How America Will Turn to Communism

For all that Democrats and RINOs (Republicans-In-Name-Only) get a tingle-up-their-legs when complaining about the “Trump lies” they can never actually cite, there is only one thing that President Trump ever asserted that he was wrong about and that’s when he proclaimed: “America will never be a socialist country.” He was dead-wrong on this.

Not that I consider that to be a lie, certainly not like any of the Biden lies which we hear about on a daily basis, from the handling of Afghanistan, to the situation at the southern border, to the vaccination and COVID rates to the most ridiculous of them all: that his $3.5 trillion plan “adds zero dollars to the national debt.” The man’s cognitive abilities are clearly as far gone as can be for a human being still able to walk.

President Trump was simply trying to be positive and reassuring in the face of what has become the obvious decline of the United States of America. What we are seeing today is the result of decades of maneuvering by the Democrat Party in ushering an era of totalitarianism where individual liberties are suspended for the benefit of a few elites at the top while the masses at the bottom are fooled into believing Democrats care about them. I call it “communism” here but the truth is that we really still don’t have a name for what the Leftist forces within the Democrat Party have in store for our country. Knowing how creative and twisted Democrats are, I’m sure they will try to give the good ol’ totalitarianism/communism some benevolent-sounding name that probably evokes the exact opposite of what they are doing. Much like “progressive” evokes moving forward while the actual policies are truly regressive or how their “equality” (now “equity”) is actually about segregation and division.

What we see today is just about every area of daily life for Americans being affected by destructive Democrat policies. But there are five main areas that have been key to the transformation of our country.

The first, was turning the entire education system, K through college, into a massive indoctrination effort. This was the foundation of what we are seeing today, as only malleable and ignorant people would be so willing to give up their rights. Democrats have controlled most aspects of the education system for decades, slowing degrading it and replacing academics and preparation with “socialist justice” notions that have been imprinted in young impressionable minds. The ability to think for one self and use logical reasoning have been obliterated and replaced with compliance of the Democrats’ socialist doctrines. Not surprisingly, this has coincided with the U.S. plummeting in educational achievements when compared to the rest of the world. Democrats have done this by imposing Common Core and Critical Race Theory, along with the lowering of standards that have resulted in students graduating from high schools without the ability to read or count, much less understand what is going on in the country. Many schools, like Virginia’s Episcopalian school Christchurch School proudly proclaim that they don’t grade on academic knowledge or achievement but only on “effort.” Students are being trained to be subservient citizens who will depend on the government and hopefully always vote for those who pay for their entitlements: the Democrat Party.

The second area that was taken over by the Leftists in the Democrat Party was the media. Like any other totalitarian regime in the history of the world, controlling and manipulating the message that the citizens get through the media is key to controlling the people. I’ve written extensively and continuously provide examples of how our media has been disgracefully compromised for a very long time. They all report on the same news, almost verbatim, while they all also cover-up for the regime. They did it with Obama and are doing it even more blatantly with Biden. None questioned Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. None covered the Hunter Biden scandals which actually involved Joe Biden. None cared about Biden’s calls to the Afghani president. None will go down to the border and cover the crisis down there. None criticized Gen. Milley’s treasonous calls to our enemy, China. Years ago, Milley would have been stripped off his command, declared a traitor, and made to pay for his crimes: today, the media applauds him, with Bob Woodward even implying that we owe Milley an apology!

What is worse, you have a media that openly supports censorship and the blatant violation of the freedom of the press. Last week, when YouTube announced their shameless censorship of any information regarding COVID and the vaccines, most in the media applauded the move. Nevermind that some, if not most, of the information being banned is by medical doctors, which none of these “journalists” are- this isn’t about the truth, but about propaganda.

The third area that the Democrats targeted for destruction was the healthcare system in America. Not so long ago, the United States had the best healthcare system in the world and people came here from all over for their care. The fact that it was becoming an increasingly expensive system had everything to do with Democrat policies, from regulations and lack of tort reform, to health insurance policies and Big Pharma fleecing consumers while enjoying ridiculous profits and protections from liabilities. While the latter two industries were to blame for the rising healthcare costs, those are the industries that Democrat policies have benefitted the most: Obamacare was a windfall for the insurance companies while everything we are seeing today with regard to COVID and the “vaccines” is the big payout to Big Pharma. The new Big Pharma billionaires are beyond ecstatic.

Anyone who was paying attention at the time knew that Obamacare was designed to fail. Despite Obama’s blatant lies, for which he was never held accountable for, the reality is that more people were hurt by Obamacare than those who benefitted from it. More importantly, it resulted in a massive exodus from the medical field which we are seeing today as Obamacare forced many doctors to close shop and retire. Those were the ones that had the true knowledge and the experience, now replaced by those who are a product of our failing education system. The true reason behind Obamacare’s purposeful failing was to usher in Universal Health Care (socialized medicine).

