Democrats Are After Your Children

If you are following the news at all (and I don’t mean the Propaganda Media but the actual news) you should know by now that Democrats are clearly out to get your children. No, I’m not just talking about Biden’s predatory moves towards children. I’m talking about Democrat policies including those that are in the Democrats multi-trillion socialist wishlist. If you are a parent or a grandparent, you should be very afraid for your children’s future.

Just this past week, we have witnessed a number of instances that prove once again how Democrats view children as nothing more than future Democrat voters that most be indoctrinated and molded as such. I’ve talked in the past about how Democrats have let the cat out of the bag when asserting that American children belong to the state, not the parents.

Then the COVID lockdowns and closures forced children to learn remotely from home, where parents could actually witness what the children were learning at the indoctrination centers. For many parents, this was an eye-opening experience when they got to see first-hand that their children were not being educated, they were being brainwashed and indoctrinated.

This is why parents all around the nation have revolted against their elected school board members. One of the most heated debates happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, where in addition to opposing mask/vaccine mandates and the despicably racist Critical Race Theory, parents have been opposing the recently passed transgender policies. And for good reason: in May of this year, a girl was raped in a girl’s bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. The attacker was then quietly transferred to another neighboring school where he sexually assaulted yet another girl. The boy was just found guilty of the first attack.

Yet, at a June meeting of the Democrat-controlled school board (aren’t they all?), the school district superintendent denied knowledge of the incident, even though emails later surfaced that he had known about the attack since the moment it happened. At that meeting, the girl and her family were victimized all over again by the Democrat school officials when her father was arrested for doing what any of us would probably have done: speaking out and trying to get justice for her daughter in the face of a school board that not only failed her, but which claimed that the incident had never happened. You can read about the incident in the article below.

This event was very significant because it was specifically mentioned as the Biden Administration decided to name parents, like this father, a “domestic terrorist.” Yes, that is how low our country has fallen under the Democrat control: thugs burning down cities, looting, and killing others is applauded by them, but a dad VOICING his objection against a school official who is actually protecting his daughter’s rapist is a domestic terrorist.

By the way, some Leftist “fact-checkers” claimed that the Biden Administration, at the urging of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) never meant to label parents “domestic terrorists.” Chances are, you may have a Democrat friend try to argue that, as they follow these faux checkers more than the actual news. But it did happen and we have not just their memos and the announcement by the Biden Administration’s DOJ, but we also have the “apology” by the NSBA and the testimony by Attorney General Merrick Garland before Congress. Funny that these things would happen if the “fact checkers” were correct. Incidentally, the woman in charge of the NSBA who penned the letter was recently rewarded with a board position by the Biden Administration.

This is, of course, one of the most egrigious incidents of school abuse, but there are many others occuring all around the country. The corruption of our school systems, mostly public but some ideologically-driven private schools as well (like many of the Episcopalian schools) has been happening now for decades. Yet it seems like the efforts to advance the demonic Democrat agenda have been accelerated in recent months, perhaps out of fear that too many parents will wake-up and fight back.

Just this week, in Florida, a teacher took elementary school children to a gay bar.

In North Carolina, a group of sixth grader was assigned to “study” the disgustingly sexually violent caricature they call “art” by a talentless provocateur named Kara Walker.

In Kentucky, a video has surfaced of a homecoming event at a public high school where girls paraded in skimpy “Hooters” outfits while the boys paraded and gave lap dances to the coaches and the principal/mayor of the town in sexy lingerie.

You see, the idea is to desensitize children to the Democrat agenda and to remove any morality that they may have been taught at home or church by breaking their moral compasses. They do it under the banner of “tolerance” and “inclusion” but we know it has nothing to do with either. After all, the very people who are promoting and teaching our kids these depravities are, themselves, the least tolerant or inclusive people to walk on Earth. Instead, these are their efforts to corrupt our youth and mold them into individuals who will stand for nothing and do only what the government tells them to do.

