Theater of the Absurd

On September 6, 2021, an Ohio judge by the name of Michael Oster Jr., reversed a lower court decision that allowed a COVID patient to try Ivermectin, as prescribed to the patient by a pulmonologist in the area. The hospital in the suburbs of Cincinnati had refused to allow the patient access to the drug because it has not been “approved” as a COVID treatment by a political American bureaucracy, even though there is ample evidence that it has been used extensively around the world and in other parts of the country that still treat COVID as a disease rather than a political stunt.

The patient in question had been admitted to the hospital in mid-July, intubated on August 1st and, according to sources, was given a less than 30% chance of survival by August 19. Despite the dire diagnosis, the hospital refused to allow the patient to try Ivermectin or any new treatments and, instead, insisted on keeping the patient on a treatment that has proven to be fatal, stubbornly and maliciously refusing to give the patient and his wife the hope of a new treatment. Rather than wait for her husband to die, the wife of the patient decided to sue the hospital for their right to try a new treatment that could potentially save his life. That a person in this country would have to resort to the legal system to compel a hospital or doctor to try a new treatment to save their loved one when the other treatments are failing is truly deplorable and preposterous.

The lower court sided with the plaintiff, ordering the hospital to give the patient the Ivermectin treatment. Although by many accounts the patient did show some improvement while using Ivermectin, the hospital appealed the decision. While immoral and inhuman, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised, as it is much more profitable for the hospital to keep the patients on ventilators and in their ICUs, than to have patients get better and leave the hospitals. Hospitals, like pharmaceuticals, are making a killing out of COVID-19. Pun intended.

Yet, as absurd as the whole situation is, Judge Oster won the “Most Absurd Judge in America” award with his opinion. You see, this inept judge, who is not a doctor, did more than refuse a patient on the doorsteps of death the right to try another treatment after the current treatment had obviously failed: he overrode the opinion of an actual doctor and imposed his ignorant opinion on what the treatment SHOULD be.

As if this was not enough, he then declared that the plaintiff could not show “irreparable harm” by the refusal to try Ivermectin. What planet does this judge live in? Is the even human? Isn’t the potential death of the plaintiff’s husband the ULTIMATE “irreparable harm”? Not so, according to Judge Oster. And this is why I begin this list of the most absurd things I’ve heard recently- and there are many- with this insensitive idiot of a judge who could soon have blood on his hands.

Incidentally, the drug Ivermectin is not just a “horse dewormer,” as so many on the Left have tried to argue. Instead, it is a drug that won their inventors the “Nobel Prize” and which was reportedly used in India to successfully treat their Delta variant COVID surge.

In fact, Ivermectin works so well that the government of Australia recently admitted that it will be banning it because it IS effective and would discourage people from getting the vaccine.

I know I’m not the only one who feels as if we are living in an alternate universe, one where the forces of evil and the irrational have taken over. What is more, as half the population looks at each other in disbelief of what we are seeing, hearing, and living, the other half lives completely oblivious to reality, like zombies going through the motions without the ability to think for themselves. Kind of like Biden.

In this new Twilight Zone that we now live in, there is so much crazy and absurd that I started classifying them into three main categories: the Absurdly Ridiculous, the Absurdly Incompetent, and the Absurdly Evil. They are all absurd, but to differing degrees. Some events are so exceptionally bad that they may belong to more than one category.

The Absurdly Ridiculous are the instances that are just plain stupid, so much so that you almost have to laugh to keep your sanity. Anything that Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez does or says immediately comes to mind, including her most recent stunt in which she skipped her congressional duties in order to attend the Met Gala. The self-proclaimed socialist rationalized her attendance at the $30,000 per person event by wearing a dress that read “Tax the Rich.” In other words, it’s okay to hobnob with the rich and famous so long as you pretend to deride the rich and famous. Wink, wink.

