The American Citizen Brigades

Over the last couple of years the circle of friends & relatives that I surround myself with has drastically changed. I, personally, haven’t changed much except to the extent that I now pay closer attention to my priorities in life. This has led to the realization that I needed to grow my faith and have a closer relationship to Jesus Christ. But my viewpoints on social issues and politics have remained fairly constant over the past couple of decades. I also have never hidden these views- to the contrary, I have been quite open and outspoken on my socio-political views. I say this because it is those views and my strong support for President Donald Trump, along with my criticism of the racist, socialist, and anti-Christian stances of the Democrat Party, that have led the re-organization of my social circles. Turns out that many of these so-called friends, along with some relatives, who ironically consider themselves to be so tolerant, open-minded, and “progressive” turned out to be the exact opposite.

Ironically, those former friends are people who just 6 years ago seldom, if ever, talked about politics.  The election of President Donald Trump and the subsequent barrage of propaganda headlines suddenly made them political “experts.” They gleefully shared any post, no matter how ridiculous, that they thought justified their unbridled hatred toward a man who was in reality making their lives and that of most Americans better.  They never even thought to double-check any of those headlines even if what they declared defied any logic.  And it showed.  Every single time I or anyone else questioned their unhinged Leftist assertions, they would either go silent or say they were “too busy” to continue engaging in the discussion. Funny, they didn’t look so “busy” when they were continually posting the lies and exaggerations that the Propaganda Media distributed.

Those are, for the most part, the people who are no longer my friends. In many instances, it wasn’t my decision, it was theirs.  Their intolerance was simply too strong. In others, I simply stopped seeking those people out and realized they were just not worth my time and effort.  After all, even though they allegedly knew me and were my friends, the inference was that I must be a racist or some other kind of imagined evil because I supported the man that they called racist and evil, without any kind of evidence whatsoever. The fact was that President Trump’s policies proved the exact opposite. But they didn’t care about any facts. Frankly, who wants to be friends with someone who thinks the worse of you?

Moreover, while President Trump never did anything to harm them and everything to try to save this country from the chaos and destruction that we are currently experiencing, these “friends” and relatives voted for people and policies that are actively persecuting people like me who love this country as I do, censoring viewpoints & speech, waging war on Christianity, and seeking the destruction of our country in order to achieve their socialist reset.  In sum, they supported (and most still do) a regime that is directly affecting me and my family.  This is personal. 

As if sacrificing friendships and familial relationships was not enough, those on the Left are taking the next step in the natural evolution toward a totalitarian regime where a significant portion of the population support tyranny and oppression.  The remaking of the January 06, 2021 demonstration at the Capitol into an attempt at insurrection is an example, despite the mounting evidence that the maligned events were orchestrated by the woke FBI.  The indisputable facts are that the people who died at the event were actually unarmed innocent bystanders (both women) who were unreasonably killed by the police.  And yet, participants at the event who did nothing more than being present, have been treated much like political prisoners in places like the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba, to the point that world human rights organizations are having to step in. Still, those on the Left not just remain silent, they actively support these atrocities by the Biden Administration.  

There are just too many examples to support the idea that the Left is completely eviscerating the Constitutional rights of Americans under the guise of “protection” or “domestic terrorism” with the tacit support from those anti-American Democrats who support the Biden regime.  I’ve discussed many of them in past posts, such as the vaccine mandates, which deserve a discussion all on their own. 

Another alarming example is the recent decision by the Biden regime to label as “domestic terrorist” any parent who dares to voice his/her objections at school board meetings in a manner not approved by the regime.  One would have thought that this particular decision by the regime would have been enough to cause people to hit the streets and ignite a revolutionary spark but, instead, nothing of the sort has happened.  Some people grumbled, but most shrugged their shoulders and accepted it.  This is what happens when propaganda brainwashes people’s brain and a government rules through fear and threats.  Those are true signs of a totalitarian regime and that’s where we currently are.  All thanks in part to those Democrat “friends” and relatives who voted and supported this. 

Now, we also have Leftist/Democrat organized groups popping up to continue the work that our government and the Propaganda Media (including, of course, social media) have been doing in targeting Americans who stand for the Constitution and against tyranny. Those are the groups set-up to replicate what regimes have done throughout history, using the equivalent of citizen “brigades” in order to identify and persecute any person who show any subversive ideas and/or tendencies against an oppressive government.  Cuba has such a system and now we do, too, right here in the U.S.

An article by the Western Journal referencing a CNN news story briefly talks about this.

Many of these groups operate in the distinctly innocent-sounding, benevolent fashion so typical of the Left.  Take, for example, “Parents for Peace.” I first heard about this organization when the Apple News+ on my phone recommended an article from Bloomberg Businessweek titled “How to Win Back Loved Ones Lost to Extreme Views.”  The introductory paragraph tells you everything you need to know:

Isn’t it interesting how none of the truly extremist Leftist groups were included in that description?  I’m talking about Antifa & BLM, not to mention the Democrat Party itself, the ones that literally burned, destroyed, murdered, called for violence, and looted their way through most of 2020. 

But the vileness of this article and the organization that it describes, is not just that it is clearly a militant Leftist organization hellbent in brainwashing and conditioning the American public while purporting to be doing a good deed, but that it is encouraging Americans to report their friends and relatives who disagree with their opinions. Now, unhinged Democrats have a weapon to use against those who disagree with their far-Left ideology. What exactly do you think this organization will do with that information? Is there anyone who doubts that this is a cover for a regime trying to do the surveillance and black-listing that they are not legally allowed to do?

The biggest irony is that the only real threat to our country and our children’s future today are Democrats themselves and their ideologically dangerous party. Their demonic obsession with destroying our country and stripping Americans of their God-given rights and liberty is truly the most terrifying aspect of our lives today, even more so than any fatal virus or epidemic.

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