This is why Democrats don’t want parents involved and want to criminalize parents who do. This is why the Biden Administration has gone as far as to threaten these American parents if they speak out in these school board meetings. This is why school boards are limiting debate, as they did in Loudoun County. Or why in places like Minnesota, school boards are requiring that parents who speak out at meetings first publicly identify their addresses, essentially forcing parents to doxx themselves so that unhinged Democrat “activists” may find them and harass them at their homes. This same school district has banned speakers from personally addressing any of the elected officials who sit on the school board.

Incidentally, also in Minnesota, a surgeon just lost his job after speaking out against the school mask mandates at his child’s school. Speech is not free anymore: it will cost you dearly.

This is also why Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor of Virginia has also been tanking. Back in September, McAwful said in a televised debate that parents shouldn’t have a say on what kids are taught at school. Like all Democrats, McAuliffe is of the belief that the government knows better and that parents shouldn’t have a say on what schools teach. And why would he? After all, his children all attended some of the most prestigious PRIVATE schools in the DC area.

The fact remains that McAuliffe reaffirmed his position on several occasions, doubling down on his stance in subsequent interviews. He has also voiced his support for the racist and divisive Critical Race Theory. That is, until it became very clear that most parents did not agree with his stances and his campaign began to tank.

This revolt by parents against Democrat politicians has certainly alarmed the Left. In a last-ditch effort, the Democrat Leftists in Virginia are desperately trying everything they can to have their guy win. They have tried to say that he didn’t say what he clearly said. Then they tried to say that not only did he not say what we all heard him say, but that this is just his opponent’s way of supporting censorship. Again, Democrats lying and obfuscating facts in order to confuse people.

Then there’s CNN. This week, a CNN reporter named Eva McKend (not a pundit but an actual reporter!) attempted to change the narrative of McAuliffe’s crystal clear words by trying to “explain” what Terry McAliffe was “actually” trying to say. And what Terry was “trying” to say when he said “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach” was that his opponent is trying to “actually take books out.” Yeah, they make about as much sense as the Senile Biden who also entered the fray while campaigning for McAuliffe. While most of Biden’s words were unintelligible, he did say that McAuliffe’s opponent, Glen Youngkin, is trying to ban books by Toni Morrison. Democrats came to this conclusion because Youngkin’s campaign featured a woman who once complained about one of Morrison’s book. What they don’t say is that the book in question detailed bestiality and rape, something that Democrats believe is perfectly appropriate for young children.

So what are Democrats, who want to influence and control your children above all else, to do? How do Democrats avoid the pesky parents who refuse to give in and surrender their parental duties to the state?

They try to get the children at an earlier age. After all, we already know that schools and colleges do a remarkable job at brainwashing and indoctrinating American children but what if they could start even earlier? What if they could turn the children against their parents and against their churches as soon as they turn 3 years of age?

Enter the Biden/Democrat multi-trillion dollar proposal currently being discussed by Democrats. Have you wondered what’s in it? Here it is:

Aside from the obvious “climate change” garbage which is nothing more than an opportunity to implement the socialist policies of the Green New Deal, the bulk of the allocation outlined on the second line item ($400 billion) should give everyone pause: child care and universal preschool.

We know that this isn’t about working people since the Biden Administration is doing nothing to get people back to work. We also know that this isn’t about helping children; if it were, not only would they be opposing abortion but they would be applying that money toward much-needed mental health services. But that is not where the money is going. The money is meant to take children away from parents at an earlier age so that their “early childhood” indoctrination can start even sooner.

For many years, I refused to believe that Democrats could possibly be as evil as their agenda is. I rationalized that most were misguided, perhaps irrational or ignorant, but otherwise well-meaning. I don’t believe that anymore. I haven’t changed and the Democrats’ agenda hasn’t changed either. What HAS changed is that now the Democrats and American Leftists no longer hide the true purpose of their evil agenda. Every single person who votes and supports this despicable agenda knows or should know what it is all about: and still, they defend it and make excuses for it anyway.

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