The whole election debacle and how we are supposed to believe that Creepy Joe, who hid in his basement during the entire campaign and who had more gaffes than the 3 Stooges all put together ever did throughout their careers, was able to inspire a record number of people, by the dozens of millions, to go and vote for him.

But, really, the Absurdly Ridiculous can be anyone, like the people who won’t take an over-the-counter medication (not even an aspirin!) because they are afraid of the side-effects or who eat everything “organic” for health reasons but don’t think twice about taking COVID shots of experimental therapy (AKA, the “vaccines”) that messes with their genetic material. The people who drive in their cars, alone, with a mask on would also be an example of this, as well as are those who claimed that President Trump told people to inject bleach into their veins. Celebrities like the vaccinated Chris Rock, who announced that he got a bad breakthrough COVID infection and yet is urging people to get vaccinated, are also absurd and ridiculous. Then there are the tragically absurd and ridiculous, like the family of the vaccinated woman who died of COVID and is blaming the unvaccinated for her death. Really, are they even thinking about what they are saying?

Institutions can also be Absurdly Ridiculous in their dictates, which is worse because it generally means that someone came up with the ridiculously absurd idea and others agreed with it. Maybe, like COVID, stupidity and absurdity are contagious. Like the radio station in Canada that will only play the music of vaccinated artists. Perhaps they are afraid that the music of the unvaccinated traveling through the airwaves will spread the virus further?

Colleges and universities, previously known for being institutions of higher learning but now merely known as trendsetters of wokeness, are leading the way among the ridiculous. And of all the asinine mandates that universities around the country have enacted, none is more ridiculous right now than Rutgers University, which dis-enrolled unvaccinated students from taking online classes. That’s right: Rutgers believes that a student taking a class ONLINE is a threat to the students and faculty attending the institution in person. Maybe they are getting their information from the same place the Canadian radio station is.

Of course, I’m being sarcastic, as this only proves that the vaccination mandates are not at all about safety or even the virus itself, but about the power to manipulate the fearful people who buy into the lies. The mental gymnastics necessary to even begin to understand how the Absurdly Ridiculous brain works (or doesn’t work) are truly exhausting. These are the instances that will have you rolling your eyes and wishing Scotty would finally “beam you up.”

Then we have the Absurdly Incompetent. These are the times you don’t just roll your eyes but actually start shaking your head in disbelief. We saw plenty of this during the past year with the government lockdowns, the mask mandates, and the social distancing requirements. One good example was the mandate that only big stores were allowed to open and only if they allowed 10 customers at a time. You would have box stores with huge square footage and only 10 customers inside while 50 people waited in line, all on top of each other, just outside the door. Or the mandates that you had to wear your mask to walk 5 feet away from the door to your table, at which time you were allowed to take your mask off.

This year, with Biden’s occupation of the White House, these instances of the Absurdly Incompetent multiply like wet Gremlins after midnight, as just about everything Pretender Biden does would fall into this category. The Afghanistan debacle offered many examples including: withdrawing without taking American citizens out; bringing to the U.S. people (many of them criminals and, yes, rapists) without dutifully vetting them; giving the Taliban a “kill-list” of American citizens still in Afghanistan; and, leaving behind valuable American military technology for the Taliban to use and the Chinese to reverse-engineer. These are not just acts of incompetency: they are so Absurdly Incompetent that it is hard to imagine worse outcomes.

Then there’s the woke American 3-star General, appointed by Obama, who is so Absurdly Incompetent that she couldn’t tell apart American troops from British troops.

Speaking of the Absurdly Incompetent, how about Antony Blinken? I’m willing to bet that if there was a national survey asking who that guy is, less than 5% would know that he is our Secretary of State. The guy isn’t just one of the highest ranking cabinet officials, he is actually first in the U.S. Presidential Line of Succession among Cabinet Secretaries. This means that he is 4th in line to the presidency, right behind the disgracefully unqualified Vice-President Kamala Harris and 2 octogenarians, Speaker Pelosi & Senate President Pro Tempore, Sen. Leahy. While the fact that this guy is so close to the presidency in itself is Absurdly Ridiculous, he is also Absurdly Incompetent in his position, to the point that Republicans in Congress have already introduced Articles of Impeachment for his atrocious handling of the Afghan crisis. Even more absurd was his excuse for his ineptitude: he blames President Trump. The man is as absurd as he is incompetent and, yet, he could very well become our POTUS.

