The Democrats’ New Marching Orders

There are so many words to describe Democrats, from incompetent, to ignorant, power-hungry, racist, anti-Christian, and just plain evil but whatever you call them, “predictable” should be at the very top of everyone’s list.

Everything that we are facing right now was all predictable, from the exploding violent crime rates in Democrat-controlled cities, to the disaster at the southern border, the epidemic rates of suicide and drug overdoses, rising inflation, higher food prices, skyrocketing gas prices, low labor participation rate, and chaotic international status, thanks in no small part to having a presidential pretender who sleeps through important meetings and who apparently soils his pants in public. But even more predictable was the fact that Democrats would lie about the circumstances that explain why our country is quickly spiraling out of control.

They already tried blaming Trump.

Then they tried blaming COVID.

Then it was the lack of vaccines.

Then blamed Trump & COVID.

Then they blamed the unvaccinated.

Then the climate change and the four seasons.

And, of course, racism at the core of it all.

Now, after none of the previous excuses seemed to work and they got their behinds handed to them at the last election, they are pivoting to blame “lack of childcare.” So, according to the Democrats, something that wasn’t a problem before has suddenly become the reason why our country is in shambles.

Yes, the problems of the supply chain that Pretender Biden said Americans were too stupid to understand, are now being attributed to the lack of child care.

Apparently, the memo with the marching orders for Democrats and their subsidiary organizations – you know, the “community organizers”- are already on it. Just yesterday, the supremely incompetent failed mayor of a small college town and now Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, tried to deflect from his blame in the distribution of goods fiasco by stating that “[t]here are a lot of things contributing to this, one of them is child care of course, which is why the president’s Build Back Better vision is gonna be good for the labor market.” Yes, because in Buttie’s mind the majority of truck drivers and port workers are young single mothers who rely on daycare. You really can’t make this stuff up!

And it appears that all Democrats get their memos simultaneously, as today the propaganda newspaper The Washington Post followed up with a story on how one of the main reasons why a record 4.4 Americans quit their jobs in September was due to “problems finding child care.” Right.

Then yesterday, I received a text from some random Leftist organization with a “survey” about how important it was to ask for more child care funding from our elected officials. Every time that I disagreed with the notion that more funding for child care was necessary, they would send me a long explanation trying to dissuade me about how important child care really is. Then they would ask me if that helped me change my mind and my response. They would also make a number of different arguments for increased funding (funny enough, they never mentioned taxes) and then ask me which arguments were more “persuasive.” It was both amusing and scary to know that they do this knowing that enough of their base is influenced by these tactics, devoid of original and independent thought.

But, as I discussed in my previous post titled “Democrats Are After Your Children” (, this is nothing but a ruse that fits perfectly within their plans to get children into government control at an earlier age and thus begin the indoctrination process when they are younger. This is why this Biden initiative was the second most costly part of the Democrats’ socialist spending plan. It is all part of “The Plan,” uppercase “T,” uppercase “P”- and please read that with the cringy Kamala Harris fake French accent.

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