Political Persecution in America

There is no doubt that we are living through dark times in our country. Tyranny is taking a hold feeding on fear and hatred, sometimes under cover of a virus, other times by a manufactured narrative from the Left. What is scariest still is that this shadow of darkness isn’t just confined to our country: it has spread all over the world as the demonic cancer that it really is.

This tyranny is manifested in many ways and one such way which is not nearly discussed as much as it should be is persecution, whether it be political, cultural, religious, or the recent witchhunt against the unvaccinated. In Canada, Christian pastors are being actively persecuted and prosecuted for nothing more than spreading the Word of Christ. In Australia, most individual liberties have been suspended in favor of Draconian lockdowns that mimick those in China. In Puerto Rico, a place plagued by crime, the police will rather pursue a couple who refused to fill out their COVID “papers” at the airport than the criminals terrorizing citizens. In France, as in NYC and DC, vaccine passports are required to do most everything outside your home, even as the vaccinated hospitalized with COVID outnumber the unvaccinated.

Here in the U.S., the Democrats are fully engaged in political persecution on many fronts, with their base clamoring for it with foaming mouths and those at the top directing the government’s power against those that dissent. The abuses are blatant and something straight out of a vile dystopian novel and yet they are almost wholly ignored by those brainwashed by the Propaganda Media or the cowards who see it, yet are too afraid to speak out. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

We have even seen the attacks on Democrats by Democrats, as was the case with Senators Manchin and Sinema for merely refusing to destroy the filibuster, one of the only legislative tools left to prevent our total demise and our spiraling into complete one-party rule. The Democrats, who already control the executive and most of the legislative branches, will stop at nothing to destroy any remnants of democratic rule in favor of the totalitarianism of one-party rule. They seek to destroy the filibuster, just as they seek to destroy the Supreme Court. On the Left, there is no room for disagreement, and those who don’t agree to pass the Left’s destructive socialist agenda will be attacked, harassed, and destroyed.

For daring to go against the anti-democratic Democrat agenda, Senator Sinema has been relentlessly mocked and attacked by the Propaganda Media. The entertainer Stephen Colbert, like a typical Leftist misogynist, focused on her looks and not any substance. The fact that she dared to (gasp!) shake hands with some of her Republican colleagues was enough to command the headlines of several Propaganda Media outposts such as MSN, Newsweek, and MSNBC. Democrat Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Clinton, went a step further and suggested that Sen. Sinema should have been assaulted when he said that “Democratic senators should have given her the backs of their hands.” Misoginy and violence go hand and in hand with Democrats. Please note, no one on the Left decried any of those disgusting comments. #metoohypocrisy.


CNN didn’t apparently promote violence against Sinema, but actually identified her as a “Republican” during one of their reportages on the eve of her refusal to support the end of the filibuster. Democrat donors (like Emily’s List) have already removed their financial support for Sen. Sinema even though she is undeniably a progressive who votes with her party the overwhelming majority of the time. Dissent will not be tolerated.

The Democrats’ viciousness against political dissent is notorious and getting worse. Pretender Biden is known for yelling and figuratively biting reporters’ heads off when asked questions he doesn’t like or has no answer for, which is any question that doesn’t involve his favorite flavor of ice cream. Kamala Harris is not any better in her cavalier attitude having just stated that she would not “absolve” senators who oppose Biden’s agenda, as if she were some kind of deity whose absolution people needed.


We still don’t know what will happen to either Manchin or Sinema following their decision not to join the rest of the Democrats in destroying American institutions of government. But we can see what is happening to Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas. Yesterday, the FBI raided both his office and his personal residence. Although they have refused to comment on the reason for the raid, which one would think would have been made public given Rep. Cuellar’s important public office, it is curious that Mr. Cuellar has been one of the ONLY Democrat lawmakers who has been openly outspoken against the Biden Administration’s disastrous policies at the Southern Border. While Rep. Cuellar votes with the Democrat party at least 77% of the time, he is considered one of the few “moderates” in that party, at least to the extent that there are any moderates on the Left. But, a Congressman who votes with his party 77% of the time is one who has voted against it at least 23% which, combined with daring to speak out against the leaders in his party, means that he has to go. Is it any surprise to see Rep. Cuellar being investigated by the FBI just 1 1/2 months before his primary election when he is being challenged by others who are far more Left and “progressive”? Perhaps he should just considered himself lucky for not being “suicided” as so many in the Democrat Party (or Bill Clinton’s best buddy Jeffrey Epstein )have been.



