others do so long as THEY are vaccinated? Rationality and logical thought are clearly lost on those people.

While the media and our politicians are going to great lengths to portray the unvaccinated as ignorant, the truth is that just about everyone that I know who is not vaccinated knows much more about the jab and the potential side-effects than those who have dutifully followed the government’s orders. In my observations, most of the vaccinated people actually believe that what they have received is an actual vaccine in the traditional sense of the word, rather than the experimental therapy that the mRNA “vaccine” really is. Neither the mRNA therapy, nor the J&J shot, introduce either a live or dead sample of the virus into our body for it to learn how to identify and fight it as every other vaccine has in the past. Instead, it purports to instruct our body on how to generally recognize what the virus may look like so our body can fight it. The mRNA “vaccine” actually instructs the body to CREATE a new “spike protein” in our body, which our body will hopefully fight off and subsequently recognize it if it is faced with it. How is this related to COVID? According to the proponents of this therapy, this type of “spike protein” can be found on the surface of the COVID virus. In my opinion, reading about how it works is even more terrifying and I will link the CDC explanation below.

I’m not a doctor, but I can immediately think of over a dozen questions regarding the safety of forcing our bodies to artificially create a protein by injecting the body with chemicals. What does it have to do with the heart and why is this creating heart inflammation in young people? Why is it causing blood clots, strokes, and pneumonia? What does a spike protein do to the body and is this why previously healthy people are dying so soon after getting the injections? How do they know that what the body will create is actually what they intend it to? Will the spike protein really look like the one on the virus? Will it look the same as the virus mutates? How can they possibly know that this won’t cause cancerous cells in our bodies? Is this just another instance of man trying to play God? And these are just the immediate questions that pop into my mind and that I am not allowed to ask. But I guess since the CDC says it is “a harmless piece” (they even wrote it in bold!) I should believe them- after all, when have the FDA or the CDC been wrong before? (Obvious sarcasm). Here are just a few:

Those last two links, one from NPR and the other from CNN are quite amusing: isn’t it interesting to see how concerned about safety and efficacy the Left was when President Trump was in charge?

Incidentally, did you know that neither the FDA nor the CDC have anyone representing consumer interests in their committees? In fact, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee is supposed to have at least one such representative in their committee yet throughout the entire process of approval (and to this day) there has been 1 vacancy in that committee: the consumer representative. It is hard to believe that in a country of over 330 million the FDA couldn’t find even one person to question the data provided by Big Pharma and their cronies. Meanwhile, the CDC’s “consumer representative” in their Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (which recommends vaccine schedules) is the president and CEO of an organization created to promote vaccinations. Nothing to see here.

Then there’s the problem of the earned mistrust of our government and our media. Both have been caught lying time and again. They refuse to look into the origin of the virus to the point that Democrats in Congress rejected Congressional legislation to look into the matter. How can you successfully combat a virus that you have no idea where it comes from or how it mutates? Moreover, how can you combat a virus which is changing in ways no other virus in the history of humankind has changed, at such a rapid rate and particularly when said virus is strongly suspected of being genetically engineered by the Chinese to cause the devastation it is causing? How can you trust a Propaganda Media which refuses to publish even one story about vaccinated people dying from either COVID or the vaccine itself, while instead publishing daily scary stories of unvaccinated people suffering because they didn’t get the vaccine? I know several people who have either friends or family members who died soon after getting the COVID shot yet the Propaganda Media can’t find a single one?

Just today, there was a national news story about a school district in Texas that lost two of their teachers (one of them in her 40’s) to COVID in the past couple of weeks. Curiously, every single one of the news stories I read (about 10) all said that the vaccination status of the two deceased teachers is “unknown.” Really? You don’t think that would be the very first question that reporters would/should have asked? At a time when schools are being oppressive about their vaccination pressure tactics, you don’t think the school knew whether the two had been vaccinated? Does anyone doubt that if either one of them had been unvaccinated their vaccination status would have been included in the headline itself? That’s how both the Propaganda Media and the Biden Administration work: they obfuscate the truth and hide the facts.

But we aren’t supposed to ask questions. We are supposed to blindly and dutifully accept anything and everything those in power mandate. Otherwise you will be forced into submission.

On July 27, 2021, for example, the New York Times (that birdcage liner that once used to be a respectable newspaper) published a story under the headline “As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger.” The story went on to interview vaccinated people on the street with their irrational fears and anger at people who choose not to vaccinate. You could almost see their foaming mouths as you read their responses.

