Greetings from Virginia

November 2, 2021 was a fantastic day for the Commonwealth of Virginia! The birthplace of so many of the greatest Founding Fathers of our country, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & James Madison, roared back from the threat of destruction under Democrat rule with a resounding defeat of Democrats and their toxic, chaotic, and un-Constitutional policies. It was a phenomenal red wave that covered everything from the top gubernatorial spot, to countless school board positions. Virginia is the latest example of how American citizens can fight a system of corruption and of disdain for average citizens and win.

Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory of Terry McAuliffe was no small feat: it wasn’t the most David vs Goliath-type win of the night (that honor goes to Republican Edward Durr, the truck driver from New Jersey who just beat the longest serving New Jersey State senator, Democrat Steve Sweeney with a $153 campaign) but it was close. After all, Glenn Youngkin is a newcomer to the realm of politics, a man who was a virtual unknown at the beginning of this year. Terry McAuliffe, on the other hand, has the extensive resume of a true career politician: former Governor of Virginia, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, co-chair of President Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign, and chair of the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign. McAwful also had former President Barack Obama, current Pretender Joe Biden, and POTUS-wannabe Kamala Harris campaign for him here in Virginia. They pulled out all the guns and still they lost.

But it wasn’t just about Youngkin’s win: the admirable Winsome Sears became Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (a Marine and the first black woman to be elected to this position), and Jason Miyares beat the current Attorney General Mark Herring to become Attorney General of Virginia, the first Hispanic in Virginia history to do so. Just as importantly, Republicans were able to recapture the Virginia House of Delegates, as well as school boards all around the commonwealth. It was a great victory for the average Virginian who is tired of the elites in the DC area imposing their woke, socialist measures on the rest of the state and it was certainly a major victory for parents who did not take well to McAuliffe’s assertion that parents should have no say in what schools teach their children.

In the aftermath of this election, it has been very amusing to witness the major meltdown of the Left. Listening to them blame McAuliffe’s lost on the Democrats’ inability to pass a multi-trillion socialist spending plan at the federal level defies all logic. Others, like the socialist regressives in the House, have blamed the Democrats’ “moderation,” i.e. the Democrats’ unwillingness to go full communist with their agenda, as the reason for their loss.

The truly deranged, particularly those in the Propaganda Media went as far as to try to portray Youngkin, Sears, and Miyares as the product of “white supremacy” because, to them, “white supremacy” is electing a black woman and a Hispanic man to a high office. The biggest irony (or is it just idiocy) of these unhinged propagandists is that they completely ignore the fact that the Democrat ticket included two white men, one of whom was caught having worn blackface in the past (a semi-mortal sin among the woke) and the other was an apologist for the Democrat governor who was caught with a KKK robe in a yearbook picture. They would never accept that true racism is McAuliffe complaining that there are too many white teachers in Virginia or his support for the Critical Race Theory that they claim doesn’t exist.

Then you have the “expert” pundits blabbering about things they have no idea about. No, I’m not just talking about the ones proclaiming that Youngkin had automatically become a major contender for the 2024 Presidential election, even though the man is still months away from being sworn into office. They say that as an attempt to downplay President Trump’s potential 2024 run. I’m also talking about the ones who immediately proclaimed that the biggest loser of the night was….wait for it….you are never going to guess it….(yes, that’s sarcasm)….President Donald Trump!

Can you imagine how crazy and deranged a person must be to declare that? The biggest loser was, of course, Terry Mcauliffe. But he can share the title with Pretender Biden, Barack Obama, and every single Democrat whose agenda was repudiated not just by the voters in Virginia, but voters all around the nation. In a state where Biden supposedly won by 10%, the already popular former governor lost less than a year later. In New Jersey, where Biden allegedly won by 14%, the governor running for re-election almost lost or may have lost. Kind of makes you wonder about the legitimacy of those 2020 votes, doesn’t it?

The difference in Virginia this time around was that Republicans were not about to let the Democrats steal this election. Republicans were ready with armies of poll watchers and attorneys keeping an eye on all the shenanigans that Democrats like to pull particularly in the predominantly Democrat counties in Northern Virginia. Because it is no coincidence that, year after year, all the irregularities happen only in those districts.

And how did Youngin actually win? By working hard. He was not my first choice, nor my second, during the Virginia primaries but I can attest that Glenn Youngkin worked harder than any other candidate except Donald J. Trump. He was hosting several meet-and-greet events each day, touching every single corner of the commonwealth. In some areas of deep red Virginia, he was the only candidate to come in person to meet the voters. And it paid off, not just in the primary, but in the general election when he needed every Virginia Republican to vote. Most people appreciated Youngkin’s efforts: by and large, Virginians are fed up that the elites from the Washington, D.C. area, most of them recent trasplants from other largely Democrat states, get to decide the fate of the rest of the state. Yes, there is some resentment and it is well-placed and completely understandable.

Of course, there were other factors that helped create the perfect storm for the gigantic red wave. None was more effective than the fights between parents and the Democrat-controlled school boards. The best known of these battles is the one taking place in Loudoun County, Virginia. But that wasn’t the only one: in our area, for example, the local school board’s decision to change the name of a couple of schools because of references to confederate civil war leaders was the wake-up call for many. At a time when these schools and their students needed much financial help and better resources for students, the woke school board decided instead that the money and efforts should be directed towards these name changes. That was the inspiration for a few people to run and win a seat in their school board.

Now going back to the Leftist obsession with President Trump, an obssession so great that even Pretender Biden mentioned Trump when he was asked whether he bears any responsiblity for the Democrats’ loss. Some Leftists, including RINOs, tried to make the argument that President Trump was now irrelevant and that he played no part in these wins.

The fact is that President Trump played a huge part in the Virginia primary, much like it is doing right now in the Ohio senatorial primary. Each candidate tries to convince the voters that he/she is the most like Trump or has the best connections to Trump. President Donald J. Trump is still the standard by which true Republican voters measure their candidates and office-holders.

In Virginia, Youngkin’s appeal was that, like Trump, he was a political outsider who was trying to save his state, much like Trump was trying to save the country. Like Trump, he has been a successful businessman who was not afraid to use his own personal wealth to achieve his goal of leading the state. Of course, Youngkin’s temperament is nothing like Trump’s but his background, his rise, and his appeal are very similar.

We don’t know who Governor Youngkin will be or how he will govern. Only time will tell. But two things are for certain: he is not Terry McAuliffe and seeing the Democrat melt-down over his win was all worth it.

2 Thoughts

  1. I join in your enthusiasm, but we have been here before. Many times.
    Republicans & Conservatives have a tendency to confuse the change in the possession of the football with actually winning the game.
    We have won nothing yet.
    After the 2016 election, Republicans controlled Congress and the White House.
    They did not repeal Obamacare and really did nothing of any consequence.
    Trump did, but that was all wiped out on 1/20/2021.

    What Republicans need is not only a strategy to win in 2022 and regain the White House in 2024, but they have to have the legislation ready to pass congress in the first weeks, ram through cabinet appointments and destroy the liberal structures that have been erected over the past century.

    They need to dismantle and disempower the Deep State Bureaucracy, return power to the states (even if they do not want it), actually make Congress the Legislative body instead of departments and agencies of the Executive Branch so that some power-hungry media whore like Fauchi cannot destroy the American Economy.

    Republicans need to use power when they get it and slay the leviathan that is the DC Swamp.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly. And this is why the Democrats hated President Trump with such unbridled passion: he was the only one who had the guts to stand up for what was right for every American, not just the Democrat elites. But even he faced the opposition of all those in the Republican Establishment- the same Establishment that WE have been railing against for well over a decade.


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