Democrats in Control: Living the Worst-Case Scenario

It wasn’t so long ago, actually about 10 months ago, that I was having discussions with some of my Democrat friends and relatives about how bad Joe Biden (or any other Democrat for that matter) would be for our country.  The arguments ranged over several topics, with the erosion of our liberties, race relations, the economy, and national security, being among the most discussed. 

Without fail, the Democrat argument always revolved against their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) because when people hate so fiercely and irrationally, they can’t see much beyond what they hate.  Their arguments were never moored on facts or reality, but merely on emotions and how “offended” they were by President Trump’s tweets.

Naturally, they couldn’t see the way Democrats have been dividing us among racial/economic/geographic/religious/gender and even “sexual preference” lines.  They were incapable of understanding the dangers of the Democrats’ agenda, from open borders to international treaties that only serve to handicap the United States.  And one of the most puzzling of them all, they couldn’t see how the Democrat agenda is an intrinsically socialist/communist agenda, no matter how spelled out it has been for years, with so many Democrat leaders expressly and openly supporting socialism/communism.  It didn’t even matter that national polls have shown the increasing support within the Democrat Party for socialism over capitalism over the past few years to the point that, in the most recent poll released a few weeks ago, the overwhelming majority of Democrats (55%) prefer socialism over capitalism.

To be fair, I must admit that while I’ve found the Democrats’ willful ignorance of the issues and their own party’s agenda truly perplexing, even I could have never imagined how disastrous a Democrat administration could possibly be.  The chaos and destruction of our country has been so swift and undeniable, that I sometimes feel dizzy from witnessing it.  As bad as I knew Biden and the Democrat leadership and puppet masters could be, I never imagined in my worst nightmare just how awful they could actually be.  We are truly living in the worst-case scenario.

The latest example of the Democrats’ incompetence, of course, has been the Biden’s disastrous handling of the Afghanistan debacle. And by this I’m referring to the handling of the affair rather than the question of whether we should have been there in the first place.  

How could our country’s leaders, military brass, and intelligence community have been so wrong about the status of the Afghani military vis-a-vis the Taliban? How is it possible that no one knew just how numerous and powerful the Taliban, which President Trump had been able to keep at bay during his tenure, really was? How could OUR military not be prepared to secure and protect our arms and equipment when the threat of it falling on enemy hands was always there? How inept must an Administration be not to have a contingency plan to evacuate and/or rescue its own citizens visiting or living abroad? How cold-blooded and uncaring can an Administration be to turn its back on all those Afghanis who risked their lives in order to help our country’s efforts in Afghanistan?

To understand how a United States administration could be so reckless, callous, ignorant, and weak one must look at how many levels of our government failed.  

It begins with a weak “leader” (Pretender Biden) who is so cognitive and intellectually challenged that the best that can be expected of him is his occasional ability to read from a teleprompter before scurrying away from a room in order to dodge real questions and accountability.  His responses, from not “recalling” the advise given to him to delay the withdrawal to his early assertion that “no one has been killed” in Afghanistan when so many of us have seen the dead bodies, including those falling down from the fleeing U.S. Air Force cargo plane, defy all logic and belief. Even the Leftist media, who has been covering for the babbling idiot occupying the White House from the very beginning is finding it hard to make more excuses or cover-up his obvious incompetence. They are finding it hard, but they will still do it.

The ineptitude continues with what my father-in-law likes to call “political generals,” the military men who sit at the upper echelons of the military brass mostly because they advance the Democrats’ political agenda and not because of their wisdom or military prowess. These are the ones who “advise” the Pretender-in-Chief and are more concerned about their political wokeness and financial future than they are about the well-being of our country or our fellow citizens. They are the ones dedicating their time to purging the military from patriots and introducing critical race theory into the military ranks. This is the same military who recently dismissed Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier after serving with distinction and valor in our military simply for speaking out against the Marxist doctrine that is taking over our military. (

It is also the same woke military which promoted to Lieutenant General a woman who can’t even tell our American forces apart from British forces. Talk about ineptitude!

These are the military leaders who, rather than fighting our enemies or helping our allies, spend most of their time fighting for the rights of transgenders to serve in the military and to have their gender reassignments paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. So, if a “gender-confused” person decides to change their gender, all they need to do is join the military and have it all paid for, thanks to Pretender Biden.

Now, thanks to Biden and the embarrassingly incompetent military, not only are there 13 American troops dead along with hundreds of Afghanis (still unknown how many of those were American citizens), but the Taliban has a kill-list of American citizens provided by the Biden Administration, as well as an unknown amount of our military weapons, tanks, and aircrafts (including Black Hawk helicopters) which were neither removed, nor destroyed upon the U.S. withdrawal. Biden’s military is the gift that keeps on giving to the terrorist state that is now Afghanistan.

