Biden’s Declaration of War on Americans

I don’t believe I have ever written back-to-back posts but these are desperate times and yesterday’s announcement by the Biden Regime compelled me to hit the keys again.

It is distressingly sad, not to mention ironic, that less than 2 days before we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the unforgettable American loses on that fateful day of September 11, 2001, we are now witnessing the destruction of our country from within. What those vile terrorists could not achieve 20 years ago, the equally vile Democrats have succeeded in doing in 2021. Incidentally, the Biden Regime has just announced that the pretender will not be giving live remarks on any commemorative events for 9/11. Very telling, indeed.

Any American worth his/her citizenship knows that the mandates imposed by the pretender who heads the Biden regime mark the end of our freedoms and our country as we have known it. In just 8 short months, whoever is instructing the puppet at the White House has succeeded in destroying the greatest country that ever existed on the face of this Earth.

To mandate that all Americans, regardless of medical conditions or beliefs, be injected with a foreign substance in their bodies is one of the biggest signs that we are no longer free. Even if the vaccine were indeed safe and effective, two very dubious claims which are impossible to make in such a short amount of time and given the existing data, no one should EVER be compelled to put anything into their bodies that they don’t want or are against. It doesn’t matter if the government or anyone else tries to argue that this is for their good, no one should ever be forced to.

This principle is called “Bodily Integrity.” There are many articles on this principle but Wikipedia provides a perfect definition:

Bodily integrity is the inviolability of the physical body and emphasizes the importance of personal autonomyself-ownership, and self-determination of human beings over their own bodies. In the field of human rights, violation of the bodily integrity of another is regarded as an unethical infringement, intrusive, and possibly criminal.”

In fact, the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects our bodily integrity as it begins with the words: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons.

So it is that the party that contemptuously detests the U.S. Constitution and everything it stands for, has now advanced yet another directive in violation of our Constitutional Rights. Ironically, the man who refuses to take a cognitive test to prove to the country that he is, in fact, fit to serve, is demanding that every one of us takes the jab, no questions ask.

What is worse, Biden (or whoever is pulling his strings) has effectively declared war on Americans that dare to question his mandates and assert their rights. His language says it all:

Many of us are frustrated with the 80M Americans who are still not vaccinated

We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin

the refusal has cost all of us”

if you break the rules, be prepared to pay

And perhaps the most inflammatory of them all”

“To the vaccinated, I understand your anger towards the unvaccinated.

He is inciting the rage against unvaccinated Americans.

As I argued with my September 1, 2021 post “The Vilification of the Unvaccinated” ( ) Biden has officially proclaimed that the new division that the Democrats are creating will be vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. They have proclaimed that the new enemy is anyone who refuses to be jabbed with the new technology that they are referring to as a “vaccine.”

The regressives on the Left, the hypocrites who once argued “my body, my choice” cheered in total agreement with the Biden Regime. Clearly, “my body, my choice” only applies when killing another human being growing within a woman or when a person decides that they are no longer happy with their gender and must change it.

My question is, given the unconstitutional mandates against a person’s bodily integrity, the deceptions promoted by the Administration (including those with regard to COVID and the mRNA therapy), the threats against a person’s livelihood (work) and their pursuit of happiness, the decimation of small businesses, the elimination of education in favor of social justice indoctrination, the rampant voting fraud that resulted in numbers that defied all data and logic, the ongoing efforts to deprive Americans of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, the massive spending on socialist programs and legislators pet projects, the government protections of the oligarchical large companies, and the elimination of borders that define our country, how can anyone still argue that we still have a free country or that we are still the United States of America under our Constitution?

You can’t. The country, as we knew it and loved it, is now just about gone. You can see it and feel it just about everywhere you go or any channel you turn into. And like so many Americans, I have lost all faith that any of the branches of government will do anything to save our country.

As discouraging as this all is and feels, we can’t go down without a fight. If there ever was a time to stand up and resist tyranny, it is now. As Edmund Burke famously said:

And Founding Father Benjamin Franklin argued that it was a duty not just to our country but to God Himself to rebel against tyranny:

So what do we do? For one, stand strong! If you do not believe in the vaccine, do not be coerced into taken it. I’ve heard many friends who are questioning whether to resign from their jobs due to the most recent mandates. DO NOT RESIGN! If anything, document the fact that you are not only NOT going to take the vaccine but that you are NOT going to resign. Let them fire you. Make the companies and the Federal government have to pay your unemployment benefits. I know it is hard for people of conscious who have disdain toward a welfare system that has been abused by parasites for decades to even consider doing such a thing, but this is different: this is you standing up for your rights. No one should be forcing you to take the jab, much less our corrupt and deceitful government.

Additionally, this is you refusing to work for and fund a socialist/communist system. The Democrats’ goals can only be achieved on the backs of the hard-working Americans who fund the government and the tax rolls. Let’s see how a socialist country will function when people refuse to work.

I’m fully aware that this will hurt. But it is going to hurt anyway. In fact, it will hurt much more when all our freedoms and liberties are gone. Looking around at the control that the Biden Regime and the rest of the Democrats around the country are imposing, even taking the unprecedented move of removing every single President Trump appointee to governmental boards, things are not going to change any time soon. They are only going to get worse, much worse. What’s more, now that Democrats have figured out how to cheat at the ballot box and that we have a complicit Propaganda Media that has been bought and paid for by the elites and which will never question any of the malfeasance and/or misfeasance by this Administration, I really don’t believe that elections have any more relevance. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it. Not when you have such a sizeable portion of the nation which is okay with the tyranny and the violation of our rights. Not when a majority of Democrats believe that they’d rather our country be a socialist/communist country than a capitalist one.

So let’s get ready for what’s coming. By “ready” I don’t just mean physically and materially, but also spiritually. Because if there is one thing that I have absolutely no doubt about is that what we are witnessing is much more than a simple battle of political or socio-economic ideologies, we are witnessing the ultimate battle between Good and Evil. And those will be themes for another time.

God bless you all.

2 Thoughts

  1. So well written. You perfectly summarize what is currently unfolding in the US. Democrats have found the secret sauce; covid was a gift served up on a silver platter, the perfect means to their corrupt end game.


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