America’s Pravda

Back when Americans, as a whole, used to be smarter and less gullible, there was at least a semblance of neutrality in the media. However, as the decades of indoctrination by Leftist Democrat-controlled schools and academia have done their part in the brainwashing of generations, the Propaganda Media has become ever more bold in their bias and manipulation of news.

Now, the Propaganda Media and their counterparts don’t even pretend to have any journalistic integrity and their bias is as blatant as any one could have found in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, or Communist China.

There is no question that the Propaganda Media is now intricately connected to the wholly Democrat-controlled government of the United States. It is so jaw-dropping unbelievable that most people didn’t even bat an eye or questioned the fact that the Biden Administration, in conjunction with the media, have created a fake “White House” set for the Pretender Biden and the rest of the actors to create whatever illusion it is that they are trying to create.

This was the set and the same props that he has used for many of his public relations sessions, including “roundtables,” and the one where they dramatized him getting a booster of the COVID jab.

And the media doesn’t have to question it because they are all part of the production.

Just like they don’t question any of the times when the Pretender has admitted to only been “allowed” to take questions from certain predetermined reporters. Part of the production. Or when he ends a statement, pivots, and walks away from a “press conference” without taking any questions at all, as he has done at least twice this week. All part of the script. Not even when the Pretender insults these reporters in front of other world leaders, whether from England or India, do these reporters grumble, complain or question: it’s because they are not really reporters, they are merely actors getting paid to play a role. And they are paid handsomely for their supporting role in the destruction of the country.

And it isn’t just Biden; cackling Kamala also gets a pass as yet another actor in the production. The Propaganda Media won’t ask her about the southern border- of which she is allegedly in charge- nor do they care that the recently released “Get Curious with Vice President Kamala Harris” was a fake segment with paid child actors. There is nothing genuine or real about this Administration.

So, the media goes along with the sinister charade because this is their role to play: to influence the public opinion in favor of their employers in the Democrat Party. In fact, just yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi blatantly admitted how Democrats view the press as the party’s very own propaganda machine. Asked about whether she needed to do a better job selling the Democrats’ $3.1 Trillion plan she admonished the press by retorting: “(w)ell, I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you.”

Goes to show, Democrats don’t even need to hide their anti-Democratic manipulation of the media anymore.

In fact, the Propaganda Media has branched out from merely misreporting, lying, or simply ignoring stories, facts, and data, as they have done all throughout the COVID era when they failed to report important COVID data regarding fatalities or co-morbidities. Or, more recently, as they have wholly ignored or downplayed COVID shot adverse effects even citing the CDC director as she quoted an opinion for another press outlet (the AP) and tried to pass it on as a “fact.” Think about that: the head of the Center for Disease Control, which should be gathering the data and know the facts better than most, actually quoted an opinion by the Associated Press as if it were a fact and no one in the media questioned or discredited her. Sounds like fiction or comic book material, but it’s reality to us.

What else can we expect out of a media which cheers on censorship, vilify those who do ask the questions, and helps discredit those who come forward with actual data and facts? Well, what we can expect is the next step in classic state-control of the media which is a media which will manipulate stories and data to ensure that the people only get the official state-sanctioned information.

We always knew it happened in regimes such as the Soviet Union and China: now it is happening here as well.

Just this week, it was revealed, by her own admission, that former “journalist” Katie Couric edited out comments by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she spoke against anthem-kneeler Colin Kaepernick. Couric said she did so to “protect” Justice Ginsburg. Protect her from what? The truth is that she did it to protect a narrative supported by people who fanatically idolized Ginsburg as a demigod. And, in typical Leftist despicable & condescending arrogance, Couric said that she did it because she thought Justice Ginsburg was “elderly and probably didn’t fully understand the question.” Couric, a self-proclaimed “big RBG fan” thought that the justice who prided herself on her intellect was senile and didn’t understand the question posed by a simpleton like Couric.

Then there was the headline in The Washington Post a couple of days ago stating “Prices were up 5.4% in September over last year, as Delta variant holds back economic recovery.” They finally acknowledge the out-of-control inflation but do so by blaming the virus and not the Biden policies which are the real reasons for the failed economy. Again, here you have a so-called journal trying to brainwash the population with a political argument that it simply cannot back-up. And that wasn’t even an opinion piece!

Speaking of the Washington Compost, how about this week’s “story” detailing a map of remaining Columbus statues around the country as a way to promote the further destruction of monuments and our history? Activism at its very worst.

And who can forget the magnificent job that the Propaganda Media, led by CNN did in discrediting Ivermectin as a potential lifesaver in the fight against COVID by repeating the lie, outright LIE, that the FDA tweeted calling it a “horse dewormer”? Not only is Ivermectin, like penicillin, amoxicillin and many other drugs available in BOTH human-use and veterinarian-use, the Propaganda Media promoted the lie and disparaged anyone who argued for it, even those who had actually used it to save their lives. Yes, the Propaganda Media would rather see people die than to go against the narrative of an administration that rules by fear and control.

But it isn’t just the mainstream Propaganda Media which is guilty of this: check out your local media outlets for similar manipulation of data and stories. For example, take a look at the screenshot of InsideNova, a local news outlet which bills itself as “Northern Virginia’s Leading News Source.”

Aside from the fact that either they don’t know how to count, as the numbers are out of order, or they lack competent editors, did you notice the subtle bias? Look at the last point “2. Redistricting drama” which reads like something that the Democratic National Committee would have written itself. In a story about “fair” political maps, “frustrated” Democrats walked out and the inference is that Republicans are stonewalling the Democrats’ “fair”compromise which must be reasonable since they are “frustrated.” What the headline fails to note is that in Virginia, Democrats control EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF GOVERNMENT, from the governorship, to the state senate, and the house of delegates. So if the political maps are “unfair” in the first place, they are unfair in favor of Democrats! And yet, the way it is portrayed by this journalistic piece of junk is the exact opposite.

Then again, that same outlet and its partner finally published a story (after it recently became a national story) about a teen who sexually assaulted a girl at a Loudoun County, Virginia high school and was then transferred to another Loudoun school where he recently assaulted another student. Curiously, as you can read in the fourth paragraph of the story below, the “reporter” writes that “nothing in the charges indicates how the teen ended up in the girl’s bathroom.” That would seem like an odd sentence to write until you learn from other news outlets that the 1st victim alleged that the boy gained access to the bathroom by wearing a skirt. In other words, the boy took advantage of the recent changes in school policies regarding “transgendered” students in order to rape a girl in a girl’s bathroom. Obviously, this is the kind of story that the Left doesn’t want people to know about and they will do everything in their power to either hide it or minimize it.

Incidentally, this past summer, many of these outlets were quick to write about a parent being arrested at one of the contentious Loudoun County School Board meetings. What they never reported was that the parent arrested was the father of the child who was raped by a student whose access was facilitated by the Loudoun school board. A student who, rather than being punished, was quietly shuffled to a neighboring school where he was able to abuse yet another innocent victim. Can you really blame that father?

These are all just the latest examples of how broken and dangerous our country’s Propaganda Media have become. From their insidious lies, to their non-reporting of serious events and facts, their complicity with the governing elites, the manipulation of stories, their aiding and abetting of destructive players on the Left, to the active vilification of anyone who opposes the Leftist agenda, these people are guilty of more than just destroying our country: they have blood on their hands.

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