The Apostles of Evil

This will be a short post because it’s not what I was going to write about today. But right on the heels of my last post, where I argued that at its core, the Democrat Party has become an anti-Christian party that promotes an evil agenda, one of their emerging leaders proved my point. I’m talking about current New York Governor Kathy Hochul, the woman who replaced disgraced former governor Andrew “Luv Guv” Cuomo, who was quietly asked to resigned and never made to answer, much less pay, for the many crimes that he was accused of. In fact, he even got to keep his pensions and like his brother who is accused of similar crimes, barely even got a slap on the wrist. That’s Democrats for you.

Back to Gov. Hochul, a pro-abortion Roman Catholic who like so many others uses the “Catholic” or “Christian” labels as a way to mask and rationalize her wicked beliefs. In what, at a minimum, can only be described as pure blasphemy this woman stood at the pulpit of a “Christian” mega-church and said the following:

We are going to ignore the fact that she is blatantly lying about the powers she attributes to the COVID “vaccines” as I have argued that ad nauseam in other posts. Instead, let’s first address her assertion that this is “a vaccine from God.” I don’t need to be a pastor or have a Ph.D. from divinity school to seriously question that conclusion. I’m fairly certain that the vaccine is NOT from God for three main reasons:

1.) It doesn’t work: if this vaccine was from God, it would at the very least work to either prevent the virus or stop it from spreading. It does neither. The facts according to true science and not the political science that Democrats believe in, have clearly established that the vaccine neither prevents the virus, nor stops it from spreading. The Democrats’ own deity, Anthony Fauci, admitted as much. If anything, the virus is spreading more now that a large swath of the population has been vaccinated than it did before the shots were available. Such an imperfect vaccine would be the work of an imperfect being, not God.

2.) The side-effects may be worse than the vaccine: a vaccine created by God wouldn’t just be perfect in how it works (and actually work!) but it also would not cause the serious adverse side-effects and fatality rates that these “vaccines” have. I don’t know what god Ms. Hochul prays to, but my God represents perfection, not half-assed, defective shots full of chemicals that intent to alter a person’t genetic material by affecting the RNA.

3.) It would not be mandatory: there is absolutely no gift from God which is mandatory. None. Even salvation is optional. My God, the Almighty, doesn’t put mandates or requirements beyond accepting the sacrifice of his only begotten Son and the acceptance that He is our Savior. Other than that, my God gives me the choice to live within the parameters of good as outlined in the Bible and to seek absolution from Him when I err. Clearly, my God and Ms. Hochul’s god are not one and the same.

To be clear, Gov. Hochul has every right to have the belief that God sent these shots, just as much as she has the right to have any ridiculously stupid idea she may want to have. After all, this is still sort of America, so she still sort of has that right to an opinion, especially since she is a Leftist Democrat and censorship still doesn’t apply to her.

But there is so much more in Ms. Hochul’s words that should give serious pause (and goosebumps) to any true Christian. Frankly, the fact that the pastor of that church, Rev. A. R. Bernard would allow someone to come to his pulpit and not just make those blasphemous comments but to also put herself on the same position and status as Jesus Christ, calling for people to be “her apostles” tells me everything I need to know about him: he is just another of the “false teachers” that the Bible so frequently warns us about. As Jesus said in Matthew 7:15-16 “‘(w)atch out for false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are voracious wolves. You will recognize them by their fruit…”. Rev. Bernard is the epitome of a false teacher in sheep’s clothing.

But Gov. Hochul doesn’t just equate herself with Jesus, she purposely disparages people who disagree with her and decide not to take the vaccine. She refers to herself and those who are vaccinated like her as “the smart ones” while attempting to put down the rest as not good enough or dumb. Ironically, I’m willing to bet the average unvaccinated person knows far more about these “vaccines” and their side-effects than she does or, at least, that she is willing to admit to. But that’s beside the point. The most important point is that a true Christian would never promote such disparaging divisions to achieve her goals. Jesus Christ certainly never did that. That she then cites “love” as her objective tries is beyond insulting: it is simply sickening. How can anyone fall for this cheap rhetoric?

Yet, she doesn’t stop there. Instead, she does something particularly odd and creepy: she states that she wears her “vaccinated” necklace “all the time” to say that she is vaccinated. Is she equating wearing a “vaccinated” necklace to identify her as “vaccinated” with a Christian who wears a cross to identify himself as a Christian? Is she trying to imply that both are the same? Does she even know that a Christian wears a cross to remind himself and others of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all of us when he died on the cross and not as a virtue-signaling symbol of oppression?

Because let’s not sugar-coat what this “vaccinated” necklace, like the vaccine passports really are: they are the tools that Democrats are using to oppress people. They are proof that you have complied with their demands and will be allowed to work, serve, study, travel, shop, get medical services and generally be allowed to live in our society. Gov. Hochul’s own state of New York is in fact leading the way of oppression against the unvaccinated going as far as firing and dismissing hundreds of medical personnel and public servants like police and firefighters that refuse to get the vaccination. In other words, the very same people that were called “heroes” just a year ago are now being vilified as the enemy by Ms. Hochul, Pretender Biden, and other Democrats around the country. Not even the Chinese, who created the virus, get such scorn from Democrats.

Incidentally, the Bible does speak of such an instance when a symbol (a mark) will be required of people in order to perform the transactions necessary to live within our society. I will end by citing it so you may read it yourself and come to your own conclusions:

Perhaps Governor Hochul should get a “VAXXED” tattoo on her forehead.

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