Then came President Donald Trump, something that the socialist Left had not thought possible. Suddenly, there was a real threat to their evil plot for the destruction of this country as enough Americans still had the commonsense to see what was happening. That was the real reason for the unbridled and irrational hatred toward President Trump and his supporters. That the Democrat base was so easy to convince that this was about “mean tweets,” some mysterious “lies,” or anything else for that matter, was just the icing on the Democrat cake.

Stealing the elections obviously has bought Democrats some time, but things could change, especially if Americans were to suddenly realize how they have been deceived. Scarcity of medical services (actually, scarcity of just about everything!), inflation, rising crime, or any of the many things currently failing in our country, could cause enough Americans to wake up.

Thus why Democrats are now going nuclear, pushing for vaccine mandates even though the data amply shows that the vaccine doesn’t work either to prevent or contain the virus. They do this, not to “save” people as they claim, but to completely destroy what is left of the already overwhelmed healthcare system. Would a sane person push to get rid of 25-30% of the healthcare workers around the nation at a time of a healthcare crisis? Of course not, and yet that is exactly what Biden and Democrat governors are doing with their vaccine mandates on healthcare workers. These healthcare workers have been working tirelessly for the past 1 1/2 years on the frontlines, without vaccinations, so why force them now? To destroy the system.

And just like that, the very same people who were called “heroes without capes” just a year ago are now called “the enemy” and disposable. In the Democrats’ America, enemies change faster than they did in Orwell’s “1984.” I wonder, how long until Biden mandates the Two Minutes Hate?

The same thing is happening to both our law enforcement agencies and our military, which round up the last 4 and 5 areas that the Democrats have demolished in order to establish their regime. The past several years we have witnessed first hand the increasing attacks against and the vilification of our police. Thousands of police officers around the nation have either been killed, injured, quit, or retired early. This has resulted in a 30% increase in violent crimes (particularly homicides) nationwide. Of course, the Left will blame “guns,” even though virtually all those crimes are committed by gang members and people who don’t own guns legally. And they will also try to argue that other crimes, such as property crimes, are going down without pointing out the obvious: while some Democrat jurisdictions have chosen NOT to prosecute crimes which has led to people openly shoplifting with impunity others simply don’t have the police manpower to deal with other crimes. Just because a crime is not reported or prosecuted doesn’t mean it didn’t happen: it just means that it won’t be counted.

Now, we see the Border Agent officers who risk their lives every day to keep our country safe being attacked not just by criminal cartels, but even the Pretender Biden and other Democrat leaders. Incidentally, this has all happened as the federal police agencies have been increasingly politicized and used by Democrats as their very own Gestapo. See how that all works?

This is not a coincidence: it is a well-planned attack on the law enforcement areas that have kept our country safe for so long. It is not ironic or coincidental that this all happens simultaneously to Democrats’ attempt to disarm Americans (much like the Nazis and communist regimes have done throughout history) to make sure the people never rise up against them.

As for the military, the Afghani disaster and the Gen. Milley fiasco are only the latest in a series of events that demonstrate just how low our military has fallen. Democrats and their woke crowd have reduced the military to a circus where mediocrity is valued over leadership, where those who join for love of country will be persecuted, and where a major “perk” for services will be all expenses-paid gender reassignment surgeries. It is an institution where a Lieutenant Colonel will be jailed for his criticism of the Afghani debacle where 13 troops were killed, but where nothing happens to a soldier who gleefully threatens her fellow American citizens with death should Martial Law be imposed.

It is also the military where a 3 star general who embarrasses not just herself but our entire military by not knowing the difference between American troops and British troops is given a pass.

And, as in all the other areas we discussed, our military troops who are asked to risk their lives for our country are being summarily dismissed if they don’t take the ineffective COVID vaccine. Well, all other areas except postal workers and congressional staffers. It isn’t about the vaccine or the virus, it is about a political cleanse that will accelerate the Left’s plans.

This is where we are, full into our country’s transformation from a freedom-loving, prosperous country which has lifted millions of people off poverty and offered shelter from political persecution in other countries, into a country headed into that same poverty and persecution right here on American soil.

None of this is a coincidence. It is all part of the Democrats’ Leftist Agenda.

The saddest and scariest part of it all is that if the Democrats’ are able to succeed with their disgustingly evil plans to fundamentally change this country into the exact opposite of what it has been for centuries it will be because enough American “Useful Idiots” will be clamoring for this changes.

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