As our political doctors in the CDC and NIH continue to trumpet the “fact” that 97% of the COVID deaths are among the unvaccinated, without ever showing the actual data, nor the data on people dying from the shot, even has jumped into the fray, with a recent story titled “As Covid Resurges Vaccinated Americans Rage Against Holdouts.” Rage. They RAGE against holdouts!

One of the persons interviewed for the article raged with the following response:

One must feel sorry for people like Mr. Hyman whose fears have completely compromised any rational thinking skills he may have once had. Does it really not occur to him that perhaps the reason the virus is surging is because the vaccine is NOT working? Did he not read any of the articles where Dr. Anthony Fauci himself admitted that the COVID viral load of breakthrough COVID cases (cases among the vaccinated) is IDENTICAL to the one among the unvaccinated? Here it is, for those who missed it.

But the government and our media are doing everything in their power to promote that hatred, anger and, fear. They promote the mandates, the despicable vaccine passports, the obfuscation of the data. And the sheep do not even question why.

More recently, even Barack Obama’s former Secretary of Indoctrination (i.e. “Education”) Arne Duncan jumped into the fray with his own expert wisdom on the subject by writing: 

This is beyond absurd and insane.  I hope that Mr. Duncan seeks the much-needed mental health he needs. Sadly, his statement is not just deranged, it is dangerous. It is also ironic, although very telling, that the man who was once the Democrats’ Secretary of Education cannot even make a valid analogy. Suicide bombers do not fight for freedom, they fight for religious oppression. And, again, how can an unvaccinated person inflict harm on those around them if those around them are vaccinated assuming the “vaccines” work? Are vaccinated persons spreading the virus also like suicide bombers? Stupid is as stupid Tweets.

Then there’s the medical community, a great deal of it having completely forgotten their Hippocratic Oath and sold their very souls to the Devil. Too many of them -the ones not silenced and censored by social media- are either too busy or too lazy to have researched much about the “vaccines” beyond what they are told by hospital administrators to do and say. Some act in complete disbelief when they are told about real-life situations of adverse effects, as if they have never heard such a thing. Then there are the ones who summarily dismiss any concerns one may have about said “vaccines” because, you know, they just know better and we are dumb idiots who don’t understand how our body or nature work. Finally, you have the doctors and medical examiners who refuse to investigate the mysterious deaths of people who were previously healthy and who die within 48 hours of receiving a COVID shot. Those are all considered “natural deaths.” Right.

How can you believe that Big Pharma and their beneficiaries (i.e., stockholders, politicians, and the scientists and universities that receive millions of dollars in grants from said pharmaceuticals) could possibly care about anything more than the billions of dollars they are making off these “vaccines” while being exempted from any liability and while refusing to acknowledge the efficacy of treatments and therapeutics that would not make them as much money? Few industries in the United States are more corrupt and powerful than Big Pharma, yet politicians and doctors whose pockets are padded with Big Pharma money are more than willing to look the other way. And the people who are all-too-desperate for their medications are not interested in finding out the truth.

There are many other questions that most unvaccinated people have asked about the process, the data, the efficacy, the safety, and the motives behind this COVID “vaccine” mandates that the vaccinated have never even thought about. Most unvaccinated people have done their research and due diligence and for that, they will be punished, blacklisted, and vilified. We are no longer allowed to ask questions. And our bodies no longer belong to us and our Creator: it belongs to the government. The same government which lied about Agent Orange and the forced sterilization of Puerto Rican women in order to curb what the government saw as “overpopulation.” The government which also lied and/or misled in the instances listed in the links below.

And so, after more than 200 years of living in freedom under the protections of the United States Constitution too many Americans are clamoring for the end, fueled by irrational emotions and fear. These angry and hate-filled Americans are all too willing to demand that those who refuse the shot be deprived of the chance to make a livelihood or to pursue their happiness. They reject the idea of “my body, my choice” unless it involves the murder of an unborn baby. They agree with the idea of demanding documents as the Nazis once did, using the jab as their very own Yellow Star of David or Mark of the Beast. They wholeheartedly agree with the censorship of differing voices that don’t conform to their preconceived ideas or those that they have been brainwashed to believe. In other words, they are happy to shred the Constitution and destroy the country if only to give them a sense of security and safety.

It is said that Benjamin Franklin once said that “[t]hose who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Never before have these words rang truer than today when it is becoming increasingly evident by the day that we will be losing both.

And our children and grandchildren will be the ones who will pay for that.

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  1. First, Happy Birthday, my friend! Second, my employer has stated “no jab…no job”. Guess what that means for me!?

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