No Going Back to Normal

A couple of weeks ago, the Big Pharma CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, predicted that life would “return to normal” sometime this Spring. The multimillionaire’s comments (Bourla has a net worth of $37 million which is nowhere near the $5.1 billion of his BioNtech counterpart) were made in the context of life going back to pre-COVID days thanks, in part, to the vaccines, therapeutics, and the lesser intensity of the Omicron variant. More likely, Mr. Bourla is dreaming about a time when things will resemble our better days behind, before Big Pharma, the big corporate conglomerates, and the tyrannical governments of the world were able to squeeze out as much as they could out of circumstances created by fear and repression. After all, how else will they be able to profit when the next crisis is generated?

Of course, that’s not all that has changed. We now have record-breaking inflation, shrinkflation, and bare shelves everywhere. The puppet “in charge” is a senile old man that even those who voted for him admit is clearly not in control of all his faculties. We also have the kind of government-endorsed racism that we thought we had gotten rid of decades ago now being peddled and supported by an Administration that thinks it is okay to say that only female black candidates need apply to the position of Supreme Court Justice. The best candidate will no longer be considered by his/her qualifications and accolades, but only by the shade of their skin color. It is still not clear whether a vagina will also be required or whether a man with a penis who identifies as female would also be considered. But what is absolutely clear is that this isn’t just an insult to black people who are being told that their only merit lies in the pity that their skin color evokes with regard to the history of centuries past, but it is a corrosion of the value of the supreme court of the land. Yet another American institution being completely ruined by Democrats.

But there’s more. Real estate markets are skyrocketing all around the nation. Businesses are closing and hospitals turning away patients because they don’t have enough healthcare workers either due to COVID or because so many were fired for refusing to get the COVID shot. Meanwhile, vaxxed healthcare workers are being forced to work even after testing positive for the virus and with mild symptoms. Yes, we live in an era when that makes sense. Apparently, it also makes sense for people who are tripled vaxxed and sick with COVID to encourage others to get tripled vaxxed as well. In other words, we live in a country where nothing makes sense anymore.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we now live under the specter of a full-blown war with Russia over Ukraine, China over Taiwan, Iran over Israel, and North Korea, which has been increasingly testing their long-range missiles, just because. After 4 years of peace under President Trump and knowing that even those world leaders who didn’t like him at least respected him (and, by extension, the United States) we are now weaker than we have been in modern times and under several threats of war. Yet, we live in a country when many still think that President Trump was the “bad guy.”

Still, as scary, sad, and maddening as all these new realities are, none is more scary than the acceptance of these circumstances by so many who have been bamboozled by the Left. And those people are the real reason why we can never go back to normal, at least not while those people have any say in our society.

The number of people who are clamoring for censorship under the incredibly vague banner of “misinformation” are the first that come to mind. We are talking about people like the barely educated “fact-checkers” that have unfettered power to control information. They use terms like “science” or “facts” to attemp to shame those that disagree with an official government narrative even though they themselves have no understanding of what science or facts actually are. Or people like the totally uneducated entertainers like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell who will rage against anyone who questions authority and demand that those who do or who dare to provide actual data and medical proof that question the government stances, be censored and silenced, even if they are verifiably good and prominent doctors in the field.

It is simply impossible for truth to ever prevail when you have those who have been ordained to be “fact-checkers” or those who made a career about singing about “freedom” leading the movement to censor anyone who dares to question an official government narrative, especially one that is not hinged on facts or reality. As I keep saying, the Nazis and the Soviets would have been jealous with the level of success that leftists governments today have achieved.

Of course, that dumb people believe and blindly follow a faulty or, worse, tyrannical government stance is bad; that they actively clamor for punishment of those who dare stand up and demand the truth, is about as bad as it gets.

A good example is that of tennis legend Novak Djokovic who was ready to defend his Australian Open title when the shamefully oppressive Australian government decided to deny him the opportunity to participate. In fact, they did more than that: they actually detained him. The irony that this man, born in communist Yugoslavia under Soviet influence would now be detained for no crime other than the refusal to take a mandated shot, should not be lost on anyone.

Rather than support their fellow player, many folded like cheap suits, getting the vaccine and criticizing Djokovic for not submitting like they did. Instead of solidarity, the overpaid tennis players showed zero respect or support for a person’s bodily autonomy. Naturally, there were some like Rafael Nadal who stood to gain the most out of Djokovic’s absense: in fact, he proved it when he won the championship, which would have been questionable with Djokovic there.

