These are dark and scary times. It is a sentiment that I hear constantly echoed everywhere I go. There is a feeling that something sinister has descended upon the planet and certainly over our country during the past year or so. I feel it, too, and while I have my theories about the genesis of that uncomfortable and malignant feeling, the one thing I know for sure is what it is not: it is not about COVID.

Instead, COVID has been the tool, the excuse that those who are fighting for control of our lives and our souls have used to instill fear and irrationality, just like they have done to large swaths of people with regard to the climate-change hoax. A recent survey found that 78% of people now suffer from what they call “eco-anxiety” which is great news to the worlds’ government: fearful and anxious people who want more government control are much easier to rule over than those who will fight for their freedoms.

Personally, I don’t fear COVID: what I do fear is what it is doing to us as a society. It bears repeating for the benefit of those who will twist other people’s words to fit their ridiculous narrative, this is not to say that COVID isn’t real. It is and I don’t know a single person who has said that it isn’t, despite what those on the Left, particularly the Propaganda Media, will have you believe. And people die of COVID, just like they can die from just about everything else, even a fall while walking down the street.

I’m not going to rehash the statistics, including the most recently revealed based on CDC figures that only about 5% of all deaths marked as “COVID-related” were actually due to COVID alone. These are the kinds of statistics that the Propaganda Media won’t cover or that states like Pennsylvania are refusing to release even after the state’s legislature passed a UNANIMOUSLY approved resolution demanding the information. Clearly, the Pennsylvania Department of Health is hiding something.

The scariest part of it all is that the truth is so hard to find thanks to the massive censoring efforts of our government and its propaganda media. Unless you are someone truly intent on finding out the facts and willing to spend hours sifting through documents, charts, and news reports from all around the world- as I have- you are likely to have no clue about what is going on. Most people have no idea how the mRNA shots even work even though they will parrot the Propaganda Media’s claims and cherry-pick the information that best supports their bias. But some of us really do want to know the truth. Personally, I have no intention of getting any of the COVID shots. The more I read about them, and the harder the government tries to extort people into getting them, the more convinced I am that this shot is not about COVID but about control and manipulation for evil ulterior motives. It is an undisputed fact that the shots do not prevent the virus nor the spread, so what is the point of getting it in the first place? And, please, don’t give me the BS that it ameliorates the symptoms: for every case they try to cite as proof that it reduces the severity of the virus, I can cite a case of an unvaccinated person who got the virus and either had no symptoms at all or very minor at worst. And for every case of an unvaccinated person dying of the virus, we can find vaccinated persons (like Gen. Colin Powell) who died of COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

What scares me the most and causes me much anxiety, is the fact that these shots are being required of our children if they are to have what constitutes a “normal” life these days. Children are being extorted and their health compromised by a government and a society that cares very little about them. If they want to play sports, they need to get the shot. If they want to attend college classes, they need the shot. If they want to work, they’ll need the shot. They need the shot even though statistically speaking virtually no HEALTHY children or young adult has died of the virus. They have, however, died of the shot. And no one, absolutely no one on this Earth can possibly know what the potential side-effects will be to their hearts or whether a shot that promotes the mutation of cells (like cancer does) will eventually lead to an explosion of cancer cases down the road. Only time will tell.

This is what I do know: I know for a fact that these shots can cause heart inflammation among people under 30. And, really, if its causing heart inflammation among young people with healthy hearts, who’s to say it isn’t causing it among the rest of the population as well? I know that, in Europe, at least 6 countries have banned the shot for people under 30. Incidentally, while they specifically mention the Moderna vaccine, the truth is that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are basically the same technology and it is the Pfizer which has caused heart inflammation among children in the U.S.

I don’t just know about this because I read the papers; I know about this because I personally know children that this has happened to. Incidentally, the cases of adverse effects in children that I personally know about weren’t reported to the VAERS database, so they are not counted among the adverse effects in the database.

But there’s more. Two weeks ago, a boy named Blake Barklage tragically died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest at a school celebration. By all accounts, the high school senior was healthy, active, and had a bright future ahead of him. The story about this sudden death was widely reported in many news outlets. What was NOT mentioned at all was his vaccination status. In fact, only one outlet (Pennlive) made a reference to his vaccination status as not being known. This is curious, particularly when the press is quick to identify those who are unvaccinated, particularly those who die of COVID.

Then I got to the end of the story, which I linked above. There, you can read how Blake’s death was the SECOND such death in PA that week alone. A few days prior, a 12-year old boy named Jayson Kidd also died of cardiac arrest warming up to play basketball at his school. Again, his vaccination status was not revealed.

When I shared these stories with a group of friends, one of them shared another similar story, this time in Maryland, where an 11 yr old died in the classroom after complaining of chest and throat pains for weeks. This happened within a few days of the Pennsylvania cases and, again, his vaccination status was not revealed.

11-Year-Old Boy Dies After Collapsing in Montgomery County Classroom

Or how about the 17 year old girl in Washington State?

Or the young man in Virginia?

Or how about these three additional unexplained death of young men?

Were these coincidences? Is there a rational, non-vaccine-related explanation for the tragic deaths of these boys? How many more cases, around the nation, are there that we don’t know about? We don’t know, because the media won’t tell us. These aren’t cases like the ones we sometimes hear about of adolescents with heart defects or who die in the heat of summer after an arduous sports practice; these children died under similarly suspicious circumstances.

I am also willing to bet that the medical personnel involved in these deaths won’t even consider the vaccines as a possible cause especially since so many within the medical community are too busy peddling the vaccine and are not interested in learning about possible adverse effects. Even late this summer, after the news of myocarditis in young people and children had been widely reported around the country, my son’s own doctor feigned surprise when I voiced my concerns. According to her, she had never heard of such a thing. Scary.

These are not the only “coincidences” that I’ve recently heard about from people who have received the vaccine. Others range from fevers and flu-like symptoms to people with unexplained broken bones shortly after getting the vaccine or worse, people developing unexplained symptoms related to their autoimmune system. And yet, we are supposed to simply accept the mandates and never question them, even if we are witnessing these adverse effects first-hand. As a parent of young adults, I am very concerned about my kids being forced to take the jab. Our daughter, who already has confirmed high levels of antibodies, doesn’t want to take the jab but will be forced to if she is to continue attending college. We want her to apply for a religious exemption but she is already balking at the idea because she doesn’t want to be discriminated against by the college. This is the chilling effect that the authorities are looking for and it is nothing short of disgusting and terrifying.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have no problem with people taking all three jabs if that helps their paranoia. I do have a problem with mandating other people to take it, especially when the vaccination status does absolutely nothing to stop either the virus or the spread of the virus. Haven’t people noticed that the levels of infection this year paralleled those of last year when no one was vaccinated? Do they really not know that the recent “waves” of the virus have been rampant in the states with the highest vaccination status? A close friend who is an ER nurse at a large city hospital recently told me that about 90% of the COVID cases in her ward are VACCINATED people. That, of course, would never be reported by the government nor the Propaganda Media which is actually claiming the opposite.

Instead, the pro-vaxx forces are doubling down, ignoring the science and the data, and continuing to exploit COVID as a tool of repression. This past week, in Austria, the government mandated lockdowns among the unvaccinated, a move praised by a former high-level member of the Obama Administration. Yes, a former American cabinet member is promoting the idea that unvaccinated Americans be detained under house arrest, simply for refusing to accept a potentially DNA altering shot, which has been shown to cause heart inflammation and deadly blood clots among some people and which doesn’t prevent the virus, nor its spread.

Speaking of Austria and of morally bankrupt people, in Austria they are offering “free sessions” at a brothel for men, women, and children as young as 14 yrs of age who get vaccinated there. Again, they say is to curb the virus, but how exactly do you curb the virus with shots that do nothing to prevent the virus or the disease itself?

Now, in addition to extorting young people and threatening their livelihoods if they don’t get the jab, there’s a new campaign to scare them into submission by sharing stories of the effects of “long COVID,” which refers to those lingering side effects that people who are infected with COVID may experience. Of course, vaccinated people, who can still get COVID, can also have those lingering effects as well, but the media won’t tell them that. Just like they will also censor recently released research (science!) which suggests that the mRNA shots could indeed affect the DNA, as their spike proteins can, in fact, enter the cells’ nucleus. Just goes to show that the Left doesn’t really care about science, unless by “science” they mean a government mandate that Millennial Gender Studies graduates Facebook fact-checkers approve of.

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