Of course, it would impossible to discuss the Absurdly Incompetent without mentioning the POTUS-wannabe Kamala Harris whose mishandling of the media-ignored southern border crisis is even worse than the mishandling of the Afghan crisis. Harris recently tweeted the following:

Why would we need to vaccinate the unvaccinated if we still need to protect the vaccinated? Isn’t the vaccination supposed to do that? Or is this simply an admission that the vaccination doesn’t really protect? Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and whoever it is that is pulling the strings behind the big curtain, are all prime examples of the Most Absurdly Incompetent.

While also Absurdly Ridiculous, I’m going to include those institutions who have set different criteria to test the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. By now, it is indisputable common knowledge that people who are vaccinated carry the same COVID viral load as the unvaccinated. That means that the vaccinated can spread the virus as much as the unvaccinated, a fact proven time and again by the rates of infection in the U.S. and other highly-vaccinated countries around the world, like Israel. So, if the stated goal is to reduce the spread of infection, shouldn’t EVERYONE be regularly tested, not just the unvaccinated? This is even more obvious considering that, by now, the unvaccinated are a minority when compared to the vaccinated population in our country which is purported to be over 70% of the U.S. population.

I could probably write a book about the Absurdly Ridiculous or Incompetent things that have happened in the past few weeks- including just about everything the Propaganda Media says- but it’s time to move on to the worst of all the categories in the Theater of the Absurd that our country has become. I’m talking about the Absurdly Evil category which includes the worst of the worst, those instances that are clearly not just a result of stupidity or incompetence but of intention to harm.

These instances aren’t just cringe-worthy: they are right down scary and dangerous. Like one of our governmental agencies, the National Archives, recently slapping our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights with a “Harmful Content” warning. This is not just a direct attack on our history and our laws, but an insidious way to continue undermining the document that guarantees all our freedoms and liberties. These have been under attack by our country’s Left (Democrats) for years and it will not be long before it is rendered completely useless and ineffective. Given the open censorship and recent mandates by Democrats who currently control every aspect of our government and our daily lives, it is only a matter of (very little) time.

There is also the role played by the Propaganda Media and social media platforms which are actively shaping the way those who only read headlines or listen to the disgraced mainstream propaganda think. Take, for example, Twitter which didn’t think twice about censoring and banning the President of the United States simply for expressing opposing views to their Leftist ideology, yet continues to allow Taliban’s leaders and active terrorists to use those platforms.

Speaking of social media (Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube) the way they have consistently censored any information from doctors, scientists, elected officials, patients, and victims that dare to post anything that will go against or even question the official narrative on COVID or vaccines offered by our corrupt government is immoral and perverse. They restrict potentially life-saving information for whatever their ulterior motives may be. And for this, they have the help of the thousands of virtue-signaling Leftist minions who report anyone who dares to express an opinion they don’t agree with. This is beyond absurd: it is unthinkable and just plain evil.

But even within the category of the Absurdly-Evil, some rise to levels more dangerous than others: like a government that not only hides critical information about side-effects and fatalities related to a “vaccine” but then proceeds to mandate said shot and vilify those who don’t obey. Those in positions of power from the government, the corporations that now rule the country, and the Propaganda Media that has become a tool of tyranny, support and enforce these mandates to the point that they will discriminate and harm others that don’t comply with these mandates.

