The Fact-checking Propaganda about Comrade Biden’s Executive Orders

Back in October 2020, before he was “elected” POTUS, then candidate Joe Biden made the following statement during a propaganda campaign event given by ABC News called “The Vice President and the People”:

“I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” (See the link below.)

You probably remember the event: it was a chummy, friendly, no hard-questions-asked event where George Stephanopoulos tried his darndest to show the very best that career-politician Joe Biden still had to offer. It was in very stark contrast to any of the events that President Trump was invited to, where the hosts almost bared their teeth as they tried to destroy the man they publicly hated from the bottoms of their dark souls.

The disparate treatment during the campaign itself is an example of how the Propaganda Media completely abandoned any shred of journalistic integrity they may have had left and instead opted to openly become the equivalent of the state-controlled media that dictators and communist leaders enjoy in their countries. Kim Jong Un may be jealous.

But they say that the internet is forever. No matter how hard Big Tech and the Propaganda Media try to erase the inconvenient past, there are still plenty of people who have saved the evidence that the Left is now trying to erase like Winston Smiths from today’s Records Department of the Ministry of Truth. When the people show the evidence, the media then turns to “fact-checking,” where they get to twist facts and show you how what you have seen, heard, or read is not real and how, lucky for you, they are here to tell you how things really are and what you should really be thinking.

Which brings me back to Comrade Biden’s quote above and how the Propaganda Media is trying to refute the fact that his actions are anything but tyrannical and an affront to our historically federal constitutional democratic republican political system of government. In barely over a week in office, Biden has signed at least 42 Executive Orders (I counted them), the most of any other POTUS in his first weeks in office. I say “at least” because the Propaganda Media is all over with their numbers: some say 17, some say 25, and yet others like CNN just say “a flurry of executive orders.” Most haven’t updated their stories and even the Federal Register hasn’t updated the number. That’s Leftist transparency for you!

Instead of criticizing or calling out Comrade Biden for his tyrannical actions, the very same people who had no qualms about calling President Trump a dictator, not for anything he did but because they just didn’t like him, are now either trying to hide Biden’s actions or, worse, praising them. No questions, only exaltation.

And leave it to CNN to take it a step further. The network now has their own “Facts First” section to fact-check stories and facts that they disagree with. And CNN didn’t like that people were sharing the clip showing Biden stating that only dictators rule by executive orders so they took matters into their own hands and wrote an extensive “fact-checking” titled “No, Biden didn’t say that signing lots of executive orders makes you a dictator.” Really, that’s the title.

The piece then proceeded to explain, in literary acrobatics meant to discourage anyone from actually reading it, that Biden is not really a dictator because his executive orders are for things he talked about during his campaign. Really, that’s their rationalization.

Then you have Politifact, another Leftist “fact-checking” site which attempted to argue that “Biden did not admit he’s governing like a dictator” because “he did not say ALL (my emphasis) executive orders were emblematic of a dictatorship.” In other words, Politifact’s approach is to go into the mind of Comrade Biden and extract the explanation which, while never actually spoken, best suits their narrative. Unbelievable, but true. That these “fact-checkers” are not held accountable for their lies and media manipulations are part of the reason while we no longer have a free and fair media in this country.

Next up: the New York Times is suggesting the implementation of “Truth Commissions” and a “Reality Czar”… welcome to “1984.”


2 Thoughts

  1. Great article. The media’s been the operative arm of the DNC for years they’re just finally out of the closet entirely now. “Unity” don’t you know?

    It’s the hard left turn by business and banking recently that has me really concerned.

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    1. Thank you. And I share your concern about the businesses as well- as bad as it is to have the media be the propaganda arm of the DNC, having businesses agree and implement that agenda is terrifying. Just look at BB&B and Kohl’s, with their decisions to ban My Pillow, simply for political reasons.


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