And yet, what they do to their own is nothing compared to what they do to conservatives, Republicans, or worst, Trump and his supporters. The hatred and vileness that Democrats reserve for their political opponents across the aisle is truly demonic. Most of us experienced that during the 2020 election cycle and the four years leading up to it when we witnessed the total meltdown from the Left, from the name-calling to the violence against people, including children, who wore a MAGA hat or otherwise supported President Trump.

The problem, of course, is that those Leftist attitudes become policies now that the Left controls just about every aspect of American life, from the government to the big corporations, to education, and the Propaganda Media. The Left began the weaponization of government agencies, such as the IRS, under the Obama Administration going after conservative and tea party groups. It was also under Obama that we began to see our Justice Department, Homeland Security, the military, and the “intelligence” agencies such as the CIA & the FBI being turned into weapons of the Left, not used to protect American citizens, but to protect the interests of the Leftist elites who are in charge. We have seen the fruits of that labor for years but never more clearly than this week when the foreign Islamic terrorist who took the hostages at the synagogue in Texas was described as nothing more than a “hostage taker” whose demands were “not specifically related to the Jewish Community.” Meanwhile, parents who dare to speak-out at school board meetings are designated as “domestic terrorists” by the Biden Administration.


Sound familiar? Perhaps it is because it reminds us all of the Obama Administration’s (specifically the FBI’s) dealings with Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan which was designated as “work place violence” despite Hassan’s open ties to terrorism.


Now, Democrats under the guise of Pretender Biden are finishing what they started under Obama: categorizing Americans they see as their enemies (those who are pro-America and anti-socialist) as the true enemies of the state. Yes, Democrats are using the full force of the American government to quash their political opponents. This isn’t just un-American: this is the kind of stuff one would expect out of the worst totalitarian regimes throughout history.

We saw it with the bogus impeachments of President Trump based on “evidence” that has since been debunked. We saw it with the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh. We saw it with the case of Nicholas Sandmann and more recently with the treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse prior to being found innocent.

But no other case compares in scope to the manufactured case of January 06, 2021. That the government and the Propaganda Media have been able to get away with portraying the Capitol protest as a “domestic terrorist act” or an “insurrection” as they have repeatedly compared to both 9/11 and Pearl Harbor is terrifying. It is hard to believe that anyone could get away with the lies, the exaggerations, and the entire rhetoric surrounding that event, yet here we are.



I still hear people on the Left talk about the “police officer killed that day,” even though not a single police was killed or even seriously injured. It’s hard to blame the ignorance of those people since many media outlets (including some of the “fact-checkers”) still list Officer Brian Sicknick as having been killed that day by the “pro-Trump mob” even though it has been conclusively established that he died of natural causes. No corrections, no follow-up stories.




The fact is that, whether justified or not, the police were the ones who did the killing that day. There is evidence (including video evidence) that a woman was trampled to death outside the Capitol and repeatedly beat by police as she lay lifeless on the ground. Those who tried to come to her aid were also beaten by the police who ignored their pleas for help. Despite the allegations and the evidence presented, not only was there no known investigation of the conduct of the police involved, but the policewoman alleged to have been beating the victim’s lifeless body has been hailed a hero.

Then there’s Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed woman who was shot inside the Capitol. We’ll never know what Babbitt’s true intentions were or what her thoughts were as she protested inside the Capitol. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been there, although it is hard to ever argue that an American should not be inside the People’s House when doing so peacefully and during open hours. There were reports that some of the doors were opened for the protesters- did she just walk in? Or perhaps she did trespass and should have been charged as such, even though none of the police that she peacefully and amicably interacted with that day did nothing to arrest her. I really don’t know, just like I don’t know whether the police that shot her was justified in the shooting. But that’s not the point here.