These mandates are the reason our economy is not moving forward, why we are seeing more empty shelves, businesses being shuttered, and experiencing shortages of goods and services, including medical services. In addition to the depletion of public services (including police and firefighters), businesses and our military, medical services and hospitals are facing partial or complete closures due to the fact that they are letting go up to 30% of their staff for refusing to vaccinate. In upstate New York, a hospital will stop delivering babies because so many in their staff quit rather than be forced to take the vaccine.

And a hospital in Texas has also announced that it may be forced to close due to Biden’s vaccine mandate.

And so, at a time when we are facing a shortage of doctors and nurses (thanks to Obamacare), when demand for services is going up because of COVID and the myriad of problems associated with it, and as millions of illegals who WILL be needing medical services are coming into the country, we have less access to medical services and longer wait times. 11-hour wait times are now the norm even in the ERs of smaller town hospitals around the country, including Winchester, Virginia.

Just about everything that Democrats have done in recent years rises to the level of malicious absurdity, but the new Democrat Party goes beyond all this and into the plainly diabolical. We know that their main tool in their playbook has always been division, whether by socio-economic status, skin color, gender, religion, etc. Now, they have introduced a new division, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, and this time they feel like they have been given the carte blanche to not just discriminate, but to unleash their heinous wickedness against those they consider their enemies. They fully believe it is okay to deprive people not just of their 1st Amendment religious freedoms (for which the Left has absolutely no use for) but of people’s right to travel, make a living, seek healthcare, or have access to the government services that we all as taxpayers, whether vaccinated or not, are paying for. The line into the inhumane and uncivil has been crossed by Democrats a long time ago and it is beyond absurd: it is evil.

Meanwhile, the despicable Left is cheering on.

But perhaps the most immoral of these players in the COVID plandemic game are those doctors who have already said that they will refuse to treat patients that do not get vaccinated. Despite the fact that we already know that the COVID shots do not prevent the virus nor the spread of the virus, those doctors are completely disregarding their Hippocratic Oath and choosing which patients deserve treatment and which don’t. What is worse, they aren’t doing it for any scientific reason or safety concerns, they are doing it merely for political reasons. Personally, I would NEVER go to a doctor that has so little regard for human life and I believe that they should be stripped off their medical licenses. Will these doctors also stop treating drug addicts or alcoholics? How about the obese? Will they refuse to treat a diabetic that doesn’t follow his/her diet? Will they turn away an car accident victim who was driving too fast? Where, exactly will they draw their line?

The same goes to any hospital that refuses to allow patients to try new potentially-life saving medications or any pharmacy that refuses to fill a prescription rightfully written by a medical doctor, merely because they don’t agree with the doctor. Neither hospital administrators (who are bureaucrats) nor pharmacy personnel should ever interfere with the medical treatment of another human being. The fact that they now do is beyond absurd: it is malicious and evil.

Come to think of it, I was wrong about my initial assessment of Judge Michael Oster, the Ohio judge who refused to allow a dying COVID patient to try new medications that could save his life. Judge Oster’s action also fall into the Absurdly Evil category and his preposterous decision shows his malicious wickedness. Let’s hope that karma, or at the very least the voters in his district, will remember who he is.

One thought

  1. I’ve sent the email below to by TX state senator and representative as well as a conservative candidate for governor:
    I have become very concerned with the way Federal, State, local officials, the media, and most surprisingly medical professionals have behaved over the past year and a half. Besides devastating our economy as has never been done before, the infringements on our rights as free people have been accelerating and need to be reigned in.
    Presenting themselves as benevolent dictators, these tyrannical “do-gooders” have inflicted serious and deadly harm on all of us.
    It is now time for legislators like yourself to champion laws that will restore the balance of power and, more importantly, the health of our state. And by extension and example, I would hope it would help other states and the whole nation recover from this madness.

    I am providing a link to a piece by Daniel Horowitz: 12 things red-state legislatures must do tomorrow to reset COVID policy.

    I would appreciate it if you would pursue getting these changes made.
    Lives depend on it.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Dan McCabe
    Denison, TX


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