The Leftist Superhero

Sometimes one reads something so incredibly absurd that it is hard to believe anyone with a functioning brain could have actually written it. Today was such a day and since the article I am referring to is in many ways related to my most recent post, I just had to write about it here.

I’m talking about a Variety Magazine article published in Yahoo today titled: “Why Neil Young’s Spotify Crusade Is Making Him a Hero to Younger Generations, as Well as His Own

This article really proves everything so many of us have been saying about the dangers of indoctrination and brainwashing as the author, a man named Chris Willman, wokefully tries to make his points. For example, in writing that Neil Young was really “self-censoring” because he actually removed himself from Spotify, he wholly ignores the fact that Neil Young was actually removed when he gave Spotify the ultimatum: Joe Rogan or me. The company rightfully sided with Rogan. No matter how you slice it, Neil Young was advocating the censorship of someone else with his threat. Of course, those on the Left will “slice” it the way they do everything else from race relations to climate change: by leaving out important facts and rearranging the narrative to their benefit.

The author also praises Neil Young as some kind of saintly benefactor whose only aim is to protect and save lives. In fact, to this author, it is an incontrovertible truth as he writes: “[b}ut it would be extremely difficult for any cynic to argue that Young hasn’t made a stand in favor of people not dying, or not being guided towards decisions that might make them die, from the very first days it became clear the world was about to be engulfed in a pandemic.”

Call me a cynic, but to me, the words of an uneducated paranoid leftist entertainer do not outweigh the words, research, and warnings of actual medical doctors who Joe Rogan has had on his show. Heck, they don’t even outweigh Joe Rogan’s own experience with COVID and the use of the therapeutics that the Left is trying to ban. For sure, his arguments do not outweigh my own personal experience with COVID, asymptomatic despite a COVID positive result and unvaccinated, which the Left tries to convince me every day is not possible.

And so, as the washed-up rocker of questionable success continues to argue for lockdowns, another reason why he is a hero of the Left, they all prove their disdain for REAL science and facts. The truth of the matter is that the Left only likes the concept of what science is or, at most, only the science that they can manipulate for their socialist/communist goals, as in the case of the “Green New Deal.”

Just for fun, here are some of the most recent links to science that Neil Young, Chris Willman, and other in the Left would rather ignore:

But what is beyond absurd to the point of laughable, is the author’s assertion that Neil Young has now achieved “hero status” for taking his “influential stand.” He even calls him quixotic which in his mind must have had a different meaning to the actual description of a character who doesn’t live in reality but in a pretend world because, well, he is crazy. My guess is that Willman has never read Don Quijote.

What Willman, and presumably the Millenials and baby boomers that according to him now consider Neil Young to be some kind of a hero, prove once again is how unhinged, illogical, and ignorant they all are. The fact of the matter is that Neil Young is not advocating the “counterculture revivalism” that he writes about: instead, Neil Young, like Willman, is advocating blind allegiance and strict adherence to the mandates by the tyrannical governments of the world and the Chinese-funded World Health Organization. Authority must no longer be questioned: only blindly followed, no question asked. And if you dare to question authority, you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist, an anti-vaxxer, even a killer. In other words, the labels that repressive regimes have used throughout history will now apply to you.

But this isn’t even the most absurd argument that this Leftist hack is trying to make. Willman’s entire “thesis” (to make the generous assumption that any thought was actually involved in his writing) is that by Young standing up against Spotify (a fairly new company that has still to post a profit) he was really standing up against those “greedy” corporations that exploit people or, in this case, the poor multimillionaire artists.

Are these people really so ignorant that they aren’t aware of the massive profits that the Big Corporate Conglomerates have made from the COVID plandemic INCLUDING the very lockdowns that Young is advocating.

Walmart, for example, saw new profit records in both 2020 and 2021, thanks entirely to the plandemic. After its “banner year” in 2020 it did even better in 2021 with an increase of 7.3% in profits.

Amazon did equally well. According to Forbes, “Amazo AMZN-0.9%n delivered a record performance in 2020 with annual revenue up 38% to $386 billion, a yearly increase of over $100 billion. Net profit for Amazon was up 84% for the year as compared to last year.

Of course, we all know that no other sector has seen a bigger growth than the Big Pharma vaccine companies whose products are not only mandated by government to most citizens, but without any liability whatsover. In other words, it didn’t matter how crappy the product they put out are, how poorly researched or tried, whether they worked or not (they clearly didn’t) or how many people were killed or adversely affected by the vaccines, there is NO LIABILITY to the vaccine companies. Who wouldn’t want a deal like that?

Yet, despite the massive, record-breaking profits that Pfizer, Moderna, Bio N Tech, and even Johnson & Johnson with their much-maligned vaccine had, Neil Young and the Left believe they are heroes for stumping out any doctor or news outlet that promote the use of cheap therapeutics to treat COVID. After all, at less than $30 for an Ivermectin treatment, not too many people would benefit financially, beyond the people that could be saved by it themselves, of course. And to people like Chris Willman, a person like Joe Rogan who was actually treated by Ivermectin is a “gaslighter” while an ignorant fool like Neil Young is the “concerned Old Man.” You just can’t make this stuff up!

So this is the absurd world of the Left and why in my last post, I argued that these are the people that stand in the way of our world ever feeling “normal” again. Their assertions make sense only to those who have given up their thinking faculties in favor of being told what to do and think or to those who stand to gain from the profits generated by human suffering.

In that insane, quixotic, make-belief Leftist world, it is heroic to go after a company that has yet to generate any profits because they dare to present viewpoints not allowed by those in power. It is also courageous, to advocate for policies and mandates where only the truly Big Corporate Conglomerates stand to profit. Not coincidentally, the heroes of the Left are almost always multimillionaires whining about what they are “giving up.”

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