But it was the commentary from some of the players that sent shivers down my spine. Most had the attitude that a government may have whatever rules they want to have and that they should simply be followed, no questions asked. The comments by one player in particular, Garbiñe Muguruza, one of the top female players in the world, stood out over the rest:

“I think all this could have been avoided, like we’ve all done, by getting vaccinated, doing all the things we had to do to come here in Australia. Everybody knew very clearly the rules. You just have to follow them and that’s it. I don’t think it’s that difficult.” Garbiñe Muguruza.

Let me repeat that: “Everybody knew very clearly the rules. You just have to follow them and that’s it.” If those words don’t sound alarm bells in your head, then you are probably just primed for tyranny.

That overpaid Canadian entertainers and tennis players from other countries (both Nadal and Muguruza are from Spain) would promote censorship and tyranny is one thing: that Americans are doing the same at home is quite another.

A couple of days ago, I read an article on Fox News about people in Washington, D.C., being asked about their intrusive yet clearly ineffective mask mandates being extended until the end of February. We know that the mandates are ineffective because they are needed in the first place: if the previous mandates had been effective in preventing the spread of COVID, then the extension would not have been needed in the first place. Yet, even as businesses and employees have been suffereing losses due to the mandates- which also include vaccine passports- many of those interviewed wholeheartedly and without reservations, are willing to obey, no questions asked. One resident lamented that while it was “a little bit annoying, you just kind of put up with it for now.” Another said that it was “a good idea,” while yet another said “I don’t see why anybody would have a problem with it.” But the two comments which, coming out of an American’s mouth, should make other Americans fear for what their country is becoming were these”: “I’ll comply with whatever they want” and “I feel like it’ll pick up once people get used to, you know, all the mandates that are in place.”

They are all primed and ready to accept authoritarianism over their lives. And not one of them cares that in places where these mandates have been enacted, as in D.C. and L.A, the elites still run around without masks, doing as they want. Just last night, in L.A., the rich and powerful mingled maskless during the NFL semi-finals, including the very men who enacted the mandates, L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, and California governor Gavin Newsom. The hypocrisy is truly astonishing. But what is worse, those on the Left who support the mandates don’t even question, “hey, if the mandates are so effective and necessary, why aren’t those mandating it following the rules?”

Sadly, I am convinced that a sizeable number of Americans in our country today would enthusiastically agree with the comments and willingness to blindly comply by the D.C. residents. That terrifies me. What I see is a government, led by a leftist Democrat party that wants to fundamentally change America into a pseudo-socialist/communist state and which strives to control everything from the media, to the producers of goods, and the service providers all for the benefit of the elites. And the majority of the people are letting them.

They are slowly changing the fabric of the country from one which cherishes freedom, to one that shuns it in the name of fear. Where the criminals are exalted above the heroes; where oppression is applauded as being for the “greater good;” where empty shelves are seen as a privilege; where censorship is applauded; where our Constitution and our laws are dismantled in the name of “equity;” where school boards and our own government label parents who care about their children’s education as “domestic terrorists;” where an actual terrorist is seen as just another petty criminal, yet conservatives protesters are seeing as the real threat to society; where children are encouraged to disobey and disregards their own parents while told to obey the government without question; where drugs are legalized and promoted by the government as being harmless; where religion is vilified and pastors//churches shut down and persecuted.

This is how governments across the world, including our own, and with the help of the the bleeding heart socialists, the social justice warriors, and the man-made climate change paranoid crowd, have been able to use fear to shape their New World Order. What they call “progress” was nothing more than an exercise in manipulation, indoctrination, and conditioning and it has worked.

And these are some of the reasons why I can’t see a return to normal. Simply put, we cannot ever go back to normal because the fabric of society has been changed and so many among us have learned to accept tyranny and the loss of freedom.

Then again, perhaps the real reason why things will not go back to “normal” is because it was written a long time ago that they would change.

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  1. Well said

    On Mon, Jan 31, 2022 at 6:25 PM Reality Shrugged wrote:

    > G. E. Markus posted: ” A couple of weeks ago, the Big Pharma CEO of > Pfizer, Albert Bourla, predicted that life would “return to normal” > sometime this Spring. The multimillionaire’s comments (Bourla has a net > worth of $37 million which is nowhere near the $5.1 billion of his B” >


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