If that weren’t enough, the Chinese Communist government (our #1 enemy in the world stage) is now considering moving into our military bases in the area. I wonder if this is what Biden and his crackhead son Hunter got paid for by the Chinese? We won’t know because the Propaganda Media refused to investigate Biden’s conflicts of interests or how he was paid off by the Chinese.

Sadly, this isn’t all. Remember the baffling and unquestionably ill-advised trade of 5 Taliban prisoners for the ARMY deserter Bowe Bergdahl by the Obama Administration in 2014? As a reminder, Bergdahl was the coward who ran away from his camp in Afghanistan before being allegedly abducted by the Taliban. Six (6) American soldiers died while looking for the traitor. Now, 4 of those Taliban prisoners serve as top officials in the Taliban’s new Afghani government.

Of course, one cannot speak of ineptitude in our government without mentioning our pathetically disgraced “intelligence” community. These agencies, from the FBI, to the CIA and all the other “intelligence” agencies in the various departments across the United States bureaucracy are as inept at doing their job as they are a dangerous threat to law-abiding Americans. Instead of doing their job and assessing real dangers domestically and abroad, these agencies have been spending their time either framing individuals in order to create false narratives about events such as the January 6th Capitol protests, the FBI’s planned kidnapping attempt on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (also known as “Jennifer by Joe Biden) or creating recruiting advertisements and testimonials to their wokeness and “inclusivity.” Is there really any doubt about why they had absolutely no clue as to what was really happening in Afghanistan?

Incidentally, neither the military, nor these “intelligence” agencies did any vetting whatsoever of the “refugees” they brought in from Afghanistan. The Biden Administrations doesn’t give a damn about how many of these people brought over from Afghanistan are rapists, murderers, or actual ISIS terrorists getting a free ride courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers. Let’s just hope that if or perhaps more accurately “when” our nation suffers from another real terrorist attack- not the Democrat made-up ones- everyone will remember who is to blame: whoever is pulling the strings of the Pretender Biden.

Then we have Biden’s surrogates and appointees, desperately doing their job to serve their puppet rather than the American people. Again, these are political appointees who, like Kamala Harris, were more likely chosen for physical characteristics used to exploit the Democrat agenda, such as the color of their skin or their genitalia, rather than any significant experience or achievements. One example is the United Nations Ambassador from the U.S., a woman by the name of Linda Thomas-Greenfield who bragged about the U.S.’s response to the debacle in Afghanistan as being a “very strongly worded press statement’ to the Taliban. Seriously, this woman tried to argue that strong words in a statement from a weak leader (Biden) will be enough to prevent the kinds of massacres that the Taliban has been responsible for in the past. Why would the Taliban listen when they have so soundly defeated the U.S. military? Some of the Twitter responses to this embarrassing American diplomat were so hilarious, I just had to post the story below.

Finally, we have the Propaganda Media which will do anything to control the narrative and shift any criticism away from the Leftist agenda to the vilification of those who stand in their way. This is why some of the representatives of the Propaganda Media, like the dumb-as-a-rock Joy Reid of MSNBC will attempt to change the narrative of the Afghanistan disaster by comparing Republicans to the Taliban. It is also why they won’t call out Biden for not making statements immediately following the fall of Afghanistan or for making false statements when he finally did. They don’t even care that Biden keeps stating that he is following someone else’s orders! Some have gone as far as praising Biden’s disastrous decision.

The problem, of course, is that while the crisis in Afghanistan is a failure of epic proportions which will affect thousands of lives, may revive terrorist attempts against our country, and will forever constitute one of the biggest embarrassments in United States history, that dangerous ineptitude can be seen in just about every aspect of American life. The whole world knows that the United States has become a weak country led by an even weaker and dementia-ridden skeleton of a man.

For example, our southern border, through which record numbers of illegals are coming from all over the globe, is a similarly chaotic situation which is completely out of control. Terrorists, drugs, and human traffickers are freely entering our country through that border and the Biden Administration (including the point person, Kamala Harris) is conspicuously absent and silent on the matter. And the Propaganda Media doesn’t dare to raise the issue.

After years of peace under the leadership of President Donald Trump, the world is once again an increasingly unstable world. Yet, as unstable as the world stage is once again, it doesn’t even compare to the instability and hostile environment that Biden and the Democrat party are creating back at home. The hatred and fear are almost palpable.

This is how the “worst-case scenario” is about to get even worse.

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  1. Each day while Obama was POTUS, I would read a story of what he was doing and think “It gets worse every day” while also believing it could not get any worse.
    Now we have Leroy Jenkins as POTUS.

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