A COVID Christmas Story

Hope everyone had a beautiful and happy Christmas season and that the peace of our Lord is shining brightly over you all. In addition to dealing with bouts of COVID and flu that I will talk about later, it’s been a busy couple of months for me so I haven’t sat down to write in a while. I needed to focus on other projects and take a break from writing about what is going on around us, which I will do from time to time to save my sanity. To put it simply, the misinformation, lies, and overall breakdown of society can become overwhelming and I wanted to lighten the load during the holiday season.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the lies and misinformation have in any way stopped or even slowed down: quite the contrary, it continues to grow at the same pace as the censorship does. Which is to say, it seems unstoppable.

Now, we see it with the COVID variant d’jour: Omicron. Despite the fact that all the early data and research suggested that this would be the milder variant, many governmental, educational, and business institutions announced closings and/or going back to virtual classes. Hospitals all around the nation and the world have begun to feel overwhelmed, not necessarily because they lack the bed space, but because they lack the personnel to care for patients. Perhaps hospitals shouldn’t have fired or forced to resigned all those healthcare providers that refused to get jabbed.

In one of the latest examples of Leftist stupidity, the state of Rhode Island announced that they are allowing COVID-infested healthcare workers to take care of patients. All because they fired the healthy unvaccinated workers. The stupidity is almost unfathomable! A sick, infectuous worker will be allowed to potentially infect the patients they are supposed to be taking care of while healthy, unvaccinated individuals won’t be allowed to help simply because they didn’t comply with the unconstitutional mandates. If this doesn’t prove, once and for all, that this is not about the virus but about control, nothing will.


But, to me, that is exactly the scary part: to the indoctrinated brain, nothing will be enough to change their minds. Even as we witness these situations in real time, even as the facts and data start to slip out from other countries or from whistleblowers, even as actual professionals and doctors continue to be censored by factcheckers who barely have any education, even as people, including kids, are dying around us under “mysterious” and unexplained circumstances, too many people will still not be swayed away from the propaganda they have accepted as unquestionable truth or “settled” science, even if it has little to no scientific foundation.

Ironically, up until last week, every single person who I knew to have COVID (Omicron) is vaccinated. 100% of them. Only one person I know that is unvaccinated MAY have had it. This doesn’t change the media narrative one bit, as they still continue to blame the unjabbed as the root of the spread and the overwhelmed hospitals. Of course, their arguments are illogical considering that the overwhelming majority of Americans are already jabbed, with the growing evidence shows that the ones getting Omicron are the jabbed, and yet, we are still breaking new records of infections in the country.

Incidentally, did you notice how Biden doesn’t get blamed for these new records of infections like President Trump once was?

Recently, there was an article about Senators Elizabeth Warren & Cory Booker both becoming infected despite being fully-vaccinated and boosted. If you read their statements, you will find them nearly identical: both reference their “mild symptoms” and both are “grateful” for the “protection” that the “vaccines” have afforded them. This, even though they are actually sick with the virus that the shot was suppposed to protect them from! Booker goes a step further, stating: “I’m beyond grateful to have received two doses of vaccine and, more recently, a booster – I’m certain that without them I would be doing much worse.” Yes, he is CERTAIN that without the shots, he would be doing much worse from a virus that is a much milder version of the original virus that saw 99% of people fully recovered. What’s more, a great percentage of those afflicted with the original virus actually had NO symptoms which, in my book, is better than “mild” symptoms.


Those same words, almost verbatim, are ecchoed by vaxxed people everywhere, even when actually infected with the virus and suffering from symptoms for weeks. The fact that even with the original COVID-19 virus over 99% of the people fully recovered and many were asymptomatic doesn’t even faze them: they are convinced that these shots are saving their lives, just as they still believe that the shots are diminishing the intensity of their illness, that they are preventing the spread of the virus, and will be responsible for eventually ending the pandemic.

In my opinion, these responses are just creepy. Whether it is the product of fear or of the indoctrinated brain, the words of those government officials and pseudo-scientists are repeated by these people much like a Tickle Me Elmo or what I would expect a COVID-19 doll would repeat over and over when their hands or bellies are pressed. Their unwavering faith in the shots, even as they are suffering from the virus the shots were unable to prevent, is truly astounding. If only those people had the faith in God that they have in their government and the products it peddles!

Interestingly, if you pay close attention to these things, you will start to notice the shift in messaging among the Propaganda Media outlets, the TV scientists, and the Biden Administration, in general. Suddenly, the shots are not about preventing the virus or the spread, but about preventing “severe” illness. Nevermind that this can be easily disputed or that the same outcome can be reached by using commonly found supplements and/or drugs, the jab is still the only way to go for these people. And don’t even mention the fatalities or severe adverse effects of the shots themselves! These people just don’t want to hear it.


Over Christmas, I had a conversation with someone who was proud of his family’s extreme reaction to the COVID plandemic, from refusing to go out to eat, to limiting interactions with loved-ones, to shunning any interaction with ANYONE not vaccinated. Anthony Fauxi would be so proud! In a twist of irony, at the time of the conversation,they had just been exposed to Omicron by one of their fully-vaccinated family members who was sick and tested positive for COVID. Still, they stand behind the fallacy that the shots are “safe and effective” and no amount of actual data would make them change their minds.

Now, I can add my own personal experience to my jab reluctancy, as COVID has come knocking at our door: our 20 yr old daughter got the virus and brought it home for Christmas.

But first, a short background: our daughter was exposed to COVID a few months ago, in August, when her boyfriend and family had the virus. She was completely asymptomatic, with absolutely no symptoms, not even a sniffle. We know she was exposed not just because her boyfriend had it, but because she took an antibody test that showed her antibodies were “thru the roof,” as the pharmacist explained. Despite having the antibodies, she decided to get jabbed with the Pfizer shot bowing to pressure by her university to do so. She didn’t want to fight it so she reluctantly gave in and got it.

The Monday before Christmas, she came in from college and complained of a “scratchy” throat that had started during the flight. Since we all get that scratchy throat feeling from the dry air of planes, we didn’t think much about it. Besides, she didn’t really have any other symptoms other than being tired, which was easily attributed to having slept only 3 hours the night before.

A few hours later, after we got home, she was extremely fatigued and had to lay down. By the next morning, her sickness was full-blown: she still had the “scratchy” throat and the extreme fatigue but now she also had a pounding headache that would not go away. The scratchy throat lasted 2 days or so. The headache lasted for 4 or 5 days. On the third day, she developed a runny nose that lasted for about 2 days. The extreme fatigue (no body aches) lasted for about a week. Her temperature ranged from 99-100 most of the time. Having been extremely healthy all her life, we can honestly say that she had never, ever been this sick in her life. In fact, she was sicker during this bout of COVID than all the times she had been sick before put together. Although we didn’t have a confirmation- after all, it is nearly impossible to get an appointment anywhere in Virginia for a COVID test- everything about her symptoms suggest the Omicron variant of COVID. This, just weeks after becoming fully jabbed.

But that is not all. Even though we were spending all the time together, maskless, around the house, in the car, and taking care of her, the rest of us (the “unvaccinated”) didn’t get the virus, thanks be to God. We were all fine. At one point on the second day, I started feeling that scratchy throat and I immediately increased my supplement intake (Zinc with Quercetin, Quinine and vitamins D & C, along with a few homeopathic remedies and essential oils as needed) and it thankfully went away.

On Christmas morning, our son, who is a human magnet for all sicknesses, woke up with a fever, vomiting, and a cough. It lasted for a few hours before he started feeling better that night. A couple of days later, after our daughter had already left, I developed my son’s symptoms: a fever that came out of nowhere (I was fine one moment and very sick 20 minutes later) and very achy muscle pains. Eventually, I developed some mild sinus congestion but the worst part of the illness lasted only a few hours. Because I’ve had it several times in the past, I’m 100% that what I had was not COVID but the flu, probably less severe thanks to the treatments I was doing to prevent COVID. A day later, my husband also developed the very same symptoms both my son and I had. We soon found out that the flu had been rampant in our area in the past few weeks, with several already under-staffed businesses closing down due to the flu, not COVID. All in all, the symptoms we had were very different from our daughter’s; they were also much less severe and lasted only a fraction of the time. In fact, 2 weeks after becoming infected, our daughter is STILL suffering from fatigue something that other vaxxed friends also affected by Omicron are also experiencing.

In summary: the only person in our household that got COVID was the healthiest and only vaccinated one, who had also already been exposed to the virus and had the antibodies just a few months before. It is almost like the jab completely disabled her immune system and destroyed her antibodies.

Additionally, I believe that our ability to effectively use home remedies and supplements that we have used in the past was a key to our recovery, along with prayer. Simply put, these home remedies worked for us. But they did not work on our daughter as well as they did on us. While she felt a little relief, particularly after using a homeopathic remedy and a nebulizer treatment of saline water, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine, she was still bedridden and only able to get out of bed to eat once a day. And the fatigue has lasted for about 14 days and counting. If she had been in school or at work during that time, she would have missed at least one week; as it was, she just missed her entire Christmas vacation.

Is it really that hard for people to believe that this vaccine could actually compromise a person’s immune system? I know of many medications that do this. In fact, I personally know someone who ended up paralyzed after a common virus attacked her brain only because the medications that she was taking for Multiple Sclerosis so compromised her immune system that her body wasn’t able to fight it. The terrifying and sad irony is that an MS patient takes these medications to avoid exactly that outcome.

I’m always shocked at how little most people know about these shots. Most don’t know that the shots are not actually “vaccines” but rather chemicals that change our body’s cells to mimick the virus’ spike protein so that our body will attack them. In simple terms, the shots change our own cells (much like cancer cells do) and instruct the body to attack its own cells (again, much like cancer does) with the idea that, in the future, the body will attack anything that resembles that cell-turned-into-spike protein. Is this why other organs, such as the heart, are potentially affected by the vaccine? Does this explain the fatal adverse effects that these shots have had in tens of thousands of people who have died of the actual shot? What guarantee is there that the shot won’t also instruct the body to change other cells, thus leading to higher incidences of cancer?


Maybe someone can rationalize and try to come up with some absurd explanation about our COVID experience at home. I’m sure Dr. Fauci and the legions of minions that believe his words have a theory explaining it even if it defies all logic.

As I have said before, I really don’t care if people want to take the jab. Heck, they can inject themselves with all of them at once if they want. But I care that in most instances, these are the same people who will not only accept vaccine and lockdown mandates but actually clamor for it. Their fanatic belief in government and “political” rather than data-driven science has made too many of them close-minded and rigid in their views that other people must conform and obey, just as they do. Then again, maybe some of them feel betrayed about having been dupped by the same authorities that they have so blindly followed.

2 Thoughts

  1. Once again: well written, well organized, well thought out. Because coronavirus has animal reservoirs there has never been a “successful “ vaccine for them like there are for human reservoir ones. I think the wizards of smart thought they could outthink the virus and its natural propensity to mutate by concocting a way to “teach” our cells to attack spike proteins as they turn up. I have yet to seen any data that shows that this idea is working and I have seen a whole bunch of data showing it isn’t working . Just one example… Pfizer booster after 5 months … J and J after 2 months . That’s prima facie evidence that they aren’t working .

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  2. Amen to that! Unfortunately, most people have no clue as to how these shots work (or rather, DON’T work!) The more I think about it, I the more I suspect that the shot may actually attack the COVID antibodies created by the body after a person is infected/exposed to COVID. It would explain why people who’ve had the virus or who had tested positive for antibodies shortly before getting the shot suddenly are getting the virus again. There are far too many unanswered questions. And thanks for the compliments!


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