The point is what we do know. What we do know is that she was unarmed when she was shot by a policeman who was NOT in imminent danger as he was on the other side of a barricaded door which was being guarded by at least 3 policemen standing right next to Babbitt. (see the video below) We also know that, unlike the situations we’ve had in this country over the past years that have led to nationwide protests, looting, destruction, and the conviction of other police officers, Ms. Babbit was not on drugs (like George Floyd), had not just committed an armed robbery (like Michael Brown), and was not chasing any police officers with a knife (Jacob Blake). In fact, some witnesses have testified and video evidence seems to confirm that Ms. Babbitt was trying to discourage the destruction and trying to stop other “protesters” from exacerbating the situation. As the videos below prove, she was actually standing next to several police officers in a friendly, non-aggressive manner when she was shot dead by the Capitol Police officer.


Would the media narrative and the government’s response to the incident been different if Ashli Babbitt had been a black Democrat activist shot by a white policeman under the very same circumstances? I strongly suspect they would have been. Instead, Babbitt was a white, conservative woman, and a U.S. military veteran. And the police officer was black, just like the police officer who allegedly beat and kicked the lifeless body of the other woman killed outside the Capitol.

Not only was Ashli Babbitt’s death ignored and any justice denied, but she has been reviled, dishonored, and scorned. And yet, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the supremely dangerous precedent that the Democrats are setting as they now seek to weaponize what was a protest-gone-wrong by turning it into a prime example of the kind of domestic terrorist that they have prioritized as a target. (see Tucker Carlson video above)

Of course, part of the reason why they linked, without any evidence whatsoever, to President Trump to the protest-turned-riot was to impeach him and prevent him from running again. President Donald Trump has been, without question, the biggest threat to the Left’s evil agenda imaginable. In a similar manner, they are using their bogus “January 06 Commission” as a committee of harassment and an excuse to go after every single Republican target they see as a threat. But the unconstitutional and civil rights abuses against so many of the political prisoners of the January 6 witchhunt, which include unconstitutional arrests without charges, solitary confinement for months, and depravation of medical care are beyond anything imaginable in American soil. Murderous terrorists in Guantanamo are treated with more dignity and Constitutional protections than these Americans are. You can read more about them in the links below.





Of course, the Propaganda Media will not report on any of this. In fact, the Leftist “fact-checkers” such as “Politifact” have gone to great lengths to “discredit” the abuses and promote the false narratives by including long-debunked lies and speculative opinions as fact. It is disgraceful and, above all, dangerous.

But even if the Propaganda Media continues to push the Democrat propaganda and covers-up the truth about what happened on that day (including who the real provocateurs were) simple logic and common sense suggests that the January 06, 2021 protest was nothing like the insurrection or act of sedition that the Left tries to portray. Does the Left really believe that in a country where the majority of those on the Right are gun owners, an insurrection would take place without firearms? Do they think that a “planned insurrection” by those who seek to overturn our government would rely on using fire extinguishers, pepper spray, and flag poles as the main weapons to achieve that goal? It isn’t just that their arguments make no sense at all but that it speaks volumes about the limited intellectual ability of those on the Left who so willingly believe the lies and nonsensical garbage spout by their leaders.

Then again, people who are willing to believe that a not-particularly-smart senile old white man, with zero achievements beyond self-promotion and a long history of corruption, plagiarism, and racist positions, who didn’t have a single rally during his entire presidential campaign, instead hiding in his basement and not clearly stating an agenda, while the country was going through a depressed state due to the restrictions and lockdowns caused by COVID was able to “ENERGIZE” (yes, that’s the word Kamala just used to describe their campaign) a record number of voters to not just surpass an incumbent who was himself able to garner an additional 10 million votes from his previous election, but to eclipse the historical election of Barack Obama, will believe anything that their indoctrinated brains are told to believe by their masters.

The terrifying aspect of all this is that not only are so many Americans willing to look the other way and/or to actively promote manufactured events using lies and mischaracterized truths, but that so many just don’t even care about the truth anymore. Reminds me of other people throughout history who have actively looked the other way while atrocities happened right in front of them.

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