The Blatant Bias of the American Media

It is often said that if Democrats and their Propaganda Media didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all. Sadly, they make a point of proving this on a daily basis.

Just today, we had at least two big instances of the shameless double-standard of the American Leftist media. Take for example today’s Yahoo headline:

Only weeks after relentlessly battering Florida with negative stories about the soaring number of COVID cases in the Sunshine State this summer, the Leftist media is incapable of truthfully reporting what can only be described as great news out of Florida. Instead, the only way that the media can cover a positive news story like this one is to frame it in negative terms, as they did here when they added “(but) don’t congratulate it just yet.” In this case, the culprit is a guy named Andrew Romano, one of the many, equally inept Democrat political operatives at Yahoo News who pretend to be “journalists.”

I’m willing to bet that Mr. Romano, like his brethren at Yahoo, probably praised the disgraced New York “Luv Guv” Cuomo’s handling of the COVID plandemic in NY. Like the rest of the despicable media, Yahoo mostly ignored the fact that thousands of innocent people needlessly died in nursing homes because of Cuomo’s policies. Yet here, in the face of Gov. DeSantis’ success, Romano complains about the “politicization” of the COVID plandemic, even though not only did the Left politicize it as a way to defeat President Trump but also despite the fact that his entire “News” article is in itself, a politicized version of the facts surrounding Florida’s handling of the COVID plandemic. The truth is that, while most Americans are either in awe or jealous of how Florida has handled the crisis, Democrats loathe and despise the governor who may take President Trump’s place within the Republican Party.

Romano also fails to mention that, while Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the country, it is also leading the country in the growth of its COVID case rate. Inconvenient truths like this one, which blows up the entire vaccination narrative from the Left, are to be ignored by American Leftist “journalists” like Romano.

Another story today that stressed the shameless double-standard in the Leftist media, was the story about Huma Aberdeen, Hillary Clinton’s longtime aid and the ex-wife of the sexual predator Anthony Weiner. In her upcoming book, Aberdeen alleges that she was sexually assaulted by a U.S. Senator some years ago. It stands to reason that the alleged perpetrator must have been a DEMOCRAT U.S. Senator as not only does she not mention his name, but the media has gone completely radio silent on the story. You can bet your house that if the perp had been a Republican Senator, not only would she had named the man right away, but the Propaganda Media and all the various faux feminists on the Left would have already lynched the man. Instead, the story gets buried and whoever may have assaulted her gets a pass.

Want another example? Consider the story of a Connecticut State Representative named Michael DiMassa who was just arrested for suspicion of embezzling about $600,000 of COVID relief money and using it for gambling. The story below is very similar to another story we saw on television and they both have one thing in common: neither of them identifies DiMassa as a Democrat. Not the lengthy news story I posted below, nor the TV one we watched which made a point of identifying as Democrats the leadership condemning his actions, almost as if to make it sound like the good guys are the Democrats and so the criminal must be a Republican.

Few examples better exemplify the journalistic double-standard of the American Propaganda Media than this week’s interview of Lesley Stahl of CBS’ “60 Minutes.” This week, Stahl was the guest in some show called “The Talk,” hosted by a Natalie Morales. The discussion, as it inevitably happens when you are talking about Leftists, turned to President Trump, the man who STILL lives rent-free in so many Democrats’ pitiful psyche. It’d be sad if it wasn’t so darned funny.

In any case, Stahl was discussing the time when President Trump walked away from her interview one year ago. Rather than go into the details of the interview, I’ve posted an article that includes the interview with President Trump below. After a series of impertinent and inappropriate questions by Stahl that had nothing to do with his policies, President Trump walked away after a disagreement with Stahl and with only 5 minutes to go until the end of the interview. The interview was almost over and given the combative, biased, and petty questions by the clearly biased Stahl, President Trump was right to walk away.

This week, during her time at “The Talk,” Stahl described being “stunned” and “shocked” at the time of the President Trump interview. At that time, she had even asked President Trump: “You’re president. Don’t you think you think you should be accountable to the American people?”

I’m curious: has Stahl or any other Democrat operative within the Propaganda Media for that manner, expressed such shock or attempted to scold the Pretender Biden any of the many times that he has refused to answer ANY questions from the press, the times that he has insulted the American press before foreign dignitaries, the time he told school children that his job was to “avoid” the press, or when he has simply WALKED away from reporters and from the American people? Of course, not.

This is the American media. And this explains why so many people still shamelessly support Democrats, living in the blissful ignorance of those who are brainwashed daily by the Leftist media conglomerates which carefully censor the news. They decide what news they will cover and how they will cover to advance the Democrats’ agenda.

Yahoo, which got rid of the “Comments” sections in their stories over a year ago for fear that their readers could potentially learn some truth from other commenters, recently reintroduced the “Comments” section. Except that only comments that are approved by Yahoo censors will be allowed. For example:

After posting the comment anyway, this was the message that came up:

The truth is that no one should be surprised by this, except those on the Left who either applaud this or who are intellectually incapable of recognizing bias. In fact, earlier this week, Brian Stelter of the Clown News Network hosted a segment calling for reporters to be openly biased and stop covering Democrats and Republicans the same way. Of course, the original premise, that U.S. reporters cover Democrats and Republicans in a similar manner, is not just laughable but intellectually dishonest. At least now, they are openly